10 Deck Planter Box Ideas to Liven up Your Dull Decking

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Are you thinking of decorating your decking with a few planters? There are so many options that you might get a bit overwhelmed. In this article, we’ll look at some deck planter box ideas to spruce up your outdoor space.

Deck Planter Box Ideas

Let’s take a look at what we can find.

1. Permanent deck planter box

permanenet planters

Image credit: Piqsels

Permanent planters are great for large decked areas but remember once they’re built, there’s no moving them.  These structures can be designed to complement your deck and you can plant flowers and other foliage to match the rest of your decor.

In the long run, permanent planters will work best. You won’t need to worry about staining on your deck or about where the water goes when your planters drain. If designed correctly, the water should just drain away into your garden.

2. Recycled can planters

recycled planters

Give your tins a new life. Image credit: Pxfuel

If you love your environment, you’ll like this idea a lot. These planters are made from recycled tin cans. If you have a few of these bad boys lying around your garage or home, why not turn them into great-looking planters?

This is also a fun project to do with kids. They can use the tins as a canvas before you put their creations up on the wall.

3. Planter stands

planter stands

Free up floor space without damaging the walls. Image credit: Pxfuel

Planter stands are great for creating a green wall of plants without damaging the wall. You can simply fill a few planters with the greens of your choice and place them on the stand.

These stands are also great floor space-savers. If you have a lot of plants, finding space for them can become a challenge. Fortunately, a planter stand solves this problem while introducing you to the world of vertical gardening.

4. Wall planter boxes

wall planter boxes

Go bold with wall boxes. Image credit: Pxfuel

If you want to do something a little different, then this idea is definitely for you. You will need to attach a few wooden boxes to the wall, making sure they’re quite secure since plants can be heavy. Choose your plants, pot them and add them to the boxes to create a striking effect.

5. Recycled decking hanging planters

recycled hanging planters

Spice up deck railings with brightly coloured pots. Image credit: Pxfuel

If you have any empty metal buckets lying around, you can easily create these planters. Simply attach a metal hanger that’s strong enough to support the filled bucket.

Paint the buckets any colour you like and hang them on the deck railings. They will add colour and can even complement your decor if painted colours that match.

More on this: 5 Simple Hanging Planter Box Ideas

6. Car tyre planters

car tyre planters

There’s actually a lot you can do in the garden with old tyres. Image credit: Piqsels

Everyone needs to change their car’s tyres every once in a while. Fortunately, there are many ways you can reuse the old tyres to decorate your garden, deck and patio.

You can place the tyres on the wall and place plants inside the rim, simply put them on the ground and fill with soil or create intricate designs like the picture above. For this to work, all you need is some imagination (and of course old tyres).

7. Planters for open decks

planters for open decks

Ceramic or concrete planters are ideal for open decks. Image credit: Piqsels

If you have a deck that’s exposed to the elements, you want planters that can handle the strain. It’s usually best to get large ceramic planters or even those made from concrete. The heavier they are the better.

These planters will need to withstand strong wind and rain. For this reason, you don’t want anything small and light or made from wood. Small planters will easily be tipped over and break while wooden planters will eventually start to rot due to the sun and rain exposure.

Fortunately, ceramic and concrete planters come in many shapes and sizes so you can choose the best planters for your deck.

8. Deck planters made from pallets

planters made from pallets

Pallets are incredibly versatile. Image credit: Pxfuel

Pallets are excellent for a wide range of garden projects, as well as planter holders. They can also become planters if you’re willing to do a little building (check out our pallet planter guide). No matter what you’re up for, you can use pallets against the wall on your deck to grow a variety of plants.

Simply paint the planter the colour of your choice, add a plank or two where required and insert your planters.

9. Railing planters

pine wood over railing planter box

Railing planters provide a simple way to embellish a deck. Image: Pinterest

Railing planters are great for decks with limited space. They also act as excellent decorations. Simply attach one to your railing, add some plants and there you go.  Railing planters come in a wide variety of designs so you can choose one that appeals to you.

10. Decking hanging baskets

hanging baskets filled with flowering annuals

Go for hanging baskets to create that cozy vibe on your deck. Credit: Shutterstock

Last but not least is the hanging basket. These planters are great for decks with little or no space for standing planters. You can hang them at the edge of the roof or even on metal stands inserted in the ground next to your deck. No matter what you decide to do with the basket, they are guaranteed to look great.

There are so many decorative planter box ideas for decks!


Now that you have a few ideas of how to integrate planters with your decking, you can finally go shopping. Hunt down the planter of your choice and bring it home. Just remember to make sure the planter is heavy and durable enough to withstand the weather conditions it will be exposed to.

Happy garden planning!

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