12 Circular Lawn Ideas for a Round Garden Design

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Garden landscaping, especially lawn shaping is big business. From the beautiful show gardens at Chelsea to the incredible designs on Instagram and Pinterest, we’re surrounded by images of immaculate-looking gardens with pristine lawns. Shaped lawns, particularly formal circular styles, are growing in popularity and they’re a great choice for smaller gardens or for revamping tired areas that need a little TLC.

Adding a circular lawn to your garden is a fantastic way to achieve a contemporary look. It can be a lower-maintenance option than a full-sized lawn and you can have lots of fun with the design process.

Whether you’re looking to remodel an awkwardly shaped new-build garden or landscape a large, established plot, take a look at our pick of the best circular lawn ideas and see how they could transform your outdoor space.

Circular lawn ideas

We’ve put together some of the most eye-catching circular lawn designs to help you re-imagine your garden layout and inspire you to create your own.

1. Small circular lawn

small circular lawn

Circular lawns are perfectly suited to small gardens. Image credit: @scottish_newbuild_garden

Gardens don’t have to be big to incorporate circular lawns, in fact, a smaller space is the perfect area in which to introduce a garden circle. This clever design makes a focal point of the round lawn. Surrounding borders of pretty, bright perennials create an eye-catching contrast and the gravelled path keeps the garden low-maintenance.

2. Terraced circular lawn

terraced circular lawn

Transform a sloping garden with terraced lawn circles. Image credit: @j_t_landscapes

Few of us are lucky enough to have completely flat gardens but if you think you’re stuck with a sloping lawn, it doesn’t have to stay that way. This designer has incorporated a series of terraced circular lawns into this garden, creating an attractive and practical space. 

3. Large circular lawn

large circular lawn

Circular lawns can help a space seem wider. Image credit: @unique_landscapes_ltd

This circular lawn with its simple, accompanying border planting scheme creates a formal look in this garden. Circular lawns can help a space to appear wider and you can get creative by shaping sections of adjoining lawns.

4. Perennial border circular lawn

perennial border circular lawn

Surround a circular lawn with beautiful perennials. Image credit: @inglish_home_and_garden

Many of the circular lawn designs in this article are edged with brick or paving stones. If you prefer a less formal look, try edging a circular lawn with a collection of attractive perennials instead. Here hostas, globe thistles and grasses have been used to great effect, softening the edge of the lawn and creating an alluring display.

5. Round lawn with patio

round lawn with patio

Break up a paved area by adding a shaped lawn. Image credit: @yorkshirefenceandflag

Circular lawns make a real style statement and can look fantastic when surrounded by paving slabs. Ideal for smaller gardens, or creating interest in a larger garden, installing a round lawn helps to break up what would otherwise be a fairly bland, paved area. The great thing about circular lawns is that they make a big impact whatever their size.

6. Front garden circular lawn

front garden circular lawn

Upstyle your front garden with a circular lawn. Image credit: @missimstergram

Front gardens are wonderful things to have, but they’re also notoriously difficult to get right, do you keep the grass? Pave the area? Grow vegetables? The answer to all your design dilemmas could be as simple as creating a circular lawn. Because round lawns work so well in small and unusually shaped spaces, it’s a great way to add character and style to the front of your home. The beautiful spring tulips and hyacinths in this lawn add a country feel.

7. Circular lawn and decked path

circular lawn and decked path

Surround a circular lawn with a decked path. Image credit: @olivetreegardendesign

This contemporary-looking circular lawn is edged with a curved deck path, continuing the circular theme throughout the garden. The beauty of a circular lawn is that you can be more creative with pathways and surrounding borders.

8. Edged circular lawn

edged circular lawn

Add a hedge around a circular lawn. Image credit @Abellandscapes

If you’re concerned about maintaining the edge of a circular lawn, it’s a good idea to add a surround. This can be created with cobbles, bricks, paving slabs or, in this case, plants. A row of neat box hedges encircling the lawn will make the lawn much easier to look after and you won’t need to worry about keeping the edges of the grass pristinely clipped.

9. Circular lawn with paved path

circular lawn with paved path

Use circles to transform a new garden. Image credit: @start2finishlandscaping

This designer hasn’t compromised much lawn space with this clever circular lawn design. The surrounding path defines the edges of the circle and a smaller, partial circle has been created to fill the remaining space. This is an excellent way to transform new build gardens which are usually small and often awkwardly shaped.

10. Raised circular lawn

raised circular lawn

Take your circular lawn to the next level with a raised design. Image credit: @nzlandscapedesigner

This clever lawn design has transformed a multi-level garden. A circle of grass has been placed inside a steel ring, creating a look that’s ultra-modern and incredibly stylish. Terracing a sloping garden is an effective way to make the most of the space and create functional, flat areas for sitting, dining and relaxing.

11. Circular lawn with large pavers

circular lawn with large pavers

Use pavers to break up a circular lawn. Image credit: @stephen.read_la

Here, a small circular lawn has been broken up by a pathway of oversized paving slabs. It creates an ultra-modern effect and makes a real statement in this small garden. 

12. Split-level circular lawn

split-level circular lawn

Unite different garden levels with matching lawns. Image credit: @tapestry_design_studios

A split-level garden can be the perfect location for a circular lawn. We love how this designer has included circular lawns on both levels and continued the theme with a paved circular dining area. When edged with brick and surrounded by paving, circular lawns look absolutely pristine and, with just a little maintenance, should remain that way.

Tips for circular lawn garden designs

If you’re inspired by the above designs and would like to create a circular lawn in your garden, here are some top tips to help you get the most from your space:

Plan it out

All great garden designs start with a plan, and it’s especially important if you’re planning to include a shaped lawn. Start by creating a scale plan of your garden and cut out various circle shapes so you can see what works best in the space you have. You could opt for one circle, adjoining circles or included circles of different sizes. 

Mix it up

Have some fun with your plan and don’t be afraid to include semi-circular and oval shapes too. Circles will work well with just about any other shape.

You could also create additional circles from different materials, for example paving, decking and gravel.

Look after your lawn

There’s no doubt that circular lawns are bold style statements. If you opt for a round lawn, you’ll need to ensure that you keep it looking its best. Find out how often you should weed and feed your lawn, and how to remove moss to keep it looking gorgeously green all year round.


Introducing a circular lawn to your garden is one of the most transformative things you can do to your outdoor space. Whether your garden is small or large, formal or informal and flat or sloping, there’s a circular lawn for every scenario.

Take care to plan your lawn design carefully, or enlist the help of an experienced garden designer to achieve the best results.

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