10 Best Companion Plants For Autumn Joy Sedum

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Do you love Autumn Joy sedum? If you want one of these beauties in your garden, this article is for you. As you already know, this sedum looks great on its own, but it’s always good to complement it with a few other plants.

If you’re wondering which plants make the best companions for Autumn Joy, keep reading.

autumn joy sedum

Autumn Joy Sedum by mwms1916

What can I plant with Autumn Joy sedum?

It’s not difficult to find companions for this popular plant. All you have to do is make sure they have the same care requirements and plan the layout. Here are a few plants that go well with Autumn Joy to get you started.

1. Fountain grass

Fountain grass is a perennial ornamental grass that usually grows from one focal point or mount. This plant gets its name from the fountain-like appearance of the leaves. It’s very easy to care for and pairs well with Autumn Joy.

This plant is ideal for placing in garden borders, making it an ideal companion for sedum. It won’t become invasive and comes in a range of different sizes depending on the variety you choose.

To get the most out of this plant, use it as a background to shorter plants and enjoy the showy display when it flowers.

fountain grass

Credit: Max Pixel

2. Russian sage

Russian sage is very popular because of its silver foliage and purple, lavender like flowers. This plant can be used as ground cover around your Autumn Joy. The purple flowers will complement the much bigger sedum plant and its flowers.

This plant is very hardy but prefers a full sun location. Russian sages are fairly drought tolerant so water sparingly. In very dry conditions, you can water it every few days. Its ability to tolerate dry spells also makes it an ideal companion for Autumn Joy since that plant doesn’t like too much water either.

russian sage

Russian Sage by Robert Ashworth

3. Black-eyed Susans

If you want something that stands out, you can’t go wrong with black-eyed Susans. These popular wildflowers belong to the aster family. They tend to take over so make sure to keep them in check. Black-eyed Susans will perfectly complement the Autumn Joy with their yellow leaves and blackish purple centres.

These flowers need to be watered a bit more regularly than the sedum. For this reason, make sure there’s a little gap between the species to avoid overwatering the Autumn Joy.

black-eyed susan

Credit: Pixabay

4. Asters

Asters are daisy-like perennials that come in many varieties and a wide range of colours, perfect for pairing with your Autumn Joy.

Asters flower quite late in summer and into autumn. This makes them very attractive to bees and other pollinators when other blooms have faded. You can plant them in borders or simply let them grow in a wildflower garden bed nearby.


Credit: Pxhere

5. Blue fescue

Blue fescue is another ornamental grass that looks really good alongside Autumn Joy. Its characteristic green-blue leaves will contrast against the pink flowers of the sedum. You can use them together as border plants or separately in different garden beds. You can even plant blue fescue around your sedum to create an attractive border.

These grasses are very easy to grow and care for. Simply make sure you water them enough and give them the proper light conditions to thrive.

6. Dianthus

Dianthus flowers are annuals, biannual or even perennials that are usually used in borders. This makes it an ideal plant to use alongside sedum. The spicy fragrance of these flowers is what makes them most attractive.

Also called pinks, the dianthus plant produces stunning pink flowers that will liven up your garden. They can be used to frame the sedum or help to mark a border between different flower beds.


Credit: Pixabay

7. Hostas

Hostas are perfect for framing the shaded edges of your garden and a great partner to the sun-loving sedum. The stunning display of different greens and their ability to fill a shaded spot where other plants just won’t grow is what makes them most attractive.

Hostas produce beautiful flowers during summer. This will also help to complement your sun-loving Autumn Joy.


Credit: Pixabay

8. Echinacea (coneflower)

Echinaceas are easy to care for perennials that will go beautifully with your Autumn Joy sedum. These flowers are quite drought resistant, making them ideal companion plants.

They’re also excellent at attracting bees and other pollinators to your garden. These flowers need quite a bit of sun to survive. You can plant them in a ring around your sedum or place them in a wildflower garden bed.


Credit: Pixabay

9. Goldenrod (Solidago Goldkind)

Goldenrod is a perennial flowering plant that looks great paired with Autumn Joy. They’ll attract beneficial insects to your garden and make the sedum stand out, providing a striking contrast against its yellow flowers.

Use them together in garden borders or create a ring of goldenrod around your sedum. Young goldenrod leaves are edible and often used in herbal teas.


Credit: Pxhere

10. Boltonias

Boltonias are aster-like perennials that produce a sea of flowers in late summer. They are often used in borders and need to be divided often to keep them under control. They’re often used to neutralise the colours of your garden with their grey-green foliage.

Their flower and foliage colours are what makes this plant a popular companion for Autumn Joy.


Boltonia asteroides by Alvin Kho


Will Autumn Joy sedum grow in shade?

Yes, but shady conditions will reduce flowering, cause the plant to become leggy and may lead to root rot if not watered properly. These plants prefer to grow in full sun unless grown in a very hot environment.

Learn more: Tips for Growing a Shade Garden

Where does Autumn Joy sedum grow best?

Autumn Joy sedum grows best in an area with very well-draining soil and full sun. Sedums make excellent additions to a drought-tolerant garden. It’s best to keep the soil of your Autumn Joy on the dry side. They also don’t like very fertile soil so don’t add too much compost.

Final thoughts

Now that you know a bit more about the plants that make great companions for Autumn Joy, it’s time to choose what you’d like for your garden. You’ll be able to find most of these plants at your nearest nursery, or you can buy them online.

Happy gardening!


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