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GardenPatch was setup for a number of reasons which you can read over on our about us page. Whilst it would be great to just provide the community with the best family camping in Europe information forever, we need to fund our operation somehow and make the time spent writing, photographing, videoing, editing and information hunting worthwhile.



GardenPatch partakes in what is known in the Internet marketing world as affiliate marketing.

To simplify things, when someone clicks some of the links on our site for products and deals we’ve recommended they are then taken to the respective retailer’s website. If this person continues and makes a purchase with the respective retailer, that retailer may or may not pass us a small percent of the sale value as a gesture of thanks for the recommendation. This is known as commission and is quite common across thousands of markets and industries online.

When you’re looking online for something such as car insurance, holidays, credit cards, loans, fashion recommendations or electrical goods for example, more often than not you’ll use some sort of review or price comparison site. These site’s are all funded when you follow their links and then go along to make a purchase, leave some details or join a mailing list. The review and comparison sites are providing a free service and helping you make a better decision, and in return are rewarded by the companies that you decide to purchase from.

That’s exactly what Garden Patch does – we provide you offers, reviews, deals and discount codes that save you money and guide you in your shopping journey, and in return the retailer that you purchase from will often give us a small percent of the sale.

Keeping Everyone Happy

This way the customer is happy as they’ve saved money, the retailer is happy as they may have a new customer for life, and we’re happy that the whole arrangement worked out and we received anything from a few pennies to a few pounds as a result of keeping this site alive and kicking.

Retaining The Trust Of Our Audience

It’s reasons like this why we plan to stick around for as long as you’ll keep coming here.

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