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squash support
Growing Squash Vertically: What is the Best Way to Trellis Squash?

Known collectively as cucurbits (Latin name: Cucurbitae), the squash family includes cucumbers, pumpkins, melons, and summer and winter squashes. Squashes in particular include a range of weird and exotic shapes and sizes such as Patty Pan, Spaghetti and Hokkaido varieties. Common to many of these plants are their gorgeous, edible yellow or orange-coloured flowers. Many […]

liatris summer flowering bulb
How to Plant Bulbs in the Garden: The Ultimate Planting Guide

From the diminutive spring snowdrop to the mid-summer glory of gladioli, discover how to plant and care for our best-known flowering bulbs.

silty soil
The Different Types of Garden Soil

The 6 different soil types and our interactions with them have a huge impact on what can and can’t be grown successfully in your garden or plot.

january flowers 10 plants that bloom during january
January Flowers: 10 Plants That Bloom in January

Are you wondering what to plant in your home or garden to brighten it up this winter? Even though most flowers can be seen in spring and summer, there are a few varieties that flower in winter.

vegetables for a flower pot
Top 14 Vegetables For A Tasty Flower Pot Vegetable Garden

You don’t need a huge garden to grow vegetables, a sunny windowsill or balcony can be home to a great selection of pot-grown edible plants. You can enjoy tasty homegrown food from May to October.

how to grow passionflower in a pot
How to Grow Passionflower in a Pot

The passionflower grows wild in South American rainforests but it will also grow happily in a pot in the UK, provided it is placed in full sun and you give it lots of fertile soil.

strawberry plant winter
How to Keep Strawberry Plants Over the Winter

There are a few things you can do over the colder months to help protect your strawberry plants and boost their summer fruit yield.

spring garden raised bed
15 Best Vegetables to Plant in Spring

Discover the best vegetables you can plant in spring to harvest all through summer. We’ll also share some spring gardening tips with you.

What to Plant in January: 12 Flower & Vegetable Seeds to Sow Now 1
What to Plant in January: 12 Flower & Vegetable Seeds to Sow Now

It’s never too early to get a head start on your home-growing journey and there are several flower and vegetable seeds that you can sow in january.

grow autumn raspberries
How To Plant, Grow & Prune Autumn Fruiting Raspberries

Raspberry plants are fairly easy to care for and you’re thinking of adding autumn raspberry treats to your collection of edible plants, you won’t be disappointed.

grey mould
15 Raspberry Pests and Diseases You Should Know About

Although raspberries are generally easy-to-grow and care for plants, there are quite a few pests and diseases that may affect your raspberry plants. Here are the most common ones to be aware of.

Winter Pansies soil
What’s the Best Soil for a Planter Box?

Soil is the main provider of nutrients for your plants so it’s important to know each plant’s nutritional requirements before filling a planter box with soil for the first time.

when to plant seeds for a flowering spring garden
When to Plant Seeds for a Flowering Spring Garden

In late winter it’s time to think about planting flowers for spring colour. We will also list some beautiful annuals, biennials, and perennials that you can easily start from seeds.

leafy greens
11 Easy Vegetables to Grow Indoors in Winter

After the cold settles over your green patch and the soil freezes solid, you can take your gardening indoors. Here are 11 easy vegetables to grow inside this winter.

13 Tasty Vegetables To Grow In a Greenhouse In Winter 2
13 Tasty Vegetables To Grow In a Greenhouse In Winter

You can grow plenty of crops in winter, even in an unheated greenhouse. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of some of the easiest crops to grow in a greenhouse during the colder months.

Autumn Flowering Plants For Bees
10 Autumn Flowers For Bees (Best UK Bee-Friendly Plants)

In this article, we will look at the perfect bee-friendly flowering plants for an autumn garden. Let’s take a look.

autumn joy sedum companion plants
10 Best Companion Plants For Autumn Joy Sedum

Do you love Autumn Joy sedum? If you want one of these beauties in your garden, this article is for you. This sedum looks great on its own, but it’s always good to complement it with a few other plants.

Winter Pansies Growing Guide
Winter Pansies Growing Guide: Easy Winter Flowering Plants

Would you like to inject some colour into your dull winter garden? Pansies won’t let you down. These stunning smiling flowers will bring some life back to winter.

15 Vegetables to Plant in Autumn and Winter 3
15 Vegetables to Plant in Autumn and Winter

From asparagus to spinach, there are many vegetables to plant in your autumn and winter garden. Some you can harvest in winter, while others will give you earlier spring or summer crops next year.

winter vegetables
14 Vegetables to Grow in Winter: When to plant & How to protect

Would you like to have fresh vegetables throughout the winter season? There are many varieties of vegetables that do just fine in the cold, in fact, some even prefer it.

what to grow in a vegetable planter box
What to Grow in a Vegetable Planter Box

Like the idea of growing your own produce? Find out what to grow in a vegetable planter box and how to get the best results.

10 Herbs for Planter Boxes That Won't Die on You Easily 4
10 Herbs for Planter Boxes That Won’t Die on You Easily

Here’s our guide to the best herbs to grow in a planter box and how to get the best results.

metal flower box
What Can I Plant in a Flower Box?

Flower boxes offer a creative way to add colour to your outside space. Here are some ideas for creating beautiful, unusual and even edible flower boxes.

which vegetables need trellis
Which Vegetables Need Trellis?

Nature has designed many climbing vegetables and fruit from beans to fruiting squash. Read on to see which vegetables will benefit from using trellis and why to use it.

trellis wisteria
Which Trellis Is Best For Wisteria?

Most wisterias can grow up to 20 metres high and expand to approximately 10 metres wide.  Find out how to trellis these vigorous climbers and be rewarded with spectacular blooms.

how to trellis clematis
How to Choose The Best Trellis for Clematis & Train it Properly

This climbing vine needs sunshine, rich soil and some support as it climbs. Read on to see how you can provide the best trellis for clematis.

when to trellis squash
When To Trellis Squash

Are you wondering when or even how to trellis your squash plants? Squash belong to a group of fruits that grow on large plants. Trellising them might seem like a great idea, but is it possible? Find out!

trellis for grapes
How to Choose the Best Trellis for Grape Vines: Tips & Ideas

Grapevines can’t cling to walls or fences so you’ll need to provide support for them. There are a few ways to successfully trellis a wandering grapevine:

why trellis tomatoes
Why Trellis Tomatoes?

Whether you are growing vine or bush tomatoes, there are several reasons for trellising these cheery fruits as they grow.

will strawberries climb trellis
Do Strawberries Need a Trellis? Will They Climb to Grow?

A climbing trellis is not ideal, but find out how your strawberry plants can thrive by understanding just what they need to provide you with juicy red fruit!

growing cucumbers in a greenhouse with irrigation
Best Trellis for Cucumbers: 5 Ways to Grow & Train Cucumbers

A vine cucumber needs a trellis or climbing frame. Learn how to train your cucumber on a trellis and what types of trellis might suit your pot or garden.

Types of beans that need a trellis when to trellis them
13 Types of Beans That Need a Trellis and When to Trellis Them

Growing beans in your garden? Let’s look at the most commonly grown bean varieties that need the support of a trellis and the best time to trellis them.

a large cluster of shasta daisies
Tips to Stop Weeds Growing in Flower Beds

Who doesn’t want to spend less time weeding? These tips to stop weeds growing in flower beds will make your garden much easier to maintain.

How to Grow Basil in Your Garden 5
How to Grow Basil in Your Garden

Learning how to grow basil is a practical way to get your fingers green and start cultivating edible plants, even in a small space.

close-up of a hand holding earth - how to improve your garden soil
How to Improve Your Garden Soil in 6 Steps

Learn how to improve your garden soil in six, simple steps, and enjoy happy, healthy flowers and crops year after year.

a father and two children looking closely at a tomato vine in a vegetable patch
10 Easy Plants for Kids to Grow and Learn Gardening

Our list of the 10 best plants for kids to grow will encourage them to have fun in the garden and have a better understanding of the natural world.

a container of lettuce plants in a garden
21 Shade Loving Vegetables That Grow Well in UK Gardens

Growing crops can be tough without full sun in your garden. Here are 21 vegetables to grow in shade, with tips on how to keep them healthy.

you can grow vegetables in hanging baskets, like this huge tomato plant with lots of trailing fruit
How to Grow Vegetables in Hanging Baskets

Choosing to grow vegetables in hanging baskets is an efficient use of space, giving you fantastic foliage and also leaving you with something delicious to enjoy at the end of the season.

a cluster of aphids eating a leaf
Tips for Getting Rid of Aphids

An aphid population can destroy gardens, houseplants and vegetable patches. Read these tips for getting rid of aphids to save your plants!

how to grow strawberries, taking young plants from a box and putting them into the ground
How to Grow Strawberries in Your Garden

Learn how to grow strawberries at home, and enjoy the perfect treat for a summer’s day – with cream, in Pimm’s, or as a fresh treat on their own.

five cobs of golden corn, picked from a garden
How to Grow Sweetcorn in Your Garden 

Learning how to grow sweetcorn in your garden will reward you with stunning foliage and delicious golden cobs to enjoy at the dinner table.

a guide to show you how to grow chilli peppers in your garden
How to Grow Chilli Peppers in Your Garden

If you like a little bit of kick in your kitchen, learning how to grow chilli peppers is going to be a very satisfying experience.

companion planting involves understanding which vegetables can be grown together, like tomatoes and French marigolds
Companion Planting: Which Vegetables Can Be Grown Together?

Companion planting is all about knowing which vegetables can be grown together to get the best out of your kitchen garden.

close-up of a hand clutching a bunch of carrots
How to Grow Carrots in Your Garden 

Versatile, delicious and packed with nutrients, carrots are a winner at the dinner table. Learn how to grow carrots in your garden at home.

a ripe cucumber hanging from a flowering vine
How to Grow Cucumbers in Your Garden

Enjoy more fresh salads and crunchy garnishes with home-grown ingredients by learning how to grow cucumbers in your own garden.

Garden vegetables to grow in spring will need protection from cold weather and pests
Garden Vegetables to Plant in Spring

It’s time to bring life back into your vegetable patch, and prepare your plates for these delicious garden vegetables to plant in spring.

clusters of muddy potatoes, pulled straight from the ground
How to Grow Potatoes in Your Garden 

There are so many ways to enjoy potatoes that it makes them one of the most practical crops to start producing at home.

how to grow tomatoes in pots on a windowsill
How to Grow Tomatoes in Your Garden

Tomatoes are a rewarding crop, and you can get an excellent harvest from just a few plants. Learn how to grow tomatoes in your garden here!

a close up of green bean vegetables in a container garden, ripe and ready to harvest
How to Grow Green Beans in Your Garden 

Green beans, also known as string beans or French beans, are super easy to grow in the UK.

a small head of cabbage forming in soil
How to Grow Cabbage in Your Garden 

Cabbage is a nutritious plate-filler, and a fantastic crop to start growing at home.