When should you STOP mowing your lawn in UK? (last cut of the year)

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As a lawn owner, you might be finding conflicting information on when you should stop mowing your lawn. Unfortunately, everyone seems to have their own opinions when it comes to this activity. 

The best time to stop cutting the grass before winter will depend on where in the UK you’re located. Those from Edinburgh, for instance, will stop cutting their grass a little earlier than those in Newquay. Generally, the advice is to stop mowing in October and start again in March, but this isn’t set in stone. 

So when should you stop mowing your lawn? Let’s find out. 

when should you stop mowing your lawn uk

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When to stop mowing your lawn

If you’re wondering when is the last time to cut grass before winter then you’ve come to the right place. 

The best time to stop cutting your grass is in autumn, usually around late September to October. This does differ considerably depending on the climate in your part of the UK. For a more accurate timeframe, I suggest paying close attention to your lawn. 

You will notice the growth of the grass slowing down as the season changes from summer to autumn then winter. Once you experience the first frost, you can usually put the lawn mower away until spring. 

What to do after the last grass cut before winter

Preparing your lawn for the winter season will result in a healthier lawn in spring. Here are a few tips to get you started before the weather turns too cold. 

last grass cut before winter

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1. Keep the leaves off the grass

Autumn comes with some drawbacks. Leaves start to fall in heaps which can smother your lawn if left for too long. It’s best to rake the leaves away and add them to the compost heap to stop your grass from dying off prematurely. 

2. Aerate the lawn

Winters in the UK can be really wet. To prepare for that, make sure to aerate the lawn. You can do this by stabbing a fork into the lawn and slightly lifting the grass to loosen the soil and roots underneath. Aeration leaves small holes that can be filled with some compost or fertiliser. 

3. Overseed

It’s always a great idea to distribute some grass seeds on your lawn. Make sure to distribute them evenly. If you notice any patches, seed them properly. The new seedlings will help to fix any existing problems and result in a lusher lawn next spring. 

4. Cut the grass short

For your last cut of the season, make sure you cut the grass as short as possible. The lawn will still grow for a short while after your last cut before the frost stunts the growth. Cutting the lawn short prevents the need for another cut, even if the grass grows slightly. 

5. Treat the lawn against moss

Wet winter weather is perfect for moss growth. Moss can kill your lawn since the grass cannot compete in its compromised state. Make sure to use moss treatment to prevent this problem.

6. Mow if you need to

Even after the “last” mow of the season, you can still keep your lawn tidy if it gets too out of hand. When you do mow out of season, however, make sure to set the blade settings of your mower to the highest possible setting to only lightly trim the blades of the grass. 

mow if you have to

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Should I cut my grass lower in autumn?

Yes, cutting the grass short in autumn will allow for a bit of regrowth after you stopped mowing and before the first frost. 

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Can I still cut the grass in November?

Yes, as long as the blade is set to its highest setting and the grass is dry before you attempt to cut it. 

Is it OK to mow grass in winter?

Yes, but you need to make sure the grass is dry and not to take off more than is absolutely necessary. 

Is there a best time to stop mowing the lawn?

The best time to stop mowing your lawn depends on your climate. In the mildest areas of the UK, you might need to mow all year round, while in others you can stop mowing as early as September. Make sure to keep an eye on your lawn and properly prepare your grass before winter hits. 

Happy last grass cut of the year!

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