About Garden Patch

At Garden Patch, we’re dedicated to providing free tips and inspiration for gardeners at every level. We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy their outdoor space, regardless of whether it’s a city balcony, community vegetable plot, expansive back lawn or anything in-between.

Our goal is to cover everything garden-related, from style advice and garden accessory inspiration to growing guides, pest control tips and product reviews. If you need your outdoor space to be pet-friendly, low-maintenance or rental-appropriate, we’ve got ideas to inspire you. Maybe you want to totally transform your garden aesthetic into something traditionally British, Moroccan-influenced, or modern and minimalist? There’s no project or question that’s too big or too small for Garden Patch.

Making gardening more accessible

A lot of gardening sites can seem daunting when you’re a beginner, and can focus on developing beautifully manicured flower beds and lawns that feel out of reach at the start of your gardening journey. Although we intend to provide lots of useful information for more experienced gardeners, it’s important to us at Garden Patch that anyone can be proud of whatever outdoor space they have. We know that, in the UK, lots of homes don’t have access to a conventional garden, which is why you’ll find posts about awkward side-returns, container gardens and rooftop gardens, in addition to style advice for long gardens, vegetable garden tips and much more.

Everyone uses their garden differently, too. Maybe yours is a recreational area, for cinema parties or exercise. Perhaps your garden is a place for entertaining, with an outdoor kitchen or garden bar. We’ve got child-friendly garden activities and garden party inspiration, as well as heating and lighting tips to help you stay outdoors for longer. Of course, we also have lots of help for anyone looking to strengthen their green thumb, with composting advice, hanging basket tips and growing guides.

Gardening shouldn’t have to be complicated or exhausting, which is why we’ve got options for every budget, schedule, aesthetic and lifestyle.

a dense cluster of daisy-like flowers

Where did Garden Patch start?

Garden Patch began in early 2020, when founder Mike was looking for ideas to transform his own unusual garden area within an enclosed courtyard. Not satisfied by his search results, Mike decided to create a new online space, where readers could find anything and everything they could need to know about gardening: Garden Patch.

Across the Garden Patch site, you’ll find a huge range of articles, written by people that are truly passionate about sharing the most exciting tips and ideas about gardening and landscaping. Just like our readers, our writers all have different levels of experience with a variety of outdoor spaces, so we can offer diverse content for beginners, intermediate and experienced gardeners. So, whether you want to spruce up a humble patio, learn how to make the best out of your first growing season, or get expert reviews and tips about gardening tools, you should be able to find all the help and answers you’re looking for.

Of course, there’s an endless amount of things to know about gardening so, as the site continues to grow, we’re always keen to hear from our readers. If there’s a topic you want to know more about, then let us know – and if you’re an avid gardener yourself, feel free to contribute to our community of knowledge. We love hearing about other people’s gardens, and sharing all ideas – no matter how big or small.

Welcome to Garden Patch – and happy growing!