Should You Cut Grass in Hot Weather? When Is It Too Hot for Mowing?

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Is your lawn beginning to have a wild sway to it? You may be feeling the urge to give it a cut, but if it’s hot outside, hold back a little longer, or you may end up doing it more harm than good.

Cutting the lawn in hot weather is not a good idea as it stresses the grass without giving it time to recover. It also makes it more vulnerable to the drying effects of the heat. It’s better to wait until the evening or the following morning before powering up your mower.

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why mowing your lawn in hot weather isn’t something you should do.

Cut Grass in Hot Weather

It’s best not to cut grass in hot weather. Image credit: @bibbys_home_and_garden

Is it OK to cut grass in hot weather?

Longer grass creates a microclimate beneath it that preserves moisture in the soil and helps the grass withstand the heat better.

Temperatures above 25°C are not ideal for mowing the lawn. You should definitely refrain from mowing your lawn when temperatures climb above 30°C.

In the UK, mowing the lawn during the heat of the day in June, July and August is not a good idea. During this time, when the weather can be hot, mowing the lawn can result in damage to the grass. If you experience hot weather in May or September, it’s better to put off mowing the lawn until the following morning.

What’s the best time of day to mow the lawn in hot weather?

As we’ve seen, you shouldn’t mow your lawn in hot weather. But if you absolutely must, you can do it early in the evening after sundown, with the blades at a high setting.

Mowing your lawn in the evening after the heat of the day lessens gives it time to recover during the night. Summer nights are usually warm, so that reduces the risk of moisture-induced diseases.

Alternatively, you can mow the lawn early in the morning, before 10 am at the very latest. However, the ensuing heat of day may still stress the grass. So, it’s not a good idea to do this very often.

mowing the lawn after sunset

Mowing the lawn after sunset is an option in hot weather. Image credit:@kddaddy12

Is it better to leave grass longer in hot weather?

The answer is a clear yes. Long grass slows down the loss of moisture by providing shade to the soil. This helps preserve the fresh green look of your lawn.

Even if you water your lawn regularly during the height of summer, it’s still a good idea to allow it to grow longer. This applies to all different types of grass. It helps keep the lawn healthy.

You may have to adjust your lawn mower cutting height. Move it to the highest setting to preserve as much of the grass blades as possible. 

What if I absolutely must cut the lawn in hot weather?

Cutting the lawn on a hot day is best avoided. As well as damaging the grass, you run the risk of getting an unhealthy dose of UV radiation or even suffering a heat stroke.

But if you absolutely must do it, set the mower blades to the highest setting. Also, make sure that the blades are sharp. This will help give the grass a clean, long cut that will enable it to retain moisture.

If you mow your lawn in hot weather, make sure to water it every two to three days. This will help it cope better with the thermal stress

Ideally, you want to start watering your lawn at this rate before cutting it too. Water it early in the morning, but avoid watering it directly before mowing as it can both damage it and create a health hazard if you’re using an electric mower.

mowing the lawn at the right time

Mowing the lawn at the right time is key to a healthy summer lawn. Image credit: @hollisterhousegarden

The wrap up

So, should you mow your lawn on a hot day? The bottom line is that you shouldn’t mow your lawn when it’s hot outside.

Cutting lawns in hot weather is likely to damage them by removing moisture, drying them out and making them vulnerable to the heat.

During the day in summer and any time the temperature climbs above 25°C, it’s likely too hot to mow the lawn. So have a little patience with the next cut!

In the end, taking good care of your lawn means sometimes leaving it as it is until the temperature is right for cutting.

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