11 Planter Box Planting Ideas

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Are you thinking of getting a planter box for your home or garden? There’s so much you can do with one that you might feel a bit overwhelmed.

To help you out, take a look at some of our planter box planting ideas below. There are a multitude of plants and planter boxes to try so let your imagination run wild!

1. Contrasting planters

contrasting planters

November window planter box by Spencer Means

If you like colours that stand out, then this contrasting combination might be the perfect fit for your planter box. A mix of maroon, green, purplish-blue and pink in a black window box causes the colours to pop and draws the eye.

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Some of these colours don’t usually work together, but in this case, they complement each other fantastically. The different plants create both height and an attractive cascading effect.

2. On repeat

on repeat colours

Repeat colours for instant impact. Credit: Hippopx

The best way to get your planter to look fantastic is to repeat the colours. Make a point to find a central plant that creates height and acts as a barrier between the two sides of your box. Next to the central plant, repeat the colours you picked for your box.

In this case, the grass is the central plant with red and yellow repeated on either side of it. Keep in mind that you can be creative. Both sides don’t have to look exactly the same. Including some cascading plants creates a nice finish and draws the eye away from the symmetry.

3. Edible planters

edible planters

Herb planters look good and taste even better. Credit: PublicDomainPictures.net

Just because you want your planter to look great doesn’t mean it can’t be useful too. There are quite a few herbs and edible flowers that look stunning together in a planter box. Find a combination of light and dark greens with some red clover or something similar mixed in to create a stunning edible masterpiece.

As your herbs ripen you can harvest them. Harvesting won’t impact the attractiveness of your planter box, in fact, it will add to it. Harvesting helps to keep the herbs in line so that one doesn’t take over the whole space. Creative harvesting will even add to the impact your planter will have on the senses.

4. Keep it simple

keep it simple planter

Sometimes less is best. Credit: Pxhere

Sometimes going for the more simple option can look more attractive than trying to do some extravagant designs that fall apart in the end. If you don’t have a lot of time to maintain your planters, taking the simple route will be a very smart choice.

Plant some easy to maintain flowers and water them as necessary. They will look wonderful if cared for properly, even if they’re all the same. It can be quite tricky to find plants that require the same care. If you plant the wrong combination, you’ll more than likely end up with quite a mess besides, nothing stops you from trying something a little more complicated next season.

5. Match the container

match the container planter

Coordinate your planter and flowers for a stylish display. Credit: Pxhere

Sometimes the best thing you can do is match your flowers with your planter. This creates an eye-catching, balanced display. The green foliage will contrast beautifully with your chosen colours.

6. Planters that wow

planters that wow

Add a pop of colour with bright blooms. Credit: Pxfuel

If you want to add a quick burst of colour to your home, choose a planter box that suits your taste and add a colourful flower of your choice. If you want to make it more interesting, try adding several colours.

7. Brighten it up

brighten it up

Window box perfection by Rachel Kramer

Bright colours can really add to your home. If you have white or grey walls they will stand out even more. If you want them to look stunning instead of overwhelming, try repeating a few colours.

Bright colours like pink, lime green, yellow and purple go very well together. To make the effect less shocking and to round it off you can add dark blue, purple or green.

8. Blend it

blend it

Window with orange-red shutters and window box by Spencer Means

Keeping the colour scheme the same sometimes can work in your favour. The plants in your planter will stand out more. Add some height with a grass or similar plant while complementing your curtains or shutters with flowers of the same colours. It will appear as if you’ve painted them in place.

9. Go green

go green

Window box and black shutters by Spencer Means

Green and white is an amazing mix that will breathe some fresh air into your planter. The contrast of the white with different shades of green will create a feeling of tranquillity. Mix it up by adding plants with different heights to create an eye-catching display.

Cascading plants will hide some of your planter box, adding to the overall impact. If done right, it will feel like looking at a planted patch near a river or waterfall depending on your plant selection of course.

10. Think low maintenance

think low maintenence

Sweet succulent planter by FarOutFlora

If you want a super low maintenance planter, consider growing some succulents in it. Succulents come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes and it’s quite easy to match those with similar care guidelines.

You can create quite a show-stopping display with large and small succulents. If you want, you can even add a cascading variety or two. Go for colours that complement each other to finish off your design.

11. Complementary opposites

complimentary opposites

Black window box with black shutters by Spencer Means

You can create a striking effect by matching your planter to the surrounding decor. Once you select your plants, create contrast by choosing the opposite colour from your planter. For example, if you have a black planter go for bright greens, yellows and white as displayed in the picture above.

You can also use other colours but make sure the planter is always the darker colour and your flowers the contrasting lighter colour.

Final thoughts

Now that you have some ideas in your head, go out and explore your closest nursery. You’ll discover amazing plants and a great planter that will bring you endless joy. Happy gardening!

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