10 Indoor Planter Box Ideas to Greenify Your Home or Office

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It’s official, house plants are good for you! With a wealth of health benefits including lowered stress levels and improved air quality, there’s never been a better time to fill your home with glorious greenery.

Planter boxes are often associated with gardens or outdoor spaces but there’s no reason why you can’t have stylish and functional planter boxes in your home too. With the trend for houseplants showing no sign of slowing down, there’s no shortage of ways to display your beloved plants.

From surprisingly smart planters to elegant glass terrariums, there are myriad ways to get some foliage into your home or work environment. Here are 10 indoor planter box ideas to inspire you.

1. DIY wooden wall planter box

We love just about everything in this photo and the planter box is no exception! Custom made wall planter boxes can be fitted into any space or any room in your home.

Wall planter boxes are easy to make too. Don’t forget to line wooden boxes or place potted plants on saucers to prevent any water seepage.

Hanging plants like string of hearts, devil’s ivy and spider plants are ideal for wall mounted planter boxes.

DIY wooden wall planter box

Image credit: @lulukatestyle

2. Stairwell planter box

Planning a renovation project? Consider having a planter built into a stairwell or used as a dividing wall.

Hanging and structural plants will work best in large feature planters so you can be really creative with textures and colours.

Stairwell planter box

Image credit: @dotandpop

3. Indoor planter wall

If you have the space, a planter wall is an unusual and innovative way to bring greenery into your home in a big way. Use a planter wall as a room divider, or place it against a wall to instantly transform a room.

If your office is due a revamp, suggest adding plants to your working space. Plants have been shown to boost worker productivity, and we think they look pretty spectacular too.

Indoor planter wall

Add a wall of plants to your home or office and feel the benefits. Image credit: @ecogreenplants

4. Window planter box

The beauty of window boxes is that you can probably squeeze one into your home, even if you don’t have much space.

Available in a wide range of materials and sizes, you can plant them up with herbs, flowers, trendy succulents or cacti.

Window planter box

Try adding cacti to a window box for an eyecatching display. Image credit: @concrete_unicorn

5. Hanging planter box

If you love the boho look, you can’t beat a hanging planter. Gracing everywhere from bathrooms to kitchens, these retro planters have made a big comeback.

You can suspend them from the ceiling or hang them from wall hooks. It’s easy to make a DIY version from old baskets or crates too. Also, read our tips on hanging baskets for a perfect set of blooms.

Hanging planter box

Group hanging planters together for an eclectic vibe. Image credit: Garden Trading

6. Crate planter box

One of the very best indoor planter box hacks has to be creating your own planter from old wooden crates. So easy to make, you can simply stand a potted plant in a crate or turn them sideways and add a shelf for more display space.

You could add some rope and hang them or even wall-mount them. Rustic, inexpensive and easy to move around, crates are a great way to display your plants wherever you want them.

Crate planter box

Turn old wooden crates into attractive plant stands. Image credit: @plantravagant

7. Smart planter box

Forgotten to water the plants again? With a smart planter, you don’t need to worry about such things!

This clever system delivers the right amount of water, light and nutrients to your plants. You can order different sizes to suit your space and choose from over 50 pre-seeded plant pods to get you started on your home growing journey.

Smart planter box

Forgetting to water your plants will be a thing of the past with a smart planter. Image Credit: Click and Grow

8. Table planter box

This beautiful brass planter box would look gorgeous placed on a table and filled with seasonal blooms or succulents. The slim design means it could also be put on a windowsill or hall table.

Table planter box

Slimline planters can be placed on tables and windowsills. Image credit: Not on the High Street

9. Terrarium planter 

Elegant and bang on trend, these mini-greenhouses make the ideal home for succulents, cacti and air plants.

Available in all shapes and sizes, and as hanging and free-standing options, there is a terrarium for every home and every budget.

Terrarium planter

Add a mini greenhouse to your home and watch it grow! Image credit: Nkuku

10. Steel storage planter box

This super-stylish planter is as practical as it is great looking. Add plants, books, pictures or anything you like and place in any room in your home.


Steel storage planter box

Sleek and stylish, a steel planter is a worthy addition to your home. Image credit @reiss_designengineering

Indoor planters make your home or office livelier

There’s never been a better moment to fill your home with lush greenery, thanks to a slew of health advantages like reduced stress and improved air quality.


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