mowing the lawn

how to get stripes in lawn
6 Steps to Get the Perfect Lawn Stripes (Add Lines to Grass)

Lawn stripes happen when bent grass reflects light. You don’t need any special equipment to create them, so find out how to stripe a lawn the easy way.

when should you stop mowing your lawn uk
When should you STOP mowing your lawn in UK? (last cut of the year)

The last grass cut of the year is a hot topic. The best time to stop mowing will depend on where in the UK you’re located.

wet lawn
Can You Mow a Wet Lawn: Pros and Cons of Mowing Wet Grass

Thinking of mowing your lawn after a night of rain or a morning shower? Cutting wet grass is not a good idea. It can ruin your lawn, damage your mower and put you at risk.