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How Low Should You Mow a Lawn? When to Cut Grass Short?

Eager to give your lawn a low cut? You may think you’re helping it, but it’s usually better to avoid mowing your lawn short. Mowing your lawn too short can do more harm than good. For most types of grass, a cut at 2.5 to 3 inches through most of the year helps keep the […]

How Long Should You Sprinkle Your Lawn? 1
How Long Should You Sprinkle Your Lawn?

There’s more to watering your lawn than just running your sprinklers for a couple of hours each week. Get to know your lawn and work out how much water it needs for the lushest results.

raking top dressing
How to Add Sharp Sand on Lawn to Improve Drainage

A water-logged lawn is a recipe for pests, poor grass growth and weeds. Learn more about when, how and why sand improves lawn drainage.

best time of day to mow the lawn in uk
What Is the Best Time of Day to Cut Grass in UK? (When NOT to Mow)

When it comes to grass cutting, you have to adapt your mowing times to the temperature and the weather. The one thing you don’t want to do is cut your lawn when it’s wet or during hot weather.

wood pigeons on the lawn
What do Wood Pigeons Eat on the Lawn? (How to Get Rid of Them)

You might have noticed wood pigeons scratching and pecking on your grass. Find out more about what pigeons eat and how to get rid of them. 

how to stop badgers digging up lawn
6 Ways to Deter Badgers & Stop Them Digging Up Your Lawn

From applying homemade badger repellents and tidying up your garden to fitting electric fencing, find out how to keep badgers out of your garden for good.

mowing the lawn at the right time
Should You Cut Grass in Hot Weather? When Is It Too Hot for Mowing?

Is your lawn beginning to have a wild sway to it? You may be feeling the urge to give it a cut, but if it’s hot outside, hold back a little longer, or you may end up doing it more harm than good.

dog urine spots on lawn
Repairing Dog Damaged Lawn – Fix Urine Spots & Dead Grass

Urine damage from dogs is one of the leading causes of yellow spots on lawns leaving dog owners wondering how to revive grass from dog pee. 

spring lawn feeding
Spring Lawn Feeding: When To Do It & Best Fertiliser

Lawn fertiliser is required to keep your lawn growing vigorously and helps it to recover after a harsh winter. The best time to use fertiliser is normally in mid-spring when the soil temperature reaches 13°C

rabbit grazing
7 Ways to Stop Rabbits Digging Up Your Lawn

If you’ve found rabbit holes in your garden, or are fed up with rabbit lawn damage, there are several ways to deter these cute but sometimes destructive creatures from your garden.

When to Aerate a Lawn: Best Time to Hollow Tine a Lawn in UK

Sometimes, all your lawn needs is a breather. Aeration gives it just that. It allows the grass easy access to oxygen, water and nutrients, while also reducing soil compaction and improving drainage.

scarify lawn with rake
How to Scarify Lawn by Hand (with Rake Only)

Scarifying your lawn helps you get rid of dead and drying grass, improving your lawn’s overall health and making it look greener and happier.

7 Ways to Stop Birds Eating Grass Seed & Protect Your Lawn

There are several ways to stop birds from eating grass seed, from overseeding and placing deterrents to savvy seed protection.

When to Cut a Wildflower Meadow for a Vigorous Wildlife Garden

When to cut a wildflower lawn is more than a matter of personal preference. The right time will determine your lawn’s beauty, hardiness and ability to thrive even amidst grasses and weeds.

raised bed on grass
3 Ways to Make a Flowerbed in a Lawn

If you’re keen to add a flowerbed to your lawn, it’s not as daunting as it may sound. With careful planning and preparation, you can transform your garden in a few simple steps.

effect of iron sulphate on moss
When to Put Moss Killer on UK Lawns? (Best Time to Apply)

To kill moss, ensure that it is actively growing. Late spring and early autumn are the best times to apply a moss killer. That’s when the weather is gentle and warm, but not hot.

slug infestation on lawn
10 Ways to Get Rid of a Slug Infestation on Your Lawn

From slug-repelling copper tape and irresistible beer traps to nematodes and crafty barriers, discover the best tried and tested ways to protect your plants from mucousy mutilation.

best time of day to water grass
How Often Should You Water the Lawn for Thick Lush Grass Year-Round?

You need to water your lawn unless it rains regularly. Grass can survive for up to six weeks without water, but not having enough water can undermine its growth and health.

6 Ways to Get Rid of Voles in Your Lawn

Few things are as frustrating as seeing your lush lawn destroyed by voles. Voles can wreak havoc on your lawn in a matter of weeks. Here’s all you need to know about getting rid of voles in the lawn.

6 Ways to Improve Lawn Drainage and Fix Waterlogged Soil 2
6 Ways to Improve Lawn Drainage and Fix Waterlogged Soil

Improving the health of your lawn, aerating the soil, installing drains or trenches and creating alternative water collection areas can all reduce or prevent waterlogging.

Should I Leave Grass Clippings on Lawn: What Can Happen? 3
Should I Leave Grass Clippings on Lawn: What Can Happen?

So you’ve mowed the grass and it’s covered in a fresh layer of grass clippings, but should you leave them on the lawn? We’ve put together a handy guide about the pros and cons of leaving grass clippings on the lawn so you can make up your own mind.

overseeding before after
7 Steps to Sowing Grass Seed on Existing Lawn (Don’t Just Throw It)

Tired of the bare and grassless patches on your lawn? Time to turn them from lacklustre to lush with overseeding. You can sow grass seeds on an existing lawn, but it’s more than just throwing seeds here and there.

worm poop grass
Should You Get Rid of Worm Castings on the Lawn? Maybe! (and how-to)

If your lawn is plagued by a sea of earthworm mounds, find out how they got there, how you can remove them, and how to stop them from coming back.

How to Get Rid of Ants in Lawn Naturally Without Killing Grass

Ants on your lawn can be annoying, but they do a lot of good as well. If you want the ants to go away, but don’t want to kill your lawn in the process, here’s what you can do.

october lawn care
October Lawn Care: What Should I Do to My Lawn in October?

Lawn treatment in October might sound like too much work. But when accomplished one step at a time, it can help your lawn brave the winter with grace.

can i mow the lawn in november
Can I Cut Grass in November? Is it Too Late to Mow the Lawn?

If you’re wondering whether you can mow the lawn in November, the answer is yes.  You will need to take a few precautions, however, so you don’t damage the grass just before winter hits.

wildflower lawn
Wildflower Lawn: How to Create a Meadow on Existing Grass

From providing a haven for nectar-loving insects to having a supply of beautiful flowers on tap, we’ll look at how you can create a wild lawn, the best wildflower seeds to choose and how to maintain it.

winter lawn mowing
Can I Mow the Lawn in February? How to Do It Safely

Would you like to have a healthy, neat lawn all year round? You can mow your lawn in February, as long as you do it at the right time.

frozen lawn
Winter Lawn Feed Guide 2023: How to Choose the Best Fertiliser

Winter lawn fertilisers can help your lawn survive the cold and get ready to flourish in early spring. But there can be a lot of confusion about them.

daisy flowers on grass
5 Ways to Get Rid of Daisies Without Damaging Your Lawn

Bright and cheery daisies can be a lovely addition to any garden. But lovely or not, daisies can be a bit of a nuisance, especially when they make their way uninvited into your lawn.

5 Steps to Improve Drainage in Your Clay Soil Lawn 4
5 Steps to Improve Drainage in Your Clay Soil Lawn

In this post, we review the nagging problems of growing grass in clay soil and show you how to improve drainage in your clay soil lawn without breaking your back.

areas of iron damage on a lawn
Can You Add Too Much Iron Sulphate on Lawn? How to Fix It

Iron sulphate may be something your lawn needs, but it’s possible to add too much of it. Find out if your lawn has an iron sulphate problem and how you can fix it.

pink sorrel
Common Pink/Purple Weeds in UK & How to Get Rid of Them

In this article, we’ll take a look at common pink and purple weeds. Identify which weeds are lurking on your lawn, discover how to remove them and find out how to stop them from spreading.

Autumn Lawn Care: 9 Grass Treatments in the Correct Order 5
Autumn Lawn Care: 9 Grass Treatments in the Correct Order

From levelling to overseeding, you can treat your lawn grass in 9 easy steps. Follow these autumn lawn treatment steps in the right order to give your lawn the care it needs.

lawn levelling mix
How to Level a Horribly Bumpy Lawn Without Heavy Equipment

A bumpy lawn is an eyesore at best and a tripping hazard at worst. In this guide, we’ll run you through the A to Z of levelling a lawn, from using the right material and tools to preparing your lawn, levelling it and caring for it.

small holes in lawn overnight
Small Holes in Lawn Overnight? What’s Digging Up Your Lawn at Night

If you’ve woken up to a lawn that resembles the surface of Mars, you’re probably wondering what’s been digging up your turf. Holes in the ground can be created by many animals from foxes and badgers to squirrels, rats, birds and even insects.

lawn ferilizer
When to Fertilise a Lawn: Best Time to Feed Grass in UK

What makes the difference between a dense, lush lawn and a sparse, sad one? Often, it’s the lawn feed, and not just what fertiliser you use, but when you use it. Find out when to feed grass for a healthy and beautiful lawn.

Lawn Top Dressing: Why, How, When, Best Soil, Pros & Cons, Cost

Top dressing your lawn is much more than just flinging some soil over the grass. In this post, we go through the why, how, and when of lawn top dressing.

rolling out turf
How to Lay Turf Grass: Expert Guide for Beginners (2023 Costs)

Choosing turf over grass seed? Turf will green up your lawn faster than grass seed while providing more uniform results, but you’ll need to put some work into getting the soil ready.

cat walking on green lawn
9 Cruelty-Free Ways to Stop Cats From Pooping on the Garden Lawn

Cat poop is definitely not something you want in your garden so how can you stop stray cats or even your own pampered puss from doing their business on your lawn?

mushroom in grass
Are Mushrooms in Lawn Dangerous? How to Stop Toadstools & Fungi

If you’ve just noticed a few mushrooms popping up on your lawn for the first time, you might be wondering if they are dangerous in any way and whether or not you should remove them. 

lawn sand dressing
What is Lawn Sand? How & When to Apply it for Best Results

Moss on your lawn? Some weeds, too? Lawn sand could help you control them while also acting as a grass feed that makes your lawn greener.

How to Seed a Lawn: Planting Grass Seed for Beginners Guide 6
How to Seed a Lawn: Planting Grass Seed for Beginners Guide

Planning to turn a bare patch of earth into a beautiful lawn? Forget about turf. You can create a new lawn by manually sowing grass seed. But to get it right, there are a few steps you shouldn’t skip.

6 DIY Treatments to Get Rid of Leatherjacket Larvae in Lawns 7
6 DIY Treatments to Get Rid of Leatherjacket Larvae in Lawns

If you discover yellowing patches of grass in your lawn, it’s possible that leatherjackets (crane fly larvae) are the culprits. Find out how you can successfully remove the larvae from your lawn.

common lawn mushroom uk
5 Common Lawn Mushroom Species in UK (Identify Garden Fungi)

If you have kids or curious pets, make sure to identify lawn mushroom species in your backyard. Here’s what you need to know.

what to do after scarifying a lawn
No Grass Left After Scarifying? 9 Steps to Revive Your Lawn

Reviving a scarified lawn means dealing with thatch, weeds, and moss, and then aerating it. The result can be the best lawn you’ve ever had.

get rid of moss in lawn
How to Get Rid of Moss in Lawn: Best Moss Killer Treatment

Almost every lawn will include areas of moss. In this article, we’ll take a look at the steps you need to take to remove moss from your lawn and how to keep it at bay.

legal time to mow lawn uk
What Time Can I Legally Mow My Lawn in the UK?

Hover or ride-on, petrol or electric, all lawnmowers are notoriously noisy – but is there a legal time to mow the lawn and a time when it’s a definite no-no?

how to get stripes in lawn
6 Steps to Get the Perfect Lawn Stripes (Add Lines to Grass)

Lawn stripes happen when bent grass reflects light. You don’t need any special equipment to create them, so find out how to stripe a lawn the easy way.

when should you stop mowing your lawn uk
When should you STOP mowing your lawn in UK? (last cut of the year)

The last grass cut of the year is a hot topic. The best time to stop mowing will depend on where in the UK you’re located.