Garden Style Ideas

If you’re looking for inspiration when planning a re-design or re-theme of your garden, check out some of our style guides below. We’ve got you covered from country-based themes to style guides for certain spaces like balconies or rooftop gardens.

anemones winter flowering plant for pots
12 Winter Flowering Plants for Pots: Lively Winter Colours

Here are 12 fabulous winter flowering plants for pots that will offer valuable colour in your chilly winter garden. All are hardy and manage to continue growing while we snuggle up next to the fire.

abutilon winter flowering plant
15 Winter Flowering Plants for a Cosy Home Atmosphere

It’s the time of year when we’re all shivering and huddling close to the fire. Whether you prefer sculptural, spiky foliage or a dash of colour, here are 15 indoor flowering plants that will enjoy snuggling up with you.

parthenocissus tricuspidata, boston ivy
7 Vivid Winter Flowering Climbing Plants

If you’re thinking of adding some climbing plants to your garden, why not add some that will burst into bloom in the colder months? There are several flowering climbers that will bring heavenly scents and vivid colour to your winter garden.

Hylotelephium 'Red Cauli'
Top 10 Autumn Flowering Perennials To Liven Up Your Garden

Are you thinking of adding some autumn flowering perennials to liven up your garden? In this article, we will look at 10 flowering perennials to bring you joy every autumn.

plants for autumn garden
12 Best Plants For an Autumn Garden

Are you looking for some plants that will keep your garden looking colourful far into autumn? If this is your goal, you might consider a few ornamental plants that prefer to flower late in the season.

12 Winter Flowering Plants For A Vivid Garden 1
12 Winter Flowering Plants For A Vivid Garden

Would you like to brighten up your dull winter garden? By planting winter bloomers, you should be able to create a vivid winter garden in no time.

autumn red climbing plants
Top 14 Red-Turning Autumn Climbing Plants

Autumn can be a wonderful time for colour in the garden. Here are 14 of my favourite red autumn climbing plants and a recipe that you can make from one of them.

14 of the Best Winter Hanging Basket Plants 2
14 of the Best Winter Hanging Basket Plants

Hanging baskets are often thought of as bright summer accessories. Let’s take a look at 14 of the best plants for a beautiful winter hanging basket:

10 of the Best Garden Plants for Winter Colour 3
10 of the Best Garden Plants for Winter Colour

The depths of winter can be a gloomy time for the garden. We’re here to help you inject some much-needed colour into your outdoor space with our pick of the best plants for a winter garden.

autumn garden flowers
14 of the Best Flowers for a Blooming Autumn Garden

When the leaves start to fall and your once bright summer perennials come to the end of their natural lives, it can be tricky to keep your garden looking bright and welcoming. Here’s our pick of the best flowers for an autumn garden.

sustainable wood
How Sustainable Is Our Wood in the UK?

From the wood you use for DIY projects to the fuel you burn, find out how sustainable UK wood is and what you can do to help our forests.

containers raised beds or in ground
Are Containers, Raised Beds Or In-Ground Best For Establishing A Garden?

Which type of layout will suit your garden best? Each choice has its own pros and cons. Learn more about garden layouts and how to plan a successful garden.

Old door outside with trellis on the sides
Where Did Trellis Originate?

Trellis is a support we use for climbing plants such as vines and roses and its use dates back centuries. Let’s take a look at trellis round the world… 

Liliac sweet peas on a wooden trellis
Why Build a Trellis – 7 Easy & Affordable DIY Trellis Ideas

Why build a trellis you ask? If you’ve been shopping for one, you saw how overpriced they are. So here’s how to build a trellis for half the money.

an attractive colander is a great way to use upcycled garden ideas in your garden
Amazing Reclaimed & Upcycled Garden Ideas

A beautiful garden doesn’t have to be expensive – in fact, we’re here to show you how a bit vision can result in a unique garden for next-to-nothing.

a modern, cube-shaped garden office in the corner of a garden
20 Stylish & Practical Garden Office Ideas

Restore your work-life balance with an outdoor workspace – check out these stylish and practical garden office ideas to inspire you!

a stylish modern deck with plastic garden dining table and a rectangular pond with plants
Simple & Understated Minimalist Garden Ideas

These minimalist garden ideas provide inspiration to make any outdoor space more practical, stylish and relaxing to be in.

the Kawachi Fuji Garden in Kitakyushu, Japan, is considered one of the most spectacular wisteria displays in the world and an epicentre for wisteria hysteria
Wisteria Hysteria: Growing an Instagram-Worthy Garden

Are you suffering from #WisteriaHysteria? Learn more about this beautiful plant and find inspiration for growing it in your own garden.

A ladybird insect on white cow parsley
Garden Insects: What are Good and Bad Bugs?

Let’s take a look at how your garden maintenance can interact with insects, and how to balance the good and bad bugs in your little slice of nature.

garden treehouse ideas with two levels
11 Awesome Garden Treehouse Ideas for You (and Your Kids)

When you’re a kid, there’s nothing more exciting than owning a treehouse. It’s your one true sanctuary to let imagination run wild with toys, books, games and friends.

A garden bar with a sign saying the Furlough Arms
20 Garden Bar Ideas and Tips that Bring the Pub to You!

A summer in lockdown has produced a slew of blog posts and photo feeds from people sharing their garden bar ideas and taking the initiative to make them a reality.

three novelty ceramic tiki mugs shaped like wood carvings are filled with exotic fruit drinks
Tantalising, Tropical, Tiki Garden Ideas

Although Tiki style is based on a fantasy, there are lots of real ways you can bring it into your garden design.

Italian style garden ideas with mossy paving stones, stone bench, water fountain and orange trees
Bellissimo! Rustic and Romantic Italian Style Garden Ideas

Dramatic. Opulent. Romantic. Three of many reasons why you might be inspired by the stunning gardens of Italy, and why you could want to emulate their beauty in your own home.

a black line drawing of flowers and leaves on a white garden wall
29 Unique Garden Mural Ideas

If you love the idea of painting a mural in your garden but aren’t quite sure where to start, take a look at these amazing designs to inspire you.

A small, Japanese-inspired garden with decking, box shrubs, pebbles and lanterns
Japanese Garden Ideas: Finding Your Zen

Japanese garden ideas aim to emphasise the beauty of nature, even in small gardens, through careful landscaping choices and precise arrangements.

six mason jars with herbs growing inside
Easy Indoor Herb Garden Ideas and Tips

Try our easy indoor herb garden ideas to discover how simple, satisfying (and delicious) growing your own ingredients can be!

indoor garden ideas with a retro sideboard covered in plants
Indoor Garden Ideas: Growing Tips and Top 10 Plants

It’s amazing how flowers or even just a little bit of green decor can improve the ambience of a room.

Concrete outdoor kitchen on a patio
Outdoor Kitchen Ideas: 20 Inspiring Ideas & Designs

If you’re serious about hosting and love to cook in different environments, there’s really no comparison for the perks that an al fresco kitchen can bring.

a small vase of freshly cut Boscobel roses, on a weathered tabletop
Vintage Garden Decor Ideas: Upcycling Glamour Into Your Garden

Vintage decor is becoming a popular way to give gardens a unique charm, and transforming your garden into a dreamy, rustic space is simpler than you might think.

a gravel garden with drought-tolerant plants and a paved path leading through a stucco arch
Spanish Themed Garden Ideas: Turn Your Garden into a Sizzling Iberian Sanctuary

Spanish gardens are made for lounging, enjoying weekend lunches with friends and family, and catching up during “sobremesa” or after-meal socials.

garden treasure hunt ideas - tie strings of pretty bunting in multi-coloured fabric to keep players in certain areas
Keep Calm and Carry On: British Themed Garden Ideas

In this post, we’ve curated the quintessential features from UK garden culture to come up with a list of classic, British themed garden ideas.

a pallet bench with cushions is fitted neatly under a low roof on a balcony
15 Rooftop Garden Ideas for Escapism, Plant-Lovers and Party People

Capitalising on your rooftop garden’s excellent privacy, spectacular views, or unsheltered rain and sun are all pathways to transforming a tricky space into something exceptional.

wicker basket filled with brightly coloured produce, fresh from the kitchen garden
Garden to Table: Kitchen Garden Ideas for Your Home

When it comes to gardening, there’s not much that’s more satisfying than taking something you’ve grown and bringing it in to eat.

a string of vintage fairy lights with festive elements like pinecones and fir sprigs added
Fabulous, Festive Christmas Garden Ideas

As winter sets in (and I finally cave and turn my heating on), I thought I’d share some Christmas garden ideas here on the blog.

a paved path with a fountain and spherical topiary bushes in the middle
French Themed Garden Ideas: How To Design Your Own Beau Jardin

In this post, we’re going to look at some of the most important French themed garden ideas and features to consider if you’re going to attempt this beautiful style at home.

a very cute cottage with a stone path that has lavender shrubs along either side and two symmetrical bay trees flanking the front door
20 Front Garden Ideas for Maximum Curb Appeal

First impressions are important, but there are lots of ways you can improve your home’s curb appeal on a budget. Here are some tried-and-tested front garden ideas and pictures to inspire you.

a whitewashed house with a completely white patio and pergola. Growing around the pergola is a bougainvillea with striking pink flowers
Greek Garden Ideas: Inspiring a Mediterranean Style for Your Home

Boasting colourful accents and stonework, Greek gardens are bright, welcoming and striking.

a traditional Moroccan garden with a long, blue pool running down the middle and lots of plants either side
Morocco Themed Garden Ideas: A Slice of Paradise

Even in bustling cities like Marrakesh and Casablanca, homes boast beautiful symmetrical layouts, bright colours, large terracotta pots, and lush evergreen gardens.

The Ultimate List of Garden Man Cave Ideas 4
The Ultimate List of Garden Man Cave Ideas

Where better to retreat to than into the garden, away from the house completely? The humble shed can quickly be upgraded to a cool, comfortable space for working, practicing hobbies or just chilling for a bit.

a white inflatable hot tub near a chic wooden sofa and chair set
Bringing the Luxury Spa to You: Garden Hot Tub Ideas

The average person doesn’t have the space, budget or weather for a pool in the UK. Hot tubs offer the same relaxing soak at the end of the week, but need much less effort to install and run.

a small garden with overflowing flower beds and a brick path leading to a pretty gate at the end
Small Garden Ideas: 44 Practical Tips and Tricks

When it comes to gardens, it’s not the size that counts, it’s what you do with it.

patio ideas using pale grey paving and an outdoor rug, beneath a wooden dining table and chairs
Patio Garden Ideas and Inspiration to Revamp Your Home

If you’re intending to build a patio, renovate the one you have, or simply get decorating so it feels more homely, we’ve got a whole load of inspirational patio garden ideas for every step.

a boho styled bbq area in worcester
Kick Your Cooking Up a Notch: 10 Garden BBQ Area Ideas

It’s not officially summer until you’ve had your first whiff of a delicious barbecue – and it’s not a good summer until you’ve stood over the grill yourself.

bohemian garden ideas - garden seating laid out on grass with patterend rugs and floor cushions
Inspiring Bohemian Garden Ideas for Creating an Eclectic, Beautiful Outdoor Space

Influenced by nomadic tribes and exotic cultures from eastern Europe and north Africa, a bohemian – or boho – aesthetic is eclectic, romantic and inspired by global travel.

a top-down view of a small balcony with furniture, rigs and overflowing flowers
Creative Balcony Garden Ideas to Maximise Your Space

Feeling creatively cramped by a small space? There are heaps of ways you can add unique style to even the cosiest balcony, and transform it into your favourite room in your home.

a stone wall with an open gate in a pretty enchanted garden
Enchanted Garden Ideas: Designing Your Own Fairy Tale

Enchanted gardens are bursting with personality, whimsy and folklore, often feeling like a gateway between the human world and a more magical plane.

a sun-drenched sand path flanked by a rope fence heading towards palm trees
32 Beach Style Garden Ideas

Whether you live by the sea or are simply dreaming of an ocean-side escape, a beach-themed garden is a wonderful way to bring the vacation to you.