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what to do in the garden in september
What to Do in the Garden in September: 18 Gardening Jobs to Do Now

September is a time for harvesting, tidying, and preparing the garden and greenhouse for the cooler, more tumultuous months ahead.

what to do in the garden in july
What to Do in the Garden in July: 10 Gardening Jobs to Do Now

Gardening in July is a busy time; jobs include deadheading plants that can bloom again, mowing and fertilising your lawn, harvesting vegetables and fruit trees, and keeping an eye out for pests.

june garden jobs
What to do in the Garden in June – 22 Gardening Jobs to do Now

From sowing salad crops and pruning fruit trees to planting delicious vegetables and harvesting the first of your strawberries, June is a productive month in the gardening calendar.

march lawn care
Lawn Care in March: Can You Mow, Feed or Scarify? (Where to Start)

March is the perfect month to kickstart your lawn care routine. The earth is waking up a little, the days are getting noticeably longer and you can start prepping your winter-stressed lawn.

how can I make my garden look like a festival
12 Festival-themed Garden Party Ideas to Free Your Spirit

Glitter and glow sticks at the ready? We’re here to arm you with creative ideas for throwing an amazing festival-style garden party.

gardening for kids benefits
8 Developmental Benefits of Gardening for Kids

From being outside in the fresh air and soaking up vitamin D, to improving their fitness and reducing stress, gardens boast a huge wealth of benefits for children.

wet lawn
Can You Mow a Wet Lawn: Pros and Cons of Mowing Wet Grass

Thinking of mowing your lawn after a night of rain or a morning shower? Cutting wet grass is not a good idea. It can ruin your lawn, damage your mower and put you at risk.

what to do in the garden in april
What to Do in the Garden in April: 14 Gardening Jobs

April is the time to get your growing space ready for the glorious summer we’ve all been longing for! From mowing the lawn to planting vegetables, here’s a list of what to do in the garden in April.

planting spring bulbs
What to Do in the Garden in March

As the days lengthen during the month of March, there are plenty of jobs to be done in the garden. From the first lawn cut to sowing summer vegetables, here’s what to do in the garden in March.

granular fertiliser
When to Fertilise Plants in Spring? (What to Feed)

Spring is the perfect time to fertilise your plants as they need lots of energy to make new leaves and buds after a dormant winter. But when exactly should you fertilise plants in spring and how often should you do it?

winter garden party ideas
6 Winter Garden Party Ideas: Tips for Outdoor Gatherings

Winter is a perfect time to bring friends together and shrug off the winter blues. Here are some ideas to help you create an enchanted winter wonderland for you and your party guests to remember.

prune woody shrubs
Preparing a Garden for Spring: 17 Tips for a Lush Garden

Preparing your garden for spring in late winter can help you take better advantage of the growing season by starting seeds indoors and getting the garden beds ready faster.

What to Do in the Garden in January: 8 Gardening Jobs 1
What to Do in the Garden in January: 8 Gardening Jobs

The festive season is behind us and the days are slowly getting longer. If your garden looks a bit neglected, grab your hat and gloves, it’s time to head outside and beat the January blues!

what to feed garden birds in spring
What To Feed Garden Birds In Spring (And When To Stop)

Would you like to attract wild birds to your garden this spring? Feeding garden birds in spring gives them a vital leg up after the harsh winter. Let’s take a look at how to safely feed garden birds.

what to do in the garden in february
What to Do in the Garden in February: 12 Gardening Jobs

If you’re wondering what to do in the garden in February, here are 12 tasks to get your outdoor patch into shape for spring.

robin winter bird
14 Winter Garden Birds That Stay in UK For Winter

Discover which birds you might be lucky enough to see in your winter garden and some tips for helping to care for them.

Faux foliage autumn wreath
14 Autumn Wreath Ideas to Beautify Your Door

Wreaths are a fantastic way to add colour, texture and personality to your door and create a lasting first impression on your guests. Here are 14 stunning autumn wreaths to inspire you:

accessorise it up autumn garden party ideas
8 Autumn Garden Party Ideas: Fun & Cozy Fall Themed Parties

As the nights draw in and temperatures dip, autumn may not be the most obvious season for a garden party. Look beyond the falling leaves and grey skies and see it as an opportunity to get creative and do something a bit different.

cozy autumn garden tips ideas
11 Ideas & Tips for a Cosy Autumn Garden

Autumn is a wonderful season for being outdoors. Read our list of tips and ideas for making your outdoor patch cosier this season.

mulch mulch
10 Autumn Garden Jobs to Do Right Now

Here’s a list of jobs you can tackle over the next few weeks to get your growing space in tip-top condition and get your garden ready for winter.

autumn garden clean up tips
15 Point Checklist for a Thorough Autumn Garden Clean Up

When it comes to cleaning up your garden in autumn, it’s easy to lose yourself in the details. But trusting nature with your garden is often the best way to make sure it stays healthy and beautiful.

sustainable wood
How to Find Sustainably Sourced Wood in the UK

From the wood you use for DIY projects to the fuel you burn, find out how sustainable UK wood is and what you can do to help our forests.

cheap planter box
10 Creative Planter Box Ideas Anyone Can Do

If you’d like to add a planter box to your outdoor space but aren’t sure where to start, here are some creative planter box ideas to help inspire you.

outdoor furniture for a december garden party
Outdoor Furniture for a Winter Garden Party

With the right furniture and a little shelter, you can make a party in December to remember! Here’s our guide to choosing the furniture that no winter garden party should be without.

host wicker furniture garden party
How to Host the Perfect Garden Party With Wicker Furniture

Hosting a garden party needn’t be a headache, with a little creativity and the right furniture for the job you’ll be throwing a party to make Gatsby proud!

How to Decorate a Gazebo for a Wedding: Ideas to Glam it Up! 2
How to Decorate a Gazebo for a Wedding: Ideas to Glam it Up!

If you’re planning a wedding party with a gazebo and looking for ideas and inspiration to create a memorable and beautiful setting, read on!

8 Garden Gym Ideas to Build a Budget Outdoor Gym 3
8 Garden Gym Ideas to Build a Budget Outdoor Gym

Do you wish it was a little easier to get your fitness fix? These garden gym ideas will make exercising at home better than ever.

garden cinema ideas with popcorn and blankets
7 Garden Cinema Ideas to Host a Cinema Party at Home

A garden cinema night is a great way to socialise while staying socially distanced, and it’s much more convenient than going out.

a father and two children looking closely at a tomato vine in a vegetable patch
Garden activities for kids: 24 Fun things to do with kids in garden

Our list of engaging, low-cost garden activities for kids will make it that much easier for you to keep children of any age entertained in the fresh air – and maybe even have some fun alongside them!

a brown snail on the edge of a plant pot
7 Natural Ways To Keep Snails Out Of Your Garden

Sick of slugs and snails? Try these natural, chemical-free ways to keep snails out of your garden and off your crops and flowers.

marigolds are beautiful flowers and are one of the plants which repel mosquitoes
Which Plants Repel Mosquitoes?

Are you done with DEET and sick of citronella? If you’re wondering which plants repel mosquitoes, we’ve got the answers for you!

asters are great plants for attracting butterflies
15 Best Plants for Attracting Butterflies to a British Garden

Did you know there are over 50 varieties of butterflies in the UK? Create a butterfly garden by growing nectar-rich flowers and plants to attract butterflies.

close up of a bright blue dragonfly perched on some grass
How to Attract Dragonflies to Your Garden (Nature-Friendly)

Dragonflies are one of the most beautiful insects in the UK, and watching them flit around a garden is an absolute delight.

race with obstacles child jumping over hurdle
23 Garden Obstacle Course Ideas for Kids to Keep Them Busy

Building an obstacle course in your garden is ideal for letting your child burn off some extra energy where you can also keep an eye on them.

a table under a pergola covered with party decor
Kids Garden Party Ideas, Tips and Checklist

These kids garden party ideas are really just the launch-point for creating a memorable, fun-filled day that you can enjoy as much as your little ones!

an outdoor sand pit and chalk board for children
17 DIY Kids Garden Play Area Ideas: Bring the Fun Outdoors

In the busy world we live in, gardens have never been a more valuable space for giving your little ones somewhere to safely play outside.

garden camping ideas with blankets and bunting
20 Fun & Adventurous Garden Camping Ideas For the Family

If your family is coming down with cabin fever, you can shake things up a bit with a spot of garden camping. With a bit of creativity and a dash of imagination, garden camping really can feel like a holiday, even if just for a weekend.

A garden bar with a sign saying the Furlough Arms
18 Garden Bar Ideas to DIY Outdoors & Bring The PUB To You!

A summer in lockdown has produced a slew of blog posts and photo feeds from people sharing their garden bar ideas and taking the initiative to make them a reality.

a night-time cinema set up with deck chairs and string lighting
11 Romantic Garden Ideas to Share With the One You Love

Create an intimate atmosphere and share some love! These romantic garden ideas are perfect for any time of year – but especially valentine’s day!

garden party ideas for decorations: large light up letters
20 Garden Party Ideas to Host a Memorable Gathering

Can’t quite remember how to throw a party? I totally understand. Here’s a checklist of the essentials, with all the details and tips you need for a successful celebration in your garden.

garden bug hotel ideas - a small insect hotel with a little hotel sign on the side
19 DIY Bug Hotel Ideas for a Healthy Garden Eco-System

Encouraging friendly species like bees, ladybirds, and beetles not only helps to pollinate your flowers, but can actually help you control the numbers of pesky plant-eaters.

halloween garden ideas with pumpkins painted black to look like cats
22 Halloween Garden Ideas: Fun & Low-cost Spooky Decorations

The trend for impressive Halloween decorations is making its way to the UK, so, if you want to try some playful Halloween garden ideas, here’s a list of my favourites.

pitchfork leaning against two large open compost containers
Garden Compost Bin Ideas: The Ultimate Guide to Composting at Home

A complete beginners guide to composting, with tips and garden compost bin ideas to help you figure out exactly how to start composting at home.

autumn leaves with acorns and maple leaves
Garden Treasure Hunt for Children’s Party: 9 Ideas & Clues

Treasure hunts and scavenger hunts are such a fun way to keep kids excited, entertained and engaged with the outdoors.