12 Balcony Planter Box Ideas to Inspire You

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Do you want to turn your balcony into a planted haven? Even if you don’t have a garden, it doesn’t mean you can’t grow any plants at all. There are many ways to turn a balcony into a garden oasis. Here are a few balcony planter box ideas to get you started.

1. Picket fence planters

hedge planters

Picket fence planters make a smart addition to a balcony.

If you have any old picket fence material lying around, you can use it to build an attractive planter box for your balcony. It’s also possible to buy these boxes from garden centres or online. If you like them, there’s no reason not to get one.

These boxes are usually hung on a balcony railing with a special holder or placed directly on the floor. You can also place the planter on a table if you like. The placement is totally up to you. If it works, it works.

2. Hanging pots

hanging pots

Create your own balcony hanging pots.

Do you have some spare plant pots? These can be used in creative ways to make your balcony look magical. Pots can be placed on the ground, stacked or even hung creatively on the railings. You can either buy the accessories needed to hang them or make them yourself.

Plant the flowers of your choice and watch your balcony transform into a stunning space for relaxation.

3. Repurposed baskets

repurposed baskets

Fill hanging baskets with herbs for a fragrant addition to your outside space.

If you want to create hanging planters, you can buy some baskets and hang them from the ceiling. You can achieve this by linking a few metal hooks together or using a chain. Fill your baskets with a liner and potting soil and pop in the plants of your choice. These rustic planters look great filled with fragrant herbs.

4. Balcony planters

balcony planters

The more planters, the better! Get creative with a range of pots and plants.

If you have enough planters and planter holders, you can fill the whole railing of your balcony with plants. For the best results, use a variety of cascading plants and plants that grow upright. This should create a stunning effect while hiding parts of the planters.

You can also place some of the planters directly on the balcony floor or hang them at a different height to the rest of the planters.

5. Hanging planters

hanging planters

Hanging planters look beautiful and you can even grow your own plants from seeds.

If you don’t have the space for standing planters, and your balcony railing just won’t do, you can always consider hanging planters. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as different materials. You can choose between baskets made from coconut coir or plastic containers in a variety of different colours. Plant some seeds and watch the seedlings grow into fully grown plants.

6. Planter buckets

planter buckets

Upcycle an old bucket into an effective planter.

Bucket planters are simply old metal buckets that have been repurposed into planters. You can attach a piece of metal to the rim that functions as a hook. They can then be hung on the railing of your balcony. Just make sure to drill some drainage holes to stop your plants from drowning if it rains.

7. Repurposed pallets

repurposed pallets

An old pallet makes a quirky display stand for outdoor plants.

If you have access to wooden pallets, you can create a great looking stand for your balcony planters. Just make sure to treat the wood to make sure it can resist water damage. It is definitely one of the cheapest ways to create a stand for your planters. Paint the pallet the colour of your choice, add your planters and it will look great in no time. You can even train some climbing plants to grow on it.

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8. Wall planters

wall planters

Place heavy planters on top of walls.

If your balcony has a wall instead of a railing, you can still place some planters on it. Simply get large heavy planters that can withstand the wind on your balcony without being blown away. Place them on your balcony wall and fill them with the plants of your choice. If they are big enough, you can even grow some vegetables in them.

9. Plastic planters

plastic planters

Plastic planters can withstand the elements and are a great choice for a balcony.

If you want your planters to last a long time, plastic planters are the way to go. They are durable and can withstand environmental damage for long periods of time, unlike wood and metal that will eventually rot and rust away. Plastic planters also don’t need any special liners since the plastic is durable enough to withstand water damage.

10. Solid wood planters

solid wood planters

Solid wood garden planter box by DeepStream Designs

Solid wood planters are best suited to large balconies since they need to stand on the floor. They look quite elegant and if treated and cared for correctly, will look stunning for a long time. These planter boxes come in many sizes and can be stacked in some cases. If you’re considering one, make sure to look at all the different designs to find the one you like most.

11. Hanging boxes

hanging boxes

Try using crates to display your plants on a wall.

If you have a few wooden boxes lying around, you can place them on the wall to hold plants for you. Wooden crates come in many sizes so you can even choose how many plants they should hold for you. If you no longer want any plants in there, you can use them to hold candles, books or other ornaments. Just make sure the wood is treated to prevent water damage and use a tray for your plant pots if you can.

12. Matching sets

matching sets

Go for a coordinated look with matching pots and plants.

If you’re a lover of matching sets, then this idea is for you. It is possible to set up your balcony decorations and planters in such a way that they all match. This creates a stunning effect that is quite pleasant to look at. All you need to do is find matching pots along with some other designs like hanging basket planters to match the pots you just bought. A good example of this strategy is shown in the picture above.

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Do planter boxes need drainage?

Definitely. Proper drainage is essential to keep plants alive in your planter box. Without drainage, the soil will become saturated and drown your plants.

Is it cheaper to build your own balcony planter box?

In some cases. It depends on the cost of the wood you’ll be using. If you choose cheap wood like cedar, it can work out much cheaper just to build your own planters instead of buying them from a garden centre.

What do you line planter boxes with?

Line your planter boxes with plastic sheeting. This will prevent water from coming into direct contact with the wood and stop it from rotting. Lining your wooden planter box will drastically improve its life expectancy, just make sure to poke a few holes in the plastic to allow water to drain freely.


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