Garden Furniture Ideas

green roof summer house
Summer House Ideas

A garden summer house is a fabulous place to read, relax and socialise. It will extend your outdoor living space, bringing you closer to nature whether you are observing the birds and flowers or just escaping a summer shower.

metal planter box olive tree
Which Planter Box is best for a Tree?

Discover the best type of planter box for a tree and how to keep your tree happy and healthy for many years to come.

lattice wooden planter garden
Best Composite Planters With Trellis to Buy in the UK

Whether you need a trellis planter box to house a climbing rose in your garden or add privacy to a balcony, there’s something for every style and budget!

Hanging Rain Boots Planters
23 Fence Planter Box Ideas to Decorate Railing & Fences

Adding planter boxes to a fence can be fun. You can get creative with old gumboots, plastic bottles, tires, and many other DIY ideas.

pallet planter box ideas
7 Easy Pallet Planter Box Ideas

When you next receive a delivery that’s packaged on wooden pallets, why not turn the pallets into something useful?

7 Types of Best Wood for a Planter Box 1
7 Types of Best Wood for a Planter Box

When choosing the wood for a planter box, you’ll need to consider a few things. Find out the pros and cons of different woods and the most sustainable options.

garden furniture you can pay with klarna
Garden Furniture You Can Buy With Klarna

Curious about using Klarna for your next garden furniture purchase? Find out how the popular payment plan works.

garden furniture with rising table
Garden Furniture With Rising Table

Have you ever heard of an adjustable or a rising garden furniture table? If not, you’re in for a great surprise. Let’s take a look.

how to keep a gazebo warm in winter
5 Ways to Heat a Gazebo in Winter (And Keep it Warm & Cozy)

There are many ways to warm your gazebo, from infra-red heaters to bio-ethanol burners, let’s take a look at the best ways to keep a gazebo warm in winter.

what gazebo size do i need
What Size Gazebo Do I Need?

Wondering how big (or small) your gazebo can be? Read our quick and easy guide to choosing the right sized gazebo for your space.

what strength wind can a gazebo withstand
How Much Wind Can a Gazebo Withstand (When Is It Too Windy)

The strength of wind your gazebo can withstand will depend on the type of gazebo, how it’s secured and its durability. Here’s how to prevent wind damage.

who invented gazebo
Who Invented the Gazebo?

Gazebos were invented by the ancient Egyptians some 5,000 years ago. Discover how different cultures and civilisations have used and adored these ornamental structures throughout history.

buy pop-up gazebo
Where Can I Buy A Pop-Up Gazebo?

If you need a lightweight gazebo that’s easy to put up and take down, a pop-up gazebo is ideal. Find out where to buy a pop-up gazebo and what to look for.

What Is the Best Gazebo to Buy?

Gazebos are fast becoming the must-have accessory for gardens but what is the best gazebo to buy? Find out which type might be the best option for your space.

where to buy gazebo covers
Gazebo Replacement Canopy Buying Guide (Best Places to Buy)

Has your gazebo canopy breathed its last breath? Here’s how to measure up for a new one and where to find the best replacement gazebo canopies.

how to build a hot tub gazebo editorial
What To Consider Before Buying Or Building A Hot Tub Gazebo 

An overhead gazebo is a way to make your garden hot tub weatherproof. Here’re all the things you need to consider before buying or building a hot tub gazebo.

how to take down a pop-up gazebo
How To Take Down A Pop-Up Gazebo

Pop-up gazebos are just as simple to take down as they are to put up. All you really have to do is reverse the steps you’ve taken to put it up. Here’s how.

where can i buy a gazebo
Where Can I Buy a Gazebo?

The must-have accessory for your garden, gazebos are a quick way to add shade and privacy. But where is the best place to buy a gazebo and find good deals?

how to put up a pop up gazebo
How To Put Up A Gazebo Without Instructions by Yourself

Do you have a gazebo whose assembly instructions got lost somewhere along the way? Find out how to put up a simple pop up gazebo without instructions. 

secure gazebo from wind
How To Secure A Gazebo From Wind

If you have a gazebo, you will know the struggle of keeping it secure in wild, windy, weather. Let’s take a look at the best ways to stop a gazebo from blowing away.

how to decorate a gazebo
How to Decorate a Gazebo

Whatever gazebo style you have (from opulent octagonal designs to more modern), here’s how to decorate it into a relaxing and beautiful sanctuary. 

put up a pop up gazebo tent
How To Put Up A Pop-Up Gazebo Step by Step

Setting up a pop-up gazebo is very simple. To make things even easier to understand, let’s break down the gazebo canopy assembly instructions into simple steps.

What Is a Gazebo and What's it Used for? 2
What Is a Gazebo and What’s it Used for?

A gazebo can add a nostalgic, old-world charm to your garden. Learn more about different types of gazebos, their history, features, and how to use them.

best teak oil for outdoor furniture
The Best Teak Oil For Outdoor Furniture

Teak furniture is a great investment, but you need to care for it properly if you want your furniture to look great for years to come. Here’s our pick of the best teak oil.

stop condensation under garden furniture covers
How To Stop Condensation Under Garden Furniture Covers

Are you looking to protect your garden furniture against weather damage? Here’s what you need to know to keep your outdoor furniture safe from moisture and stop condensation from forming under the covers.

garden furniture for kids
Garden Furniture for Kids

From playhouses to mud kitchens, mini picnic tables and sand-pits, we’ve curated some of the most fun, interactive and space-saving garden furniture for kids, giving them the excuse they need to get out and play!

best wood for garden furniture
What Is The Best Wood For Garden Furniture?

Wooden garden furniture is practical, durable and beautiful but with so much choice, which wood do you choose? Let’s look into which wood is the best option for your space. 

garden furniture for small garden
Garden Furniture For Small Gardens

Would you love to make your small garden more user friendly but you’re not sure what kind of furniture will suit your space?  In this article, I’ll give you some tips for choosing the best furniture for your garden as well as some space-saving furniture ideas.

find inexpensive garden furniture
Where To Find Inexpensive Garden Furniture

Wooden, PVC, or even plastic furniture can cost you hundreds of pounds if you shop at the wrong stores. Here’s where to find the cheapest garden furniture.

garden furniture on artificial grass
Can You Put Garden Furniture On Artificial Grass? Here’s How

Artificial lawn has become very popular over the last few years. But can you still use your outdoor furniture on your artificial grass? Let’s find out.

when is garden furniture in shops
When Is Garden Furniture in Shops? The Great British Garden Furniture Shortage

What’s Causing the Garden Furniture Shortage in the UK? Here we list the most important factors and how to get the furniture you want.

ikea sofa set
8 Best Garden Furniture With Storage for Cushions Ideas

No more soaked cushions! We’ve rounded up eight of the best items of garden furniture with storage for cushions to make life a little bit easier.

old wicker chair closeup
How to Clean Green Stuff Off Rattan Garden Furniture

If neglected for too long, green growth can rot rattan, which is an organic material. But don’t worry. There are surefire steps to get rid of it.

garden furniture that looks like wood
Garden Furniture That Looks Like Wood

With advances in technology and a wide range of materials, it’s possible to get beautiful, realistic-looking wood-effect garden furniture that won’t need sanding, treating or painting!

build raised bed from old furniture
Building A Raised Garden From Old Garden Furniture

Instead of throwing away old furniture, get a bit more use out of it! Here’s how to turn your old garden furniture into beautiful raised garden beds.

why is garden furniture so expensive
Why Is Garden Furniture So Expensive?

An extension of our living space, dining al-fresco or relaxing with a coffee and a book in the garden is wonderful. When did it all become so expensive?

Abstract defocused blurred image of furniture store on sale
When Are Garden Furniture Sales?

You can find garden furniture sales throughout the year. Learn more about shopping for outdoor furniture and discover when you can find great deals.

when to buy garden furniture
When to Buy Garden Furniture

Garden furniture is available all year round, but for best deals, you have to shop during specific times. Here’s what you need to know.

stop bunnies from chewing on garden furniture
How Do I Stop Our Rabbits from Chewing on Garden Furniture?

Are your bunnies chewing on everything in sight? Don’t accept your furniture’s doomed fate! Learn how to stop bunnies from chewing on garden furniture.

Plastic garden furniture on grass
Can Plastic Garden Furniture Be Recycled?

Your plastic garden furniture doesn’t have to end up in landfills. Here are all the ways by which you can recycle your plastic garden furniture.

Resin garden furniture
What Is Resin Garden Furniture? – Benefits and Tips When Buying

Learn about the benefits of resin garden furniture, when to opt for it, and some useful tips on buying before you visit your nearest furniture store. 

Tropical garden with flowering plants and green lawn with large trellises
15 Smart Ways to Use a Trellis in Your Garden

Thinking about installing a trellis in your garden? There are many potential locations for it. Mounted on a wall, in or at the back of a planter, behind a sitting area as a privacy fence, in your vegetable garden as a support for plants—you can always find room for a trellis in your garden. That […]

Garden Furniture Ideas for a Small Patio
Garden Furniture Ideas for a Small Patio

If you have a small patio, you’ll want to maximise the space. Here are some ideas to add functional furniture without compromising on style.

can garden furniture go on grass
Can You Put Garden Furniture on Grass? (What to Put Under)

Need to improvise an outdoor sitting space? Garden furniture shouldn’t sit directly on grass but there are a few exceptions. Here’s how to save your grass.

can garden furniture cushions be left outside
Can Garden Furniture Cushions Be Left Outside?

There are garden furniture cushions marketed as water-repellent and mould-resistant. But does this mean you can always leave them outside? Find out which garden cushions can be left outside and for how long.

a metal-framed gazebo with luxurious canvas curtains
18 Garden Gazebo Ideas for an Outdoor Shelter from the Sun

Building a gazebo is one of the easiest ways to improve your garden, creating an attractive focal point and somewhere comfortable to hang out.

a grown-up playhouse for kids with a pastel pink door, picket fence and window box with flowers
22 Wendy House Ideas for Kids Garden Playhouse Design

Take a look at some of the most beautiful garden playhouse ideas, from simple-but-stylish sheds to elaborate multi-storey designs.

a black, iron fence with a silver Fleur-de-lis at the top of each bar
14 Garden Fence Ideas for Pretty and Practical Fencing

The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to garden fencing is believing that it’s only there to separate your garden from other gardens.

two wooden pallets stacked make a chair with a squashy cushion on top
26 DIY Pallet Garden Ideas of Things to Make With Pallets

There’s a growing trend for unique, handmade furniture – often the result of DIY projects. What’s the best material for these rough-and-ready builds? Well, more often than not, it’s the humble pallet.

tidy shelves in a wooden shed
Garden Tool Storage Ideas: Keeping Your Shed Ship-Shape

Let’s be real – the average UK home doesn’t come with an abundance of space you can dedicate to tool storage.