10 Rose Arch Ideas: Which Roses Are Best for Archways?

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Romantic, modern or zen-like, rose arches come in many styles and designs. Adding a rose arch to your garden can bring colour and fragrance, but that’s not all. A blooming archway creates a striking feature that you can place by a pathway, over a gate, against a wall or above a seating area.

The best roses for archways are climbing roses, which come in several varieties including Crimson Glory, Constance Spry, Dublin Bay, and Lady of Shalott. Their lush blossoms and heady fragrance will turn your garden into a rosy dream.

So, all set to create your own rose archway? Here are 10 creative rose arch ideas to inspire you:

1. Romantic rose arch

Few things evoke romance as well as a red rose-covered archway. Train the roses up your garden arch to create a romantic display of cascading blooms.

Choose climbing varieties like Dublin Bay, Prince’s Trust, and Blaze. These varieties produce plentiful blooms and have a pleasantly mild fragrance. Even their scattered petals on the ground will add an element of romance.


romantic rose arch ideas

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2. Colourful garden arch

Grow colourful roses over an arch to add cheer to your garden. Pippin, Iceberg, and Pilgrim come in warm shades of pink, white, and yellow. They’re perfect for any British garden.

You can add three or more coloured rose vines to your arch. But don’t overcrowd it. Roses need space to grow and bloom.

Tip: Prune deadheads and dried foliage and your colourful rose arch will keep blooming all through summer.

colourful garden arch

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3. Fragrant rose climbers

You can also train fragrant roses like Crimson Glory, Granada, Angel Face, Musk, and Chrysler Imperial over an arch. Their bright colours and strong, rosy smell can turn your garden into a scent-sational wonderland.

Tip: Plant these roses in well-draining soil, water regularly, and fertilise every two months. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy their sweet fragrance spring after spring.

fragrant rose climbers

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4. Minimalist rose arch

Go modern and minimalist with a sleek, straight-edged arch. This simple design is perfect to match a contemporary-style house. Plus, a minimalist arch is easy to set up and doesn’t need much upkeep.

Your arch can be a simple metal or concrete structure. Paint it black or dark grey, and contrast it with white roses like Clarence House, White Cockade, and Wedding Day.

minimalist rose arch

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5. Cottage garden arch

To create a cottage garden look, opt for a simple metal or wooden design. Fill the arch with climbing roses of your choice. Some options to consider are Strawberry Hill, Constance Spry, Mary Delany, and New Dawn.

Your cottage garden arch can be a standalone feature or you can attach it to your front gate or garden pathway so it overlooks your cottage.

cottage garden arch

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6. Classic rose archway

A simple, classic rose arch can bring interest to any outdoor space. Fill it with blooms and it can become a focal point in your garden.

Grow easy and eye-catching varieties like Pippin, Lady of Shalott, and Eden. These will take a summer or two to climb up the arch. But once mature, they will dress up your arch like nothing else.

classic rose archway

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7. Asian-style entrance arch

Bring an element of zen to your garden with an Asian-style archway. Go for a bamboo structure at the entrance of your garden. Look for simplicity and avoid extravagant or ornate styles.

Natural colours like earth, nude, and umber are perfect for your Oriental arch and will look perfect with cream and soft orange roses. Some varieties you can pick are Alchymist, Eden, Lichfield Angel and Iceberg.

Tip: Nail the bamboo structure together and secure it well. Then tie the edges with a bamboo rope, as in the image. This will bring both strength and beauty to your Asian-style rose arch.

asian style entrance arch

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8. Rose arch with bench

You can also use a rose arch to create an intimate corner in your garden. Build the arch against a fence, shed, or garden wall and place a comfortable wooden or wrought iron bench underneath it.

An arch with a bench will be a lovely spot to take in the view of your garden. Add plenty of rose vines overhead for shade and privacy. Some heavy bloomers you can opt for are Highwire Flyer, Tangerine Skies, Quicksilver, and Florentina.

Tip: Your outdoor furniture should be durable enough to brave the elements. If not, make sure it’s light enough so you can move it, or cover it with a waterproof sheet when not in use.

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rose arch with bench

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9. Small-space garden archway

You don’t need a sweeping garden for a rose arch. A small garden can hold one, too. Place the arch on your garden entrance, over your gate, or attach it to a wall if you are space-modest.

No garden space to plant the rose climbers? No worries. Instead of planting the roses in a garden bed, grow them in pots. Place these pots on either side of the arch and train up the climbers.

small-space garden archway

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10. Layered arch of roses

Instead of a single archway, you can install a row of arches to frame the length of your garden path. You can also use it to lead you to another part of the garden.

Train climbing roses of different colours over the arches. It will make walking through your garden truly magical. Add fragrant roses like Abraham Darby, Old Bourbon, and Don Juan to create a fairyland in your own garden.

Tip: A layered arch of roses is ideal for large garden spaces, but if you love the look and have only limited space, install a couple of arches, one at the garden entrance and the other at the rear end.

layered arch of roses

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Roses arch FAQs

From where to place your rose arch to the best time to plant one, here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Where can I place my garden rose arch?

You can place your garden rose arch at the entry point to your garden. This will make for an eye-catching structure draped with roses. You can also place it over a gate, against a wall, or in a corner for shelter and privacy.

Your garden arch location should also be sunny. Roses love 6 to 8 hours of full sun every day.

How many roses do I need for an archway?

You need at least two roses for your archway. Plant these at both ends of your arch and train them up using garden twines or wires.

You can use two or three roses of different colours for a cheery display. But don’t plant more—rose climbers can be competitive and fight for space as they mature.

Are there thornless climbing roses I can train up my arch?

Yes, there are many varieties of thornless climbing roses you can train up an arch. Consider Yellow Lady Banks, Blue Rambler, Leander Hybrid Tea Rose, Zephirine Drouhin, Mme Madame Alfred Carriere, and Rosa Goldfinch.

These rose varieties come in many bright and beautiful shades. Plant them and you will save your fingers from being pricked.

What is the best time to plant my rose arch?

The best time to plant your rose arch is between autumn and early spring. If you’re worried about winter frost, cover the roses with a sheet of plastic.

Planting your arch early will give your roses enough time to establish roots. That way, they will burst into fresh blooms early in spring.

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