23 Fence Planter Box Ideas to Decorate Railing & Fences

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That tricky space near your fence doesn’t have to go to waste. You can create fence planter boxes and turn it into an eye-catching feature of your garden.

Our selection of fence planter box ideas will help you transform your fence into something you’ll love seeing every day. But first, here’s why fence planter boxes can be such a great idea:

Benefits of fence planter boxes

Convinced? Now let’s get practical with some actual fence planter box ideas…

Fence planter box ideas to inspire you

Looking to cover a small part of your fence or line a whole fence with planter boxes? Either way, we’ve got you covered. Start from our selection of fence planter box ideas and use your creativity to make them your own.

1. Long raised bed fence planters

At their simplest, fence planter boxes are raised beds that sit right under the fence. They enable you to use otherwise dead space to grow flowers or vegetables and you can fill them with just the right type of soil for the plants you want to grow in them. You can build them out of wood and make them as long and as tall as you need them to be.

Long Raised Beds Fence Planters

Image credit: hammersandhighheels

2. Vertical fence picket planter boxes

Fence pickets are readily available and inexpensive. You can use them to integrate planter boxes into your fence in a way that complements it. Arrange them like the image below or adapt their placement to your taste.

Vertical Fence Picket Planter Boxes

Image credit: Pinterest

3. Hanging flower shadow boxes

Flower shadow boxes provide chic support for flowerpots and don’t cost much. You can easily make one from four pieces of wood. Paint them any colour you want and hang them with weatherproof rope along the top of the fence.

Hanging Flower Shadow Boxes

Image credit: thewholecook

4. Iron rail planter boxes

Iron planters are typically made for railings and balconies but nothing stops you from adding them to your fence. You can buy them ready-made and attach them to the fence with the provided screws and clamps. Iron looks great and can last a lifetime but you can also choose plastic rail planters to cut costs.

Iron Rail Planter Boxes

Image credit: Amazon

5. Rain gutter fence planters

Don’t throw old rain gutters away. You can repurpose them into shallow fence planter boxes. Attach them to the fence with metal clamps that you can find in any DIY store. You can install them in long, horizontal lines or cut them and play around with their arrangement. Your call!

Also, check out our guide to building gutter planter boxes with ideas.

Tip: Aluminium rain gutters will last a long time, they’re lightweight too.

Rain Gutters Fence Planters

Image credit: instructables

6. Hanging rain boot planters

Got some old wellies to spare? Maybe your kids have outgrown them, or they leak. Either way, you can repurpose them into DIY fence planter boxes. Drill drainage holes in the soles, fix them to the wall, fill them with soil, and you’re done.

Hanging Rain Boots Planters

Image credit: rosinahuber

7. Colourful hanging flowerpots for fences

If you don’t feel like drilling holes into your fence, don’t worry. You can use colourful hanging flowerpots as fence planter boxes. These offer more limited planting space, it’s true. But they provide you with a fast and effortless way to brighten up your fence. They’re great for flowers and herbs.

Colourful Hanging Flowerpots for Fences

Image credit: etsy

8. Fence shelf planter boxes

Shelves are another simple way to enhance your fence with planter boxes. Fix the shelves to the fence and add small and medium-sized planter boxes. Shelves built from planks of wood can provide enough support for several planter boxes.

9. Pallet fence planters

Got some spare pallets in your garage from other garden pallet projects? Turn them into a multi-tiered fence planter. You can use them as they are or paint them to make them look better and last longer. Pallet planters look great against a brick fence but you can attach them to any type of fence. Depending on the height of your fence, you may have to cut the pallets to size.

Pallet Fence Planters

Image credit: Pinterest

10. Metal drawer DIY hanging fence boxes

Metal drawers, card index boxes, or any similar boxes make great fence planters. Get your hands on a few, clean them up, and give them a fresh coat of paint. Once the paint has dried, attach them to the wall using clamps. They’ll last a long time.

Metal Drawers DIY Hanging Fence Boxes

Image credit: thediyvillage

11. Metal box fence planters

Talking of rusty boxes, you can also use old metal boxes as hanging planters on your fence. Give them a coat of paint or hang them as they are for a weathered look. If you can get hold of an old mail or toolbox, it’s a fun upcycling project.

Mailbox Fence Planters

Image credit: Pinterest

12. Cedar ladder fence planter boxes

If you only need to cover a part of the fence, this tiered cedar ladder planter is an inspired idea. It’s great for growing flowers and herbs and has a pleasant rustic feel to it. But make sure to build it from cedar or another resistant wood so it will last for years to come.

Cedar Ladder Fence Planter Boxes

Image credit: ana-white

13. Recycled can fence planters

Any cans will do for this project provided they’re large enough to accommodate plants and can take a coat of paint. Rather than buying planters to hang on your fence, you can make your own. It’s simple. You only need some empty cans, paint, and a bit of free time. You can make the cans as colourful as you want or play it more neutral with a uniform colour.

Recycled Fence Planters

Image credit: thedeanslistblog

14. Hanging tyre fence planter

Tyres may not be the first thing that springs to mind when it comes to fence planters. But they’re durable and can add some playfulness to your garden. Plus, they’re super easy to install. Apart from the tyre, you’ll need a screw hook and an electric screwdriver and that’s about it.

Tip: A hanging tyre fence planter is good for small flowers and herbs. Don’t put large or tall plants in them.

Hanging Tire Fence Planter

Image credit: hometalk

15. Hanging pocket planters

Hanging pockets are basically small growing bags for plants. You can attach them to any fence and use them for décor as well as for privacy. Make sure to pick one made from a durable material that provides good drainage.

Hanging Pocket Planters

Image credit: Amazon

16. Old window fence planter box

Before throwing away an old wooden window, consider repurposing it. One clever way to do this is to turn it into a support for a fence planter box. You can hang the window to the fence and attach planter boxes from its bottom edge. Before attaching it to the wall, give it a fresh coat of paint that complements or contrasts with the fence colour. It’s not just about looks—it will make it last longer outside.


Image credit: Pinterest

17. Recycled crate planter boxes

Want to add wooden planter boxes to your fence with almost no work? Try old crates. Use them as they are for an authentic feel or repaint them to give them a new look. You can attach each crate with L-shaped metal clasps that support them from underneath. Make sure to factor in their weight and how resistant the fence is. You don’t want to find them on the ground after the first storm.

Recycled Crate Planter Boxes

Image credit: Pinterest

18. Hanging bucket fence planters

Metal buckets look great as fence planters. You can hang them with weatherproof rope or metal chains. Depending on the type of wall you have, you may not have to drill any holes. Simply hang the ropes or chains from the tops of the pickets.

Hanging Bucket Fence Planters

Image credit: lilyandfrog

19. Letter-shaped fence planters

Shaping your planter boxes into letters can make your planters stand out. Letter-shaped fence planter boxes are best for light plants like succulents and air plants. Think of them as décor elements rather than vertical growing beds. You can build them from wood or metal sheets.

Letter-Shaped Fence Planters

Image credit: Pinterest

20. PVC pipe tiered planters

PVC pipes look great as planters against a corrugated iron fence. You can cut them to the desired size, paint them, and hang them in tiers with wire. They are perfect for succulents and other small plants and they can last a really long time.

PVC Pipe Tiered Planters

Image credit: Pinterest

21. Plastic bottle fence planters

Unrecycled plastic boxes can take hundreds of years to decay. But worry not—you can turn at least some of them into fence planters. Cut them, drill holes in the caps, fill them with soil, and hang them with rot-resistant rope. As a finishing touch, you can paint the rope in different colours.

Plastic Bottle Fence Planters

Image credit: forgottothink

22. Old metal hanging pipe planters

Great for brick fences, old pipes can make a long, straight wall more interesting. They may require more work than other planters in that you have to drill holes for the plants in them. But the result is worth the effort. The plants will look as if they’ve grown out of the wall.

Hanging Old Metal Pipe Planters

Image credit: Pinterest

23. Rustic fence planter box

There’s something about the look and feel of wood that can make a planter box a timeless addition to your garden. Choose cedar or another long-lasting wood and put together a rectangular box. Fill it with wood and hang it from the fence. It’ll be heavy so use strong wire or sturdy metal clasps to hang it.

Rustic Fence Planter Box

Image credit: Pinterest

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Tips when adding a planter box to your fence

No matter what planter box you choose to add to your fence, you want to install it properly. The soil can weigh it down, especially when it’s wet. If it’s also exposed to strong wind, you want to be extra careful. Here are some tips to help you get the job done right the first time:

The wrap up

Adding planter boxes to a fence can be fun. You can get creative with old boots, plastic bottles, tyres, and many other DIY ideas. All of these can help you create more vertical gardening space for less.

And it’s not like you have to finish all the work in one day. Mix and match planter boxes and play with colours for a unique result. Have fun!


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