5 Simple DIY Hanging Planter Boxes You Can Make

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Are you thinking of hanging some planter boxes to liven up your home or garden? When it comes to what you can do with a hanging planter, the possibilities are endless. If you’re very creative, your imagination won’t let you down, if not, here are a few hanging planter box ideas to get you started.

1. Repurposed tyres

repurposed tyre hanging planter box

Have some fun repurposing items that would otherwise be destined for the tip.

If you’ve just changed the tyres on your car, you might be wondering what to do with your old tyres. Instead of throwing them away, you can change them into stunning planters.

Try placing tyres flat on the ground or hanging them against a wall. Drill a few holes and fill the bottom with soil before adding the plants of your choice. You can also paint tyres as you please to fit in with the rest of your decor.

2. Wall covers

hanging wall covers planter box

Create a beautiful living wall and watch it grow.

For this project, you’ll need a few plant pots that look very similar and a net. Hang the net against the wall and attach the pots to it. This way you can cover your wall in plant pots without any effort. Just make sure the net is strong enough to hold up the weight of all the pots combined.  You can also fix wooden pallets to your wall and attach planters to them to create a similar effect.

3. Hanging baskets

hanging basket planter box

Place potted plants in rope or macrame hangers for easy retro-chic!

Indoor hanging baskets are all the rage right now. You can make your own or buy them at a store. Make sure to line your basket with a waterproof liner or use a ceramic pot to keep some moisture in. Outdoor hanging baskets made of coconut coir tend to dry out very quickly. Hang them in a suitable location with the plants of your choice inside.

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4. DIY planters

diy hanging planter box

Rustle up a super cute succulent planter from items you probably have lying around.

You can make your own planters from almost anything.

Use any old pieces of wood that you might have lying around, old wooden boxes, plastic containers and the like to make stunning hanging planters. Add some wire or a chain and hang them in the location of your choice. Just make sure that there are some drainage holes to prevent drowning your plants.

5. Stacked hanging baskets

Stacked planters can be made from anything hung in tiers. This means that you can create hanging shelves, baskets or pots. They are quite convenient as wall covers and look great when used on a balcony. It’s also a great way to grow herbs and would make a handy addition to your kitchen.


What are the best hanging planters?

The best hanging planter for you will depend on what you want to grow. If it’s purely for decoration, then something simple like a hanging basket might be best. If you want to decorate a wall, then the planters you can hang against a wall will work best. If you’re planning on growing herbs or starting a creativity project, then either a DIY planter or a hanging shelf with tiers are ideal.

Where do you water a hanging plant?

It is best to place your hanging plants in the sink or bath when watering them. If watered where they hang, you might end up with a giant mess on the floor unless they have trays.

Why do my hanging plants keep drying out?

Hanging plants in coconut coir baskets tend to dry out more quickly than other plants. Coconut coir isn’t very good at retaining moisture. For this reason, it is best to line the inside of your baskets with waterproof lining. Just make sure there are drainage holes to prevent drowning your plants.


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