Small Garden Ideas: 44 Practical Tips and Tricks

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Are you concerned about the size of your garden? Maybe you’ve always been worried that it’s on the small side, or perhaps you’ve recently caught an accidental glimpse over the fence and realised that your neighbour’s garden is comparatively MASSIVE.

Well, don’t fret – when it comes to gardens, it’s not the size that counts, it’s what you do with it. We’re here with a whole bunch of small garden ideas that will make you feel much better about the garden you’ve got, and a few ways of making it appear bigger than it really is (spoiler: it’s all in the pruning).

By the end of this article, you’ll know how to transform a tiny yard into a source of pride and joy, and it won’t be long until you’re flaunting it to all of your friends.

Layout tips for small gardens

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a fence-to-fence lawn is the best way of making your garden look bigger. In reality, it makes the brain focus on how your garden can only fit one thing in it (the grass). Start improving your small garden with these best-practice layout tips.

Creating the illusion of space in a small garden

A paintbrush and some visual savvy are all you need to work wonders for your space when you’re on a tight budget. Let’s look at optical tricks that fool the mind into thinking there’s more space than there is.

Plant ideas for small gardens

Whether you like a natural garden that needs very little maintenance, or would rather a bare landscape with no plants at all, at least make sure you’re following these tips.

Furniture ideas for a small garden

The design of your garden furniture will have a huge impact on your garden, which makes it especially important if you’ve only got a small space.

Small Garden Ideas: 44 Practical Tips and Tricks 1

Making the most of every inch of your garden

Not everyone is blessed with a perfect rectangular yard. Here are a few ways of using awkward spaces and side-returns to your benefit.

Bigger structures in small spaces

If you’re an active gardener, you probably won’t be able to completely live without a shed or greenhouse. So, here are your best options:

Small gardens and water features

Maintaining a pond or water feature isn’t on everyone’s to-do list, but they will help to break up the space, and add some interest to an otherwise minimal garden. When choosing a water feature for a small garden, keep these tips in mind:

My favourite (realistic) small garden ideas

I thought I’d round this post off with a few examples of tiny gardens that I’m completely enamoured with, and that demonstrate how to work everything we’ve looked at so far into a useable, beautiful space.

Hopefully a couple of these amazing small garden ideas have reassured you that even the tiniest outdoor space is deserving of some love, and can contend with even the largest of country estates. If you need any more suggestions, why not check out our post about balcony garden ideas

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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