privacy fence ideas
26 Privacy Fence Ideas to Keep Unwanted Eyes Away From Your Space

There’s nothing like sitting back and relaxing in your garden, that is until… the head of your friendly neighbour pops over the fence. No one wants to be overlooked in their outdoor space and fortunately, there are many ways to create privacy.

how can I make my garden look like a festival
12 Festival-themed Garden Party Ideas to Free Your Spirit

Glitter and glow sticks at the ready? We’re here to arm you with creative ideas for throwing an amazing festival-style garden party.

circular lawn and decked path
12 Circular Lawn Ideas for a Round Garden Design

Introducing a circular lawn to your garden is one of the most transformative things you can do to your outdoor space. Whether your garden is small or large, formal or informal and flat or sloping, there’s a circular lawn for every scenario.

best plastic outdoor furniture
The Best Plastic Outdoor Furniture for Worry-Free Relaxation

Plastic outdoor furniture is affordable, lightweight, and weather-resistant. From classic patio sets and padded armchairs with footstools to long sun loungers and rocking chairs, you’re spoilt for choice.

balcony furniture
12 Best Balcony Furniture Ideas to Buy in 2023

If your balcony area is more dull and drab than glorious outdoor haven, give it a revamp with some practical and stylish, space-saving balcony furniture.

pulmonaria officinalis
Best Plants For Shady Areas Of The Garden

If your garden has a few shady spots, you might be wondering what plants will grow there. Luckily, there are several shade-loving species that you can add to your garden.

add a fire pit or brazier
9 Ideas to Brighten Up a Dull Winter Garden

The long winter months can make your garden look a little dull, but with a bit of planning and some work, you can transform it into a bright and cheerful place that you’ll enjoy spending time in.

winter garden party ideas
6 Winter Garden Party Ideas: Tips for Outdoor Gatherings

Winter is a perfect time to bring friends together and shrug off the winter blues. Here are some ideas to help you create an enchanted winter wonderland for you and your party guests to remember.

hanging planter box ideas
5 Simple DIY Hanging Planter Boxes You Can Make

Are you thinking of hanging some planter boxes to liven up your home or garden? Here are a few fun hanging planter box ideas to get you started.

cheap planter box
10 Creative Planter Box Ideas Anyone Can Do

If you’d like to add a planter box to your outdoor space but aren’t sure where to start, here are some creative planter box ideas to help inspire you.

balcony planters
12 Balcony Planter Box Ideas to Inspire You

There are many ways to turn a balcony into a magnificent garden oasis. Here are a few balcony planter box ideas to get you started.

recycled flower box
8 Flower Box Ideas to Spice Up Your Garden

Flower boxes are ideal for creating impressive bursts of colour. If you want to add some colour to your house or garden, take a look at these flower box ideas.

garden furniture and fire pit ideas
Garden Furniture And Fire Pit Ideas

Are you thinking of installing a fire pit with some comfortable seating options around it? Fire pits can be a fantastic addition to your outdoor space if done correctly.

keep cushions on garden furniture
How to Keep Outdoor Cushions From Sliding Off Garden Furniture

Whether the problem you’re facing is rain, wind, or gravity, we have you covered. Here are the best methods to keep outdoor cushions in place.

Garden Furniture Ideas for a Small Patio
Best Patio Furniture for Small Gardens 2023: ideas for all budgets

If you have a small patio, you’ll want to maximise the space. Here are some ideas to add functional furniture without compromising on style.

Liliac sweet peas on a wooden trellis
Why Build a Trellis – 7 Easy & Affordable DIY Trellis Ideas

Why build a trellis you ask? If you’ve been shopping for one, you saw how overpriced they are. So here’s how to build a trellis for half the money.

an attractive colander is a great way to use upcycled garden ideas in your garden
Amazing Reclaimed & Upcycled Garden Ideas

A beautiful garden doesn’t have to be expensive – in fact, we’re here to show you how a bit vision can result in a unique garden for next-to-nothing.

a raised vegetable bed for intensive crop growing
Fresh & Creative Vegetable Garden Ideas

Vegetable garden ideas for every space, from full-sized beds to balconies and patios – get growing today!

a raised planter made from reclaimed railway sleepers filled with edible plants
Raised Bed Gardening Ideas

Raised bed gardening can make a cluttered garden look tidy, or create depth in an empty space. Read our tips for raising your garden beds!

a modern, cube-shaped garden office in the corner of a garden
20 Stylish & Practical Garden Office Ideas

Restore your work-life balance with an outdoor workspace – check out these stylish and practical garden office ideas to inspire you!

a stylish modern deck with plastic garden dining table and a rectangular pond with plants
6 Minimalist Garden Ideas to Design a Simplistic Garden

These minimalist garden ideas provide inspiration to make any outdoor space more practical, stylish and relaxing to be in.

8 Garden Gym Ideas to Build a Budget Outdoor Gym 1
8 Garden Gym Ideas to Build a Budget Outdoor Gym

Do you wish it was a little easier to get your fitness fix? These garden gym ideas will make exercising at home better than ever.

garden cinema ideas with popcorn and blankets
7 Garden Cinema Ideas to Host a Cinema Party at Home

A garden cinema night is a great way to socialise while staying socially distanced, and it’s much more convenient than going out.

about forty stone pots brimming with pink and indigo flowers
18 Container Gardening Ideas: Potted Planting Arrangements

Container gardens are fantastic for anyone that’s getting to grips with gardening, growing plants in a limited space or adding a pop of colour to paved areas.

a blue tit enjoying peanuts in a bird friendly garden
6 Bird Friendly Garden Ideas to Attract Our Cute Little Friends

Welcome wildlife to your garden with these bird friendly garden ideas, including bird feeders, bird boxes and bird baths.

a beautiful, symmetrical kitchen garden with box hedge borders
22 Foodscaping Ideas for a Stunning Edible Garden

Enjoy a garden that’s literally good enough to eat by growing a foodscape. These 22 foodscaping ideas will get you started.

a garden with lots of pots, some of which have little fairy houses and decorations in
16 Fairy Garden Ideas for a Whimsical Outdoors Wonderland

Amazing fairy garden ideas for creating your own fairy garden indoors or outdoors.

garden ideas for wildlife can encourage foxes
The Best Garden Ideas for Wildlife in the UK

We have an incredible range of common species across the UK, and encouraging insects, birds and animals into your garden is an easy way to learn more about them.

race with obstacles child jumping over hurdle
23 Garden Obstacle Course Ideas for Kids to Keep Them Busy

Building an obstacle course in your garden is ideal for letting your child burn off some extra energy where you can also keep an eye on them.

garden treehouse ideas with two levels
11 Awesome Garden Treehouse Ideas for You (and Your Kids)

When you’re a kid, there’s nothing more exciting than owning a treehouse. It’s your one true sanctuary to let imagination run wild with toys, books, games and friends.

a table under a pergola covered with party decor
Kids Garden Party Ideas, Tips and Checklist

These kids garden party ideas are really just the launch-point for creating a memorable, fun-filled day that you can enjoy as much as your little ones!

an outdoor sand pit and chalk board for children
17 DIY Kids Garden Play Area Ideas: Bring the Fun Outdoors

In the busy world we live in, gardens have never been a more valuable space for giving your little ones somewhere to safely play outside.

garden camping ideas with blankets and bunting
20 Fun & Adventurous Garden Camping Ideas For the Family

If your family is coming down with cabin fever, you can shake things up a bit with a spot of garden camping. With a bit of creativity and a dash of imagination, garden camping really can feel like a holiday, even if just for a weekend.

A garden bar with a sign saying the Furlough Arms
18 Garden Bar Ideas to DIY Outdoors & Bring The PUB To You!

A summer in lockdown has produced a slew of blog posts and photo feeds from people sharing their garden bar ideas and taking the initiative to make them a reality.

a metal-framed gazebo with luxurious canvas curtains
18 Garden Gazebo Ideas for an Outdoor Shelter from the Sun

Building a gazebo is one of the easiest ways to improve your garden, creating an attractive focal point and somewhere comfortable to hang out.

a grown-up playhouse for kids with a pastel pink door, picket fence and window box with flowers
22 Wendy House Ideas for Kids Garden Playhouse Design

Take a look at some of the most beautiful garden playhouse ideas, from simple-but-stylish sheds to elaborate multi-storey designs.

three novelty ceramic tiki mugs shaped like wood carvings are filled with exotic fruit drinks
13 Tiki Garden Ideas for a Tropical Themed Backyard Design

Although Tiki style is based on a fantasy, there are lots of real ways you can bring it into your garden design.

a black, iron fence with a silver Fleur-de-lis at the top of each bar
14 Garden Fence Ideas for Pretty and Practical Fencing

The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to garden fencing is believing that it’s only there to separate your garden from other gardens.

a very narrow garden with a gravel path and planters and trellises on either side
17 Long Garden Ideas to Design a Narrow Outdoor Area

Long, narrow gardens are a staple in British towns and suburbs. The thing is, the dimensions of a long garden can be quite tricky. Read our best tips and ideas for long gardens.

Italian style garden ideas with mossy paving stones, stone bench, water fountain and orange trees
15 Italian Style Garden Ideas for a Romantic Courtyard

Dramatic. Opulent. Romantic. Three of many reasons why you might be inspired by the stunning gardens of Italy, and why you could want to emulate their beauty in your own home.

round concrete stepping stones overlapping through circular shrubs and flower beds
18 Concrete Garden Ideas for Small & Big Yard Landscaping

Concrete is an incredibly versatile construction material that can bring all kinds of surprising style to your garden design.

a concrete patio with an outdoor rug and patio furniture
35 Rental Garden Ideas: Making a Temporary Space Feel Like Home

Even in a rented home, your garden can act as an extra room, giving you somewhere to relax with your family, play with your kids or pets, and get a bit of fresh air in private.

a black line drawing of flowers and leaves on a white garden wall
29 Unique Garden Mural Ideas for Outdoor Walls & Fences

If you love the idea of painting a mural in your garden but aren’t quite sure where to start, take a look at these amazing designs to inspire you.

a raised stone patio with furniture, in a gravel garden with several huge lavender shrubs
15 Grass Free Garden Ideas: Stunning Low Maintenance Yards

When you’ve got a busy life, a manicured lawn isn’t necessarily worth the effort. Take a look at these practical, imaginative and low-maintenance grass-free garden ideas.

garden heating ideas with a traditional chiminea on a patio
11 Outdoor Heating Ideas to Stay Toasty Outside

There is officially a chill in the air, so it feels like the right time to start talking specifically about garden heating ideas and all the ways to stay cosy outdoors.

a night-time cinema set up with deck chairs and string lighting
11 Romantic Garden Ideas to Share With the One You Love

Create an intimate atmosphere and share some love! These romantic garden ideas are perfect for any time of year – but especially valentine’s day!

A small, Japanese-inspired garden with decking, box shrubs, pebbles and lanterns
21 Japanese Garden Ideas: Plants and Features to Find Your Zen

Japanese garden ideas aim to emphasise the beauty of nature, even in small gardens, through careful landscaping choices and precise arrangements.

a small round fire pit in a stone topped coffee table
29 Garden Fire Pit Ideas for Cosy Evening Get-Togethers

At Garden Patch, we’re keen to be outside as much as possible, as I’m sure you are too! Getting your garden heating right is essential for relaxing in your garden over winter.

a close up of the edge of a living roof, showing a layer of retaining gravel
Modern Sustainability: Green Roof Ideas and Tips

Urban gardening is all about finding innovative ways to create green spaces when there’s barely room for a garden. My favourite examples of this? Green roofing and living walls.

the wall of a house with a wooden bench painted pink and a side gate painted in the same colour
14 Side Return Garden Ideas: Use the Narrow Side of House!

When outdoor space is minimal, you should be using every inch that you can! These side return garden ideas can transform even the narrowest walk-through area.