Winter Lawn Feed Guide 2023: How to Choose the Best Fertiliser

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Winter lawn fertilisers can help your lawn survive the cold and get ready to flourish in early spring. But there can be a lot of confusion about them.

When to fertilise in winter? What fertiliser to use? And how to choose the best winter lawn feed? In this post, we answer all these questions so you can use winter lawn fertilisers effectively.

The best winter lawn fertiliser builds up the grass roots while also controlling weeds and mosses. It offers a good balance of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphate. You can apply it in autumn when the grass has stopped growing but is not yet dormant. That way, you’ll be rewarded with a happy and healthy lawn when the snow melts.

We’ve put together a comprehensive winter lawn feed guide to help you discover when, how and what to feed your lawn to see it through the colder months:

frozen lawn

Look after your lawn in autumn to help it survive the freezing temperatures of winter. Image credit: @samslawn_sweden

Can you fertilise grass in the winter?

Yes, you can fertilise your lawn grass in winter, but it’s best to do so in autumn before the freezing temperatures hit. Your lawn grass will have plenty of time to absorb the nutrients and prepare itself for the cold and freezing days ahead.

At the same time, you don’t want to fertilise too early. Doing so may encourage shoot growth rather than root growth.

When should I put winter fertiliser on my lawn?

As a general rule, apply winter grass feed to your lawn in autumn. Anytime between September and November is ideal in the UK climate. This will give the grass time to absorb and store nutrients all the way up until spring.

That said, if you start winter lawn treatment too early, you may be faced with wetter weather. And if you start too late, the winter frosts may ruin your lawn.

If you’re not sure when to apply winter fertiliser, fallen leaves are a sure sign that your lawn is ready for some feed. Apply it every 6 to 8 weeks if the weather permits and simply let your lawn rest and rejuvenate.

What fertiliser can I use for grass in winter?

Winter fertilisers are different to spring and summer fertilisers. Spring and summer fertilisers stimulate rapid grass growth. They contain high quantities of nitrogen and are essential for a lush lawn.

On the other hand, winter fertilisers strengthen the grass roots and stiffen the leaf blades. They’re rich in phosphate and potassium and help your lawn brave the colder days.

Winter fertilisers come in both liquid and granular forms. When applying liquid fertiliser, make sure the weather isn’t rainy or it will get washed away. In that sense, a granular winter grass feed is better suited to autumn weather. Apply the feed on a dry day then water it into the soil.

8 Best Winter Lawn Fertilisers

Some lawn fertilisers just nourish the grass. Others strengthen the grass roots, control weeds and mosses and are child and pet-friendly too.

Winter lawn treatments also have the right balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for winter lawns. This helps the grass absorb and store nutrients until spring. These are a few specifications you should look for in the best winter lawn fertilisers to keep the grass healthy.

Let’s look at some of the best winter lawn feeds on the market. When choosing one, factor in your lawn’s needs.

1. Viano Autumn Lawn Treatment

Viano Autumn Lawn Treatment 10kg

Credit: Longacres

The Viano Autumn Lawn Treatment from Longacres promises winter defence and spring health for your lawn. This fertiliser is organic and stimulates root growth and nutrient absorption. It has a nitrogen-phosphorous-potassium (NPK) ratio of 6-6-12. With 10kg you can treat up to 200 square metres.

2. Aftercut Autumn Lawn Care

Aftercut All In One Autumn Lawn Care

Credit: Longacres

The Aftercut All In One Lawn Care formula for autumn is another popular option. With a 4-5-15 NPK ratio, you can use it to green up your lawn, kill mosses and help the grass withstand the winter months. This winter lawn fertiliser also contains iron sulphate.

3. Miracle-Gro Evergreen Lawn

miracle-gro evergreen lawn

Credit: Charlies

For an evergreen lawn, even in winter, Miracle-Gro has just the formula for you: the Evergreen Autumn Lawn Care. It contains all the essential nutrients to help your lawn withstand the cold. Apply this winter grass feed between September and November. A 14kg pack will fertilise up to 400 square metres.

4. Miracle-Gro Autumn and Spring Feed

miracle-gro evergreen premium autumn and spring lawn food

Credit: Charlies

Alternatively, you can try out the Miracle-Gro Evergreen Autumn and Spring Lawn Food. This slow-release feed will keep your lawn happy from autumn to spring. It will encourage healthy roots and offer balanced nutrients including potassium, nitrogen, iron and manganese. A 2kg pack will be enough for a 100 square metre lawn.

5. Proctors Autumn and Winter Lawn Feed

20kg sack of proctors autumn & winter lawn feed with iron

Credit: Garden4less

Proctors Autumn and Winter Lawn Feed  includes a super dose of iron. This will help your lawn brave the snowy days more easily. This winter lawn feed also helps treat mosses and weeds so you will have a green, weed-free lawn all winter. Coverage isn’t bad either: up to 571 square metres for a 20kg sack.

6. New Proctors Autumn and Winter Lawn Feed

5kg tub of new proctors autumn and winter lawn grass feed

Credit: Garden4less

You can also try out New Proctors Autumn and Winter Lawn Grass Feed formula from Garden4less. Although made specifically for autumn and winter lawn grass, this feed can be used all year round. It contains micro granules that are easy to apply and long-lasting.

7. Westland Autumn Lawn Feed and Weed

westland autumn lawn feed & moskiller

Credit: Garden4less

Worried about autumn mosses making their way to your lawn? Take a look at this Autumn Lawn Feed and Moss Killer. The product will give you a stronger, greener, and healthier winter lawn. Not to forget, weed and moss-free too. One sack weighs 17.5kgs and can cover up to 400 square metres.

8. Westland Child and Pet-Friendly Lawn Feed

westland safelawn child and pet friendly natural lawn feed

Credit: Garden4less

If you’re after a safe, all-natural lawn winter fertiliser, try the SafeLawn Child and Pet-Friendly Natural Feed. Made from 100% natural ingredients, it controls unsightly weeds and moss and offers a happy and healthy lawn all year. It also comes with a handy  built-in applicator.

The wrap-up

A winter lawn treatment is the last step in your annual lawn care routine. But it’s an important step you cannot overlook.

Feeding your lawn in autumn will prepare it for the cold months. It will strengthen the grass roots and give them a leg up when spring arrives.

That said, it’s also important to give your lawn the best winter feed. Make sure it has the right ratio of nitrogen to potassium. Also, look for a winter grass feed that controls cold-weather weeds and mosses.

Apply your winter feed in autumn, so when spring comes around, your lawn will be ready to rise and shine.


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