rose arch with bench
10 Rose Arch Ideas: Which Roses Are Best for Archways?

Adding a rose arch to your garden can bring colour and fragrance, but that’s not all. A blooming archway creates a striking feature that you can place by a walkway, over a gate, against a wall or above a seating area.

which vegetables need trellis
Which Vegetables Need Trellis?

Nature has designed many climbing vegetables and fruit from beans to fruiting squash. Read on to see which vegetables will benefit from using trellis and why to use it.

trellis wisteria
Which Trellis Is Best For Wisteria?

Most wisterias can grow up to 20 metres high and expand to approximately 10 metres wide.  Find out how to trellis these vigorous climbers and be rewarded with spectacular blooms.

how to trellis clematis
How to Choose The Best Trellis for Clematis & Train it Properly

This climbing vine needs sunshine, rich soil and some support as it climbs. Read on to see how you can provide the best trellis for clematis.

honeysuckle arch trellis
How to Choose the Best Trellis for Honeysuckle: Tips & Ideas

Selecting a trellis for honeysuckle is important to keep the plant tamed. Here’s everything you need to know to select the best trellis for your honeysuckle. 

when to trellis squash
When To Trellis Squash

Are you wondering when or even how to trellis your squash plants? Squash belong to a group of fruits that grow on large plants. Trellising them might seem like a great idea, but is it possible? Find out!

Old door outside with trellis on the sides
Where Did Trellis Originate?

Trellis is a support we use for climbing plants such as vines and roses and its use dates back centuries. Let’s take a look at trellis round the world… 

trellis for grapes
How to Choose the Best Trellis for Grape Vines: Tips & Ideas

Grapevines can’t cling to walls or fences so you’ll need to provide support for them. There are a few ways to successfully trellis a wandering grapevine:

why trellis tomatoes
Why Trellis Tomatoes?

Whether you are growing vine or bush tomatoes, there are several reasons for trellising these cheery fruits as they grow.

nasturtiums trellis ideas
Do Nasturtiums Climb Trellis? How to Train Climbing Nasturtium

Nasturtiums are wonderful climbers which will provide colour in your garden for months. Discover 4 simple ideas to trellis nasturtiums.

jasminum officinale flowers
Will Jasmine Climb Trellis? How to Train Star Jasmine Vine

Whilst jasmine can grow rogue, it will eventually end up becoming a tangled mess. Train jasmine to grow against a trellis to gain maximum visual impact.

will strawberries climb trellis
Do Strawberries Need a Trellis? Will They Climb to Grow?

A climbing trellis is not ideal, but find out how your strawberry plants can thrive by understanding just what they need to provide you with juicy red fruit!

growing cucumbers in a greenhouse with irrigation
Best Trellis for Cucumbers: 5 Ways to Grow & Train Cucumbers

A vine cucumber needs a trellis or climbing frame. Learn how to train your cucumber on a trellis and what types of trellis might suit your pot or garden.

Romantic garden with rose trellis
Which Trellis Is Best For Climbing Roses?

Climbing roses look stunning. To help you enjoy your garden, read on for tips and tricks for selecting a trellis and training your climbing rose. 

Tropical garden with flowering plants and green lawn with large trellises
Where to Put a Trellis? 15 Ideas to Use a Trellis in Your Garden

Thinking about installing a trellis in your garden? There are many potential locations for it. Mounted on a wall, in or at the back of a planter, behind a sitting area as a privacy fence, in your vegetable garden as a support for plants—you can always find room for a trellis in your garden. That […]

Types of beans that need a trellis when to trellis them
13 Types of Beans That Need a Trellis and When to Trellis Them

Growing beans in your garden? Let’s look at the most commonly grown bean varieties that need the support of a trellis and the best time to trellis them.

Liliac sweet peas on a wooden trellis
Why Build a Trellis – 7 Easy & Affordable DIY Trellis Ideas

Why build a trellis you ask? If you’ve been shopping for one, you saw how overpriced they are. So here’s how to build a trellis for half the money.