8 Best Herb Planter Boxes to Buy

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From basil to parsley and chives to oregano, having a box filled with sweetly scented herbs not only looks fabulous but is practical too.

If you fancy planting up a herb box for your kitchen windowsill or creating an outdoor herb planter garden, here’s a list of the best planter boxes you can buy if you don’t fancy making your own.

Types of herb planter box

Windowsill planter boxes

As herbs love the sunlight, indoor herb planters are usually designed to be placed on a windowsill. You can buy a wide range of styles and sizes and choose from wooden, metal, ceramic or plastic designs. Some are designed to hold potted herbs while you can plant herbs directly into others.

Outdoor planter boxes

There’s more choice when it comes to outdoor herb planters as size isn’t so much of an issue. From rustic crates and planters made from sleepers to modern metal troughs and sleek concrete designs, the only limit is your imagination and the available space you have.

Smart planter boxes

For the ultimate in easy-gardening, and if, like me, you’re forgetful when it comes to watering your indoor plants, smart planter boxes automatically water and light your plants, some guaranteeing perfect results.

8 of the best herb planter boxes

1. Smart Indoor Herb Planter Box, Click and Grow

smart indoor herb planter box

Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 £90.45 Click and Grow

If you like to cook and having an abundance of fresh herbs is essential to you, then you’ll probably love this clever Click and Grow Smart Garden. It comes with a choice of 60 plants as well as built-in LED growth lights as well as a timer, self-watering tank and a handy water level indicator. It’s also compact at just 30cm long, so won’t take up too much space on your windowsill or worktop.

2. Vigoroot Planter Pot, Agriframes

vigoroot herb planter

Vigoroot Herb Planter, Agriframes

This isn’t your average planter. Made from unique Vigoroot fabric, these pots are designed to encourage your plants to root more strongly than they usually would, therefore absorbing more nutrients. The fabric ‘air prunes’ the plants’ roots, changing their formation and enabling the plant to survive in less soil.

These innovative planters enable you to grow larger plants in a smaller space, perfect for indoors or out and there’s a variety of sizes to choose from. When not in use, just fold and store!

3. Cloche Herb Planter Box, Garden Products

This clever mini-greenhouse is ideal for growing herbs on a patio. The cloche is glazed with toughened safety glass so it can withstand whatever the great British weather cares to throw at it. As the cloche provides warmth and shelter, it should be possible to grow herbs and salad throughout the year.

cloche herb planter box

Herb and Salad Cloche Planter £209 Garden Products

4. Wooden Planter Crate, Etsy

wooden planter crate

Wooden Planter Crate, Etsy

This rustic, wooden fruit-crate planter can be personalised and makes a great gift or addition to your garden. The planters can be lined with a waterproof membrane and used indoors or out. As they’re compact, they make great herb planters and are a fun way to introduce children to container gardening.

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5. Alessia Metal Balcony Planter Set, Wayfair

alessia metal balcony planter

Alessia Metal Balcony Planter, Wayfair

This set of two zinc alloy balcony planters can be hung on a fence, wall or balcony and will provide a perfect spot for sun-loving herbs. These planters won’t rust and have a natural grey finish. We think they make a great starting point for a kitchen herb garden.

Check the current price on Wayfair.

6. Vertical Herb Garden Ladder Planter, Etsy

vertical herb garden ladder planter

Vertical Herb Garden Ladder Planter, Etsy

If space is limited, or you just like the look of rustic, ladder-style planters, this versatile planter box from SDR Carpentry may be for you. Perfect for patios, balconies or standing against a sunny wall or outbuilding, this ladder planter will hold plenty of herbs. It’s made from locally sourced, sustainable Scottish larch so will withstand all weather conditions and look great for years to come.

7. Self-Watering Herb Box, A Place for Everything


self-watering herb box

Self-watering Herb Box £28.50 A Place for Everything

Perfect if you’re a little forgetful when it comes to watering your plants, this clever self-watering herb box contains a felt mat that retains water so the herbs can absorb water when needed. It’s made from recycled plastic and bamboo and will fit in with any decor.

8. Raised Bed Herb Planter, Original Organics

raised bed herb planter

Raised Bed Herb Planter, Original Organics

This attractive raised wooden planter is perfect for smaller spaces. Made from FSC-certified cedar, the trough is big enough to hold plenty of herbs and you can store pots, compost and tools on the shelf below.

Check the current price on Original Organics.

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