8 Effortless Herb Planter Box Ideas

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Are you thinking of starting your own planted herb garden box? There are many different ways to do this, so if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and need some herb planter box ideas, then this article is for you.

Let’s get your imagination flowing and your herbs growing!

herb planter box ideas

You’ll always have a ready supply of fresh herbs with your own herb box. Credit: Shutterstock

Herb boxes are usually kept indoors, so check out our indoor herb planting guide for even more tips and ideas.

1. Herb boxes

herb planter box

Plant boxes of your favourite herbs and use them to season dishes.

Having a box filled with delicious, edible herbs in your kitchen is every chef and home cook’s dream. If you have a well-lit kitchen with a sunny window, you can easily grow herbs on your worktop or window sill.

If you don’t have that luxury, you can install some grow lights to help you out. These herbs can be harvested fresh while you’re cooking adding delicious flavours to your food.

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2. Potted herbs

8 Effortless Herb Planter Box Ideas 1

Place herbs in labelled pots for easy identification.  Image credit: @salmarsgarden

Herbs are easy growers and can be put in any container of your choice. You can place them around your house to liven up the rooms they are in and in many cases, add delicious scents.

You can easily harvest fresh herbs whenever you’re cooking or you can dry the herbs to burn as incense in some cases. If you like, you can also create potpourri from your dried herbs.

3. Window planters

window planters

If you have a nice sunny window somewhere in your home, you can easily turn it into a garden with a herb planter box.

These boxes can simply be placed on the windowsill or you can go a step further and mount it on the wall just outside the window.  This way you can use it for herbs and even plant some edible flowers like nasturtium, violas and pansies. The best part, it looks great both from inside and outside the house.

4. Planted herb shelves

planted herb shelves

Maximise the space you have by adding herb shelves.

If you have any old bookshelves standing around gathering dust, why not turn them into a lush herb garden? You can place rows of planters on every shelf to cover the wall and bookcase.

It will look stunning and add a fresh aroma to your home. When you need some herbs for your cooking, you can simply harvest some from your growing bookcase. The best part, you don’t need a garden to achieve great results.

5. Kitchen worktop herbs

kitchen counter herbs

Herbs will grow happily in a sunny kitchen window.

Herbs grow like weeds and will take readily to almost any container. If you have any old bowls or cups lying around, you can start to grow herbs in them.

Simply place your chosen containers near a sunny window and watch your new collection of herbs grow. If you like the idea of growing your own food, check out our foodscaping ideas for an edible garden.

6. Hanging herb shelves

8 Effortless Herb Planter Box Ideas 2

Place pots of herbs on shelves for an easy, space-saving solution. Image credit: @nadegehoneydesign

If you don’t have space for any bookcases or tables, consider wall-mounted or hanging shelves. These won’t take up any floor space in your home and as a bonus, you get a beautifully decorated wall.

You can even place books or ornaments in-between your herbs if you like. It’s a great place to store all those cookbooks.  Once your herbs are ready to harvest, simply pick some from your shelf and grab a cookbook at the same time.

7. Bags of herbs

bags of herbs

Try upcycling old baskets into handy herb planters.

If you have some extra grocery bags or baskets lying around, you can easily turn them into herb growers. Simply add some kind of container into the bag and plant your herbs into it.

Soon you will notice your herbs growing out of the top of your chosen bag. Place them in the sun outside or on the worktop near a sunny window. As you need your herbs, you can simply pick up the bag and carry it to the kitchen for use or harvest where it stands.

8. Hanging herb baskets

herbs in hanging baskets

Hanging baskets are an inexpensive and effective way to grow herbs.

Hanging baskets are always a great choice for growing herbs. They don’t take up any floor space and look great wherever you hang them. Just make sure your herbs will get some sunlight for the best results.

These baskets are also easy to get hold of and quite cheap to prepare. And if you change your mind about herbs, you can always grow annuals in your hanging baskets.


How deep should a herb planter box be?

The ideal depth for growing herbs is between 15 – 20cm (6 to 8 inches) deep. You can easily find a pot of this size in any nursery or some of the larger supermarkets.

Why are there rocks at the bottom of a planter?

Adding flat rocks or gravel to the bottom of your planter will improve drainage. This in turn will improve plant health. If you plan to keep your herbs growing in their containers for a long time, make sure to add something for drainage at the bottom of the planter.

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Is it better to grow herbs in pots or in the ground?

Some herbs like mint and oregano can become quite invasive. It is best to grow these herbs in pots instead of in your garden. All herbs do really well in pots so if you can, keep them in your kitchen. If you don’t have space, you can grow them in your garden, but make sure to keep them from spreading like wildfire.


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