15 Indoor Pebble Garden Under Stairs Ideas: Mini Zen Areas

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Pebbles under the stairs? Why not? An indoor pebble garden can transform the often dull place under a staircase and it doesn’t call for much maintenance either.

Novel as it may sound, an understairs pebble garden isn’t hard to set up. A bit of planning will help and you can get creative without spending a fortune.

To help you get started, let’s explore some of the best under the stairs pebble garden ideas around.

1. Indoor pebble garden with large pots

You can think of the pebbles under the staircase as a canvas on which you can arrange plants. Large pots can add interest, especially if you vary their shapes and put the right plants in them.

In this example, the undulating white stone border complements the look of the pebbles and ties in with the spiralling staircase.

Tip: Low-growing plants often work best for the space under the stairs, which tends to be low and lack natural light. You could also use grow lights or opt for tasteful dried or artificial plants.

indoor pebble garden with large pots

Image: Pinterest

2. Winding white pebble garden

If you’ve got plenty of space under your staircase, you could mix and match pebbles with river stones and other rocks to create a Zen-style indoor landscape. Make the small white pebbles the focal point by placing them at the centre in a winding arrangement.

A few plants here and there can complement the scene. But remember that this one isn’t so much about the plants as the calculated simplicity.

Tip: Place larger rocks at the edges as you would in an outdoor garden to create a border.

winding white pebble garden

Image: Pinterest

3. Bonsai and white pebble indoor garden

These small pebbles have been layered thickly enough to cover the pots in which the bonsai plants rest.  The simple white border keeps the pebbles in and integrates the entire arrangement with the design of the staircase.

Tip: White pebbles can make a space appear bigger. They also create a striking contrast against green plants.

bonsai & large white pebbles indoor garden

Image: Pinterest

4. Cacti under the staircase

Although not the only plants in the below image, cacti play a leading role in this arrangement. They complement the rough look of the pebbles and add texture and variety.  Cacti are also extremely low-maintenance.

Designing your indoor pebble garden below the level of the floor when possible can lead to striking results. You’ll be able to hide plant containers and create a seamless transition from the floor to the pebbles without the need for borders.

Tip: Sometimes it’s easier to design a pebble garden if you start with the plants. Draw their position on paper before figuring out the other details.

cacti under the staircase

Image: Pinterest

5. White orchids and pebbles under the staircase

White orchids and white pebbles can help you reinvent the awkward space under the staircase.

Depending on how much space you have available, you can also add extra green plants to balance the arrangement. For this setup, you’ll need a nearby light source for the plants.

Tip: If you’re adding pots under the staircase, cover the earth in them with a thin layer of pebbles so they blend in better with the scene. Make sure it allows you to water the plants as needed.

white orchids & pebbles under the staircase

Image: Pinterest

6. Contrasting bamboo indoor pebble garden

White and brown pebbles, low-lying plants and tall bamboo shoots—this example uses harmonious contrasts to create a simple and balanced indoor garden.

Bamboo plants can add a striking touch without the demands of more exotic plants. If you have the space for them, they’ll look great under your staircase.

Tip: You can also add a few stones to your under the stairs garden to add weight to a corner or part of the design that needs it.

contrasting bamboo indoor pebble garden

Image: Pinterest

7. Zen pebble garden with Buddha statue

Grey or dark-coloured pebbles look elegant beneath white walls. They also go together well with wooden flooring and leafy green plants.

The Buddha statue complements the scene and brings an air of serenity. Unlike other arrangements which aim to be beautiful or striking, this one helps bring relaxation.

Tip: Add some bamboo canes in the background of your indoor pebble garden, resting them against a wall. They can fill up space and add an Eastern feel to your garden.

zen pebble garden with buddha statue

Image: Pinterest

8. Enchanted pebble garden

Here’s another take on the indoor pebble garden that uses lots of foliage in the background, stones in the middle, and coloured pebbles in the foreground. Lights add a magical feel to this garden.

You can also turn this kind of arrangement into a fairy garden by adding figurines and other fairy-themed decorative elements.

Tip: Coloured pebbles can look more interesting than simple white ones. If you already have plenty of white in your house, give pebbles in different shades a try.

enchanted pebble garden

Image: Pinterest

9. Japanese rock pool garden under the stairs

A trickle of water under your staircase? Not a broken pipe, but a soothing rock pool. Drawing inspiration from Japanese style gardens, this under the steps garden is a peaceful oasis you can enjoy not only with your eyes but also with your ears.

This setup requires a bit more work than the average indoor pebble garden since you need both a water pump and a drain for it, but the result is nothing short of wonderful.

Tip: A small, well-positioned light source can add a nice touch to your garden under the steps.

japanese rock pool garden under the stairs

Image: Pinterest

10. Decking and bamboo pebble garden

You can add some decking to your under the steps pebble garden to provide texture and contrast. On it, you can place pots and other plant containers.

You can also use bamboo canes to fill up a white wall without a big expense. Often, it’s not the materials themselves that make a difference, but how you arrange them.

Tip: Contrasting edging can help define the boundary of your indoor garden and keep the pebbles in place.

decking and bamboo pebble garden

Image: Pinterest

11. Sophisticated under the steps pebble garden

Why keep your pebble garden simple when you can willfully complicate it with striking results? You can play around with stones, plants, decorative objects, textures, lights, and more.

Like in this example, a lot can be happening in your indoor garden. Each corner can hold something interesting for the eye to linger on.

Tip: Think of pebbles as the first layer of your pebble garden, on which you can build more layers using different materials.

sophisticated under the steps pebble garden

Image: Pinterest

12. Palm tree pebble garden

If you’ve got the space and the light, you can go big and put a palm tree or another tall decorative plant under your staircase. With coloured pebbles and smaller decorative plants thrown in, of course.

In this example, the under stairs space adjoins the entrance, and so the stone steps before the door are a natural choice.

Tip: Large, irregular stones can add a nice touch to a pebble garden and anchor the attention to the plants or objects they surround.

palm tree pebble garden

Image: Pinterest

13. Leafy pebble garden sanctuary

Lay down the pebbles, fill the space under the steps with lush greenery, add some decorative elements, and don’t forget about a relaxing chair.

You can create a verdant corner you’ll love returning to. White and green predominate in this example, but you can try other colours too.

Tip: Place decorative elements on a rug or another surface rather than directly on the pebbles for more texture and better stability.

leafy pebble garden sanctuary

Image: Pinterest

14. Mini indoor pebble garden

You don’t need a huge amount of space under your stairs to create a pebble garden. With only a little over one square metre of space, you can create a pebble garden that adds a special feel to the whole living space.

Short plants often work best in a mini garden. You can also use succulents in this type of arrangement.

Tip: If the place under your steps is open and airy on at least two sides, you can take advantage of the natural light to use more colourful flowers.

mini indoor pebble garden

Image: Pinterest

15. Minimalist indoor pebble garden

With just two sacks of pebbles, two potted plants and a nearby window, you can create a simple pebble garden under your staircase.

Choose tall pots to make watering easier, and you’ll have a hassle-free decorative garden inside your house to enjoy all year round.

Tip: Arranging two different coloured pebbles in an irregular pattern can make an indoor pebble garden more interesting.

two pots under the stairs minimalist indoor garden

Image: Pinterest

Make the place under the stairs count

Whether you opt for a sophisticated pebble garden or a minimalist one, creating a garden under your stairs can be a fun DIY project. You’ll be able to enjoy the end result every time you go up or down the stairs.

With a bit of planning and some creativity, you can create a wonderful little corner. So go ahead and have fun with it.

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