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Garden Style Ideas

close up of woman potting geranium flowers
12 Best Bedding Plants for a Colourful Garden

Most bedding plants are a breeze to grow and care for. You can grow blocks of similar-hued bedding plants in clusters or mix and match different plants for colour, texture, and pattern.

why do people use flower pot heaters
Are Flower Pot Heaters Safe or Dangerous?

There are many online videos and tutorials detailing ways to heat your space in an emergency using tealight candles and a flower pot.
This article will explain the dangers of flower pot heaters and why you should think twice before using them.

add a fire pit or brazier
9 Ideas to Brighten Up a Dull Winter Garden

The long winter months can make your garden look a little dull, but with a bit of planning and some work, you can transform it into a bright and cheerful place that you’ll enjoy spending time in.

flower pot patio ideas
Patio Design and Flower Pot Ideas

Our patios are created as an area to sit and relax outside in summer and enjoy as much greenery as possible. Let’s look at some patio designs from around the world to inspire you.

Garden Accessory Ideas

Garden Activities & Events Ideas

how can I make my garden look like a festival
12 Festival-themed Garden Party Ideas to Free Your Spirit

Glitter and glow sticks at the ready? We’re here to arm you with creative ideas for throwing an amazing festival-style garden party.

gardening for kids benefits
8 Developmental Benefits of Gardening for Kids

From being outside in the fresh air and soaking up vitamin D, to improving their fitness and reducing stress, gardens boast a huge wealth of benefits for children.

wet lawn
Can You Mow a Wet Lawn: Pros and Cons of Mowing Wet Grass

Thinking of mowing your lawn after a night of rain or a morning shower? Cutting wet grass is not a good idea. It can ruin your lawn, damage your mower and put you at risk.

what to do in the garden in april
What to Do in the Garden in April: 14 Gardening Jobs

April is the time to get your growing space ready for the glorious summer we’ve all been longing for! From mowing the lawn to planting vegetables, here’s a list of what to do in the garden in April.