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cat walking on green lawn
9 Cruelty-Free Ways to Stop Cats From Pooping on The Lawn

Cat poop is definitely not something you want in your garden so how can you stop stray cats or even your own pampered puss from doing their business on your lawn?

lawn sand dressing
What is Lawn Sand? How & When to Apply it for Best Results

Moss on your lawn? Some weeds, too? Lawn sand could help you control them while also acting as a grass feed that makes your lawn greener.

How to Seed a Lawn: Planting Grass Seed for Beginners Guide 1
How to Seed a Lawn: Planting Grass Seed for Beginners Guide

Planning to turn a bare patch of earth into a beautiful lawn? Forget about turf. You can create a new lawn by manually sowing grass seed. But to get it right, there are a few steps you shouldn’t skip.

6 DIY Treatments to Get Rid of Leatherjacket Larvae in Lawns 2
6 DIY Treatments to Get Rid of Leatherjacket Larvae in Lawns

If you discover yellowing patches of grass in your lawn, it’s possible that leatherjackets (crane fly larvae) are the culprits. Find out how you can successfully remove the larvae from your lawn.

common lawn mushroom uk
5 Common Lawn Mushroom Species in UK: Identify the Fungus

If you have kids or curious pets, make sure to identify lawn mushroom species in your backyard. Here’s what you need to know.

what to do after scarifying a lawn
What to Do After Scarifying a Lawn: 9 Steps to Revive Grass

Reviving a scarified lawn means dealing with thatch, weeds, and moss, and then aerating it. The result can be the best lawn you’ve ever had.

get rid of moss in lawn
How to Get Rid of Moss in Lawn: Best Moss Killer Treatment

Almost every lawn will include areas of moss. In this article, we’ll take a look at the steps you need to take to remove moss from your lawn and how to keep it at bay.

legal time to mow lawn uk
What Time Can I Legally Mow My Lawn in the UK?

Hover or ride-on, petrol or electric, all lawnmowers are notoriously noisy – but is there a legal time to mow the lawn and a time when it’s a definite no-no?

how to get stripes in lawn
6 Steps to Get the Perfect Lawn Stripes (Add Lines to Grass)

Lawn stripes happen when bent grass reflects light. You don’t need any special equipment to create them, so find out how to stripe a lawn the easy way.

when should you stop mowing your lawn uk
When should you Stop Mowing your lawn UK: last cut of the year

The last grass cut of the year is a hot topic. The best time to stop mowing will depend on where in the UK you’re located.

best Time to Sow Grass Seeds
When to Seed a Lawn: Best Time to Sow Grass Seeds in UK

Seeding a lawn is quite simple and can be done from around mid-March to late October. There are a few factors that will influence this timeline, however.

healthy green lawn
How Often Should You Weed and Feed Your Lawn in the UK?

One of the great joys of gardening is walking out onto a beautifully green, weed-free lawn. We’re here to talk you through the best times to weed and feed your lawn for optimum results.

right plan soil
How To Prepare and Plant Up a Flower Pot in 7 Easy Steps

Well-stocked flower pots can look amazing, but do you know how to get one ready for your plants? If you don’t prepare a flower pot correctly, you might end up with some sickly plants.

build a flower pot fountain
How to Build a Flower Pot Fountain

Few things in this world are more relaxing than the sight and sound of trickling water. If you don’t have a garden fountain, why not try building a flower pot fountain?

tin cans
17 DIY Flower pot Ideas

We’re all aware of the need to reduce household waste and reuse anything when possible. Here are some fun ideas to transform some of the items in your waste or recycling bin into flower pots.

How to Make a Hanging Plant Pot Holder 3
How to Make a Hanging Plant Pot Holder

If your windowsills are packed to the brim with young seedlings or you’ve got one houseplant too many, a hanging plant pot holder could be the answer to your plant storage problems.

how to make a flower pot tower
How to Build a Flower Pot Tower

Flower pot towers offer gardeners a chance to showcase a colourful array of plants from fuchsias and clematis to sweetpeas and petunias.

ceramic pot for cactus
Can You Plant A Cactus In A Flower Pot?

There is an assumption that cacti aren’t very picky when it comes to their planting conditions. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. If you’re wondering how to properly plant and care for a cactus in a flower pot, keep reading.

10 Winter Hanging Basket Ideas for an Evergreen Look 4
10 Winter Hanging Basket Ideas for an Evergreen Look

Take inspiration from our winter hanging basket ideas and plant up a bright and blooming display to last all through the colder months.

how to grow and dry flowers
How to Grow and Dry Flowers: 14 Best Plants to Dry

When it comes to choosing flowers for drying you’re spoilt for choice, most flowers can be dried in the right conditions and if well looked after, they can last for years. Here’s our pick of the bunch for drying.

flower pot size
What Size Flower Pot Do I Need? How to Choose Plant Pots

Choosing a pot for your plants is more than just a matter of looks.  A pot should be the right size for the plant’s root system, a suitable shape, made from quality material and have adequate drainage.

succulent seat
How to Use an Old Chair as a Flower Pot

It’s often difficult to throw out a much-loved chair but maybe it’s time to accept it’s destined for another purpose. Here are some fun and creative ideas for how to use an old chair as a flower pot.

how to fill a big flower pot
How to Fill a Big Flower Pot in 6 Steps

Big flower pots can eat bag after bag of soil. Soil expenses aside, your pot can also become a burden to move. What you put in the bottom of your flower pot makes all the difference.

how to prepare a flower pot for planting
How to Prepare a Flower Pot for Planting

Well-prepared flower pots with good drainage and lining will keep your plants happy. Preparing your pots well will also help to protect them from the elements so you can continue using them year after year.

how to drill drainage holes in a pot
Can I Use a Flower Pot Without Drainage Holes?

Have you set your eyes on a stylish ceramic or terracotta plant pot? Make sure to check that it has drainage holes as using a flower pot without them can put your plant at risk.

make a wooden flower pot
How To Make A Wooden Flower Pot in 6 Steps

If you’d like to make your own wooden flower pot at home, this article will help you with the basics. We’ll be discussing the tools and supplies that you’ll need to make a simple, wooden cube planter.

how to make a flower pot at home
How To Make A Flower Pot At Home (4 Methods)

If you love creative DIY, this project is just for you! We’ve put together a few ideas for making your own flower pot using different materials. 

how to get rid of mushroom in pot
Why Are Mushrooms Growing in My Plant Pot? (How to Get Rid of Them)

After a particularly wet winter, you often notice small mushrooms growing on the top of the soil in plant pots. Find out why they are growing in your planter and some suggestions to banish them for good!

how to get rid of ants nest in flower pot
How to Get Rid of an Ants’ Nest in a Flower Pot

There are a few tricks to removing ants from your plants, let’s look at the most effective ways to get rid of ants’ nest in flower pots.

painting terracotta flower pots
How to Paint a Terracotta Flower Pot

Beautifully decorated flower pots are the perfect way to set off your plants but they can be expensive to buy. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to paint a terracotta flower pot and give you some design inspiration!

diy flower pot stand
How to Make a DIY Flower Pot Stand (15 Easy Ideas)

All plant pots need a solid surface to stand on whether they’re indoors or outdoors. You can make a stand from natural materials, leftover building supplies, unused toys, and even chicken wire.

how to decorate a flower pot
How to Decorate a Flower Pot (4 Methods)

Here are some ideas to pep up your plant pots and brighten your patio or windowsill. Release your inner artist and learn how to decorate a flower pot with 4 clever, crafty ideas.

how to plant a flower in a pot
How to Plant Flowers in a Pot so it Doesn’t Die on You

Planting a flower in a pot is fun and easy. You only need a planter, some potting mix, and the flower you want to grow. Give it some sunshine and water, and your potted flower will bloom.

plastic pot drainage hole
4 Materials to Use to Improve Drainage in Potted Plants

Good drainage is extremely important if you want to keep potted plants healthy. Without drainage, plants can develop a whole range of problems.

how often to water garden in spring time
How To Water Your Garden In Spring

Watering your garden in spring is not as straightforward as it seems, especially if you live in an area with unpredictable rainfall during this time of year. To understand how much water your garden needs, there are a few things you should be aware of.

how to make a tyre flower pot
How to Make a DIY Tyre Flower Pot From Recycled Tyres

Re-using tyres to make flower pots in your garden is an excellent use for a resource that is difficult to recycle. Discover new ways of using tyres, how to cut them, what soil to use, and whether they are safe to use as planters.

slender high wooden planter box
How To Build A Tall Planter Box in 6 Steps

Would you like to create a tall planter box for your garden? These planters are perfect for deep-rooted, trailing and larger plants. 

How to Make an Autumn Wreath in 5 Steps (& Budget Options) 5
How to Make an Autumn Wreath in 5 Steps (& Budget Options)

From show-stopping festive door wreaths to more subtle half-decorated vine wreaths, these easy-to-make decorations have never been more popular.

making a triangular planter box
How to Make a Triangular Planter Box

Triangular planter boxes are very unusual and they’re an easy shape to construct. Triangular planter boxes often seem to be made of wood but there are plenty of ceramic, metal, and plastic versions available too.

corner box planter
How to Make a DIY Corner Planter Box: Tips & Ideas

Corner box planters can be used indoors and outdoors to fill an under-utilised space with foliage and bright colours. Find out how to make your own.

build a plywood planter box
How To Build a DIY Plywood Planter Box in 5 Steps

If you’re after a cheap planter box and are up for the challenge of building your own, consider making a plywood planter box.

How to Make a DIY Square Planter Box and Save Money 6
How to Make a DIY Square Planter Box and Save Money

Thinking of adding a new planter to your collection? Why not try making a square wooden planter box? They are quite easy to build if you’re thinking of doing it yourself.

wood-burning stove
How to Join Rafter of a Gazebo Roof

Building a gazebo roof? It’s crucial to join the rafters of a gazebo roof between themselves and to the posts properly. Read on to find out more.

gazebo with side panels
How to Build a Square Gazebo Roof (4 Side Pyramid Roof)

In this post, we’ll take you step by step through all the stages of building a four-sided gazebo roof. You don’t have to be an expert craftsman to pull this project off, having decent DIY skills will do.

Build A Brick Planter Box
How to Build a Brick Planter Box That Stands the Test of Time

Are you thinking of creating a permanent brick planter on your patio or in your garden? Brick planters are fairly simple to build as long as you follow a few critical instructions.

angled cedar planter
How to Make an Angled Planter Box (Step by Step)

Tired of straight lines and average planter boxes? You could build an angled planter box instead. In this article, we’ll show you how to build a simple angled planter box from readily available materials in just a few hours.

pine wood over railing planter box
How to Build a DIY Railing Planter Box and Hang it Securely

A bit of greenery never hurt a railing. Building your own DIY railing planter box is a good way to reinvent an old railing or adorn a new one. You can grow flowers or herbs in it and enjoy it for years to come.

build a tiered planter box
How To Build A Tiered Planter Box

Building a tiered planter can be a fun DIY project and, with some planning, it’s quite simple to do. You can even get your kids to help you out. If you’re up for the challenge, follow our guide to building your own tiered planter box.

planter box drainage
Do‌ ‌Wooden Planter‌s ‌Need‌ ‌Drainage Holes?‌ ‌Yes!

If you want healthy and happy plants, giving your planter boxes drainage holes is a good idea. They prevent water from pooling in your planter boxes and reduce the risk of rot.

How to make a planter box from decking
How to Make a Planter Box From Decking Boards in 5 Steps

Decking boards are usually made from pressure-treated wood, cedar or redwood – tough woods that will last for many years. If you’ve finished a decking project and have some spare deck boards, why not make your own planter box?