What to Do in the Garden in July: 10 Gardening Jobs to Do Now

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July is usually one of the hottest months of the year, but that’s no excuse to abandon your garden and greenhouse to the heat.

Gardening in July is a busy time; jobs include deadheading plants that can bloom again, mowing and fertilising your lawn, harvesting vegetables and fruit trees, and keeping an eye out for pests. There are also plenty of things to plant, from fast-growing lettuce and herbs to autumn, winter and spring veg. And, since it can be hot, it’s also crucial to keep flowers, trees and vegetables well-watered.

Read on to find out what to do in the garden in July and what to plant and sow this time of the year.

what to do in the garden in july

July is the time for beautiful blooms. Image credit: @the_little_end_cottage

Gardening in July: what you should be doing in the garden now

There’s no shortage of July gardening jobs you can do. From deadheading plants in the flower beds to keep them blooming and harvesting summer crops, to minding the small but important things like topping up bird baths and water features, here’s a list of the key things you should be doing in the garden in July:

1. Deadhead plants that can bloom again

Keep an eye on your flower beds, borders, pots and hanging baskets and remove withered flowers and spent blooms. Throughout this month, deadhead any plants that can bloom again to encourage the growth of new flowers.

deadhead plants

Image credit: @niff_barnes

2. Give your lawn a high cut

In July grass can lose moisture fast. You may notice this as the blades of grass lose colour and begin to droop. Regular mowing is still important, but allowing the grass to grow taller can help it shade the soil and retain moisture. It will also rob weeds of sunlight, making it harder for them to take over your lawn.

3. Keep your lawn and plants well-watered

Many gardens in the UK don’t get enough rainfall in July. Unless you water your garden regularly, it will struggle to stay healthy.

keep the lawn watered

Image credit: @loveheartsathome

4. Fertilise your lawn, plants and vegetables

You can continue to fertilise your lawn and most plants in July. Follow the instructions that come with the fertilisers you use. Don’t over-fertilise your lawn or plants to make up for the heat and dryness of summer.

5. Harvest mid-summer crops

Some July gardening jobs bring rewards faster than others. Your July garden can provide bountiful crops at this point in summer, from fragrant herbs to tasty veg and delicious fruits like cherries, peaches and apricots.

Tip: Picking cherries with stalks makes the fruits last longer after harvest, but can easily damage the spurs from which the fruits develop. For a rich crop next year, leave the stalks in the tree or pick the cherries carefully without damaging the spurs.

harvest mid-summer crops

Image credit: @akitafan_jp

6. Prune trees and bushes that need it

Pruning and trimming help to keep your trees and bushes healthy and looking at their best.

7. Deal with weeds

Weeds thrive in the summer heat so stay vigilant and remove them early on before they can become a problem.

8. Check for pests and remove them

Many pests won’t mind the heat of July. On the contrary, they can easily proliferate in and out of your greenhouse. You have to stay on your guard or you may run the risk of losing crops and plants.

check for pests

Encourage natural predators to do the hard work for you. Image credit: @rymannslandiv

9. Pinch out crop plants and trees that can benefit from it

Pinching out means removing new shoots from the stem or side branches of a plant. It’s a form of pruning that can help balance the foliage and crop production of a plant. It ensures that a bushy plant doesn’t put all its energy into growing greenery at the expense of crops.

10. Mind the small things in your garden

Last but not least, don’t forget about a few small but important jobs you can do in and around your garden at this time of the year.

dried blanket weed

Blanket weed can be dried and composted. Image credit: @peyrefic

What to plant in July

From fast-growing herbs and salad leaves to autumn, winter and spring crops like Brussels sprouts, winter cabbages and Swiss chard, there are plenty of things you can plant in July, both outdoors and in your greenhouse. Plants you can sow now include forget-me-nots, scented annuals like petunia and marigold, and winter and spring-flowering plants.

Let’s take a closer look at the many vegetables and flowers you can plant in July:

Vegetables to plant in July

You can plant more than salad leaves and herbs in your vegetable garden in July. Here’s a list of vegetables to plant in July including both fast and slow crops that you can enjoy next year.

keep container herbs close to the house

Keep container herbs close to the house for easy picking. Image credit:@wilderfolly

Flowers to plant in July

Flower seeds to plant in July include forget-me-nots, geraniums, echinacea, delphinium, pansies, foxgloves and sweet williams. Here are a few more ideas of flowers to plant in July in the UK to add colour and beauty to your garden:

The Wrap Up

As you can see, July can be a busy month for a gardener in the UK but that doesn’t mean you have to toil and sweat to keep things green and colourful in your garden.

Prioritise your gardening tasks according to the weather and tackle them systematically. You can fit most of them early in the morning or in the evening.

Don’t work in your garden during the midday heat. Watering, pruning, trimming or harvesting plants then isn’t healthy. And you also run the risk of heatstroke.

In the end, gardening in July can be a pleasure. Stay organised and don’t do more than you have to. That way, you can enjoy the process of caring for your garden even in the middle of a sweltering summer.

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