Indoor Plants

polka dot plant
Polka Dot Plant Care: How To Grow Hypoestes Phyllostachya

The polka dot plant, also known as freckleface, is a short-stemmed houseplant that’s super cute and easily maintained. In this article, we’ll discuss the different varieties of Hypoestes Phyllostachya, how to care for them and how to identify problems.

swiss cheese money plant (monstera obliqua)
15 Types Of Money Plants: How to Choose the Best One

Are you looking for a money plant to bring some good luck into your home? Let’s take a look at the group of plants referred to as money plants.

white orchids & pebbles under the staircase
15 Indoor Pebble Garden Under Stairs Ideas: Mini Zen Areas

Pebbles under the stairs? Why not? An indoor pebble garden can transform the often dull place under a staircase and it doesn’t call for much maintenance either.

abutilon winter flowering plant
15 Indoor Winter Flowering Plants for a Cosy Home Atmosphere

It’s the time of year when we’re all shivering and huddling close to the fire. Whether you prefer sculptural, spiky foliage or a dash of colour, here are 15 indoor flowering plants that will enjoy snuggling up with you.

succulents in sunshine
How to Choose the Best Planter Box for Succulents: 8 Ideas

Discover which planter box is suitable for your succulents and the best way to care for them so that you can enjoy these attractive plants for many years to come.

birch tree branch room divider
6 Ideas to Use Planter Boxes as Room Dividers

You can create incredible room dividers using plants and natural materials. Discover how to create imaginative room divider planters including upcycling ideas and a K-drama inspired fish tank divider with foliage.

Crate planter box
10 Indoor Planter Box Ideas to Greenify Your Home or Office

From surprisingly smart planters to elegant glass terrariums, there are myriad ways to get some foliage into your home or work environment. Here are 10 indoor planter box ideas to inspire you.

six mason jars with herbs growing inside
10 Indoor Herb Garden Ideas with Tips and Easy Herbs to Grow

Try our easy indoor herb garden ideas to discover how simple, satisfying (and delicious) growing your own ingredients can be!

indoor garden ideas with a retro sideboard covered in plants
Indoor Garden Ideas: Growing Tips and Top 10 Plants

It’s amazing how flowers or even just a little bit of green decor can improve the ambience of a room.

a geometric terrarium with spiky succulents
Tiny Yet Terrific: Terrarium Garden Ideas

Looking for new ways to bring plants into your living space? A bit of greenery instantly makes a living room more welcoming, offices more vibrant and kitchens more cosy. If you’ve already taken a look at our indoor plants guide and decided you want something more unusual, building a terrarium might be right up your […]