8 Flower Box Ideas to Spice Up Your Garden

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Flower boxes allow you to create some impressive flower arrangements, regardless of whether you live in a house with a massive garden or in a top floor flat. If you want to bring some low-maintenance colour into your life, consider the following flower box ideas.

Wall-mounted flower basket

wall mounted flower baskets

These stunning designs follow the same principle as hanging flower baskets. The coconut coir lining creates a neat look and can be broken at any point to allow flowers or other plants to grow from the side or even the bottom of your basket. To retain some moisture, you will need to line your planter with plastic or cotton material. Just make sure there are some drainage holes in the plastic.

Window sill flower box

window sill flower boxes

If you don’t want to mount your planter on a wall, you can also go for a planter that is simply placed on your window sill. These planters can be made from just about anything from plastic to concrete. You can also decorate and paint them as you please to suit the rest of your decor.

Wooden flower box

wooden flower boxes

These flower boxes work brilliantly if you want to place your flowers at ground level. Wooden boxes are also ideal if you want to create a larger flower box. They can be placed on your patio or balcony or even just below your windows.

If you like, you can place plastic containers inside the wooden box to keep the wood from getting wet. You can also line the box with plastic liners and plant the flowers directly into the wooden box. Just make sure there are drainage holes.

Recycled flower box

recycled flower box

Do you have some wooden crates or other containers lying around? Don’t throw them away just yet. These containers can come in very handy for creating DIY flower boxes. Simply use them as-is with a liner on the inside or get creative by painting or decorating the outside of the box. This way you can create some stunning flower boxes to use around your home.

Bamboo flower box stand

bamboo flower box stands

These flower box stands usually give you enough space to add a plastic container inside them. This way you can place the stand where ever you like without worrying about the soil falling out and making everything dirty. Plant your choice of flowers and other plants and watch your home come to life.

Repurposed wheelbarrow

repurposed wheelbarrow

If you have an old wheelbarrow lying around or even just some metal buckets, you can repurpose them and turn them into flower boxes. Just make sure to drill some holes in the bottom to avoid drowning the flowers you plan on planting in there. Fill the wheelbarrow with soil and plant the flowers of your choice. This type of planter is also easy to move around if required adding to the benefits. It is great for any outdoor area.

Colour coded planter Box

colour coded planter boxes

Black window box by Spencer Means

You can choose any colour planter box that suits your aesthetics. For instance, in the picture above, the black planter box goes well with the black shutters on the window. You can literally use anything you like. Your planter box doesn’t have to be a single colour either. You can choose from a large variety of flower boxes with intricate patterns.

Hidden-box planters

hidden-box planters

Charleston Window Boxes by Terence Faircloth

Hidden planter boxes are great if you want to create the illusion that your flowers are growing out of your window sill or wall. These planters are usually lined with coconut coir. This makes it easy to insert plants anywhere around the planter and allow them to grow and hang down covering your box. You can also use cascading/spiller plants that naturally leave the confines of the box to hang over the side to help you to cover the whole box.

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How to make a simple flower box?

The easiest way to make a flower box is to use an old plastic container or wooden crate. You can decorate the outside of the container by either painting it or covering it with other materials. Make sure to drill some holes in the bottom to allow water to drain and then fill it with potting soil of your choice. Once ready, you can plant your flowers and place your box where ever suits you.

What do you put in the bottom of a flower box?

It is best to fill the bottom of your box with something very porous like gravel, river pebbles or broken pieces of ceramic tiles. This will increase the drainage of your planter box keeping which in turn keeps your flowers healthy.

Are flower boxes bad for the house?

If not cared for or installed properly, a planter box can cause water damage to the wall. If you take care to install them well and regularly check for signs of water damage, this shouldn’t be a problem for you


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