Autumn garden

Faux foliage autumn wreath
14 Autumn Wreath Ideas to Beautify Your Door

Wreaths are a fantastic way to add colour, texture and personality to your door and create a lasting first impression on your guests. Here are 14 stunning autumn wreaths to inspire you:

How to Make an Autumn Wreath in 5 Steps (& Budget Options) 1
How to Make an Autumn Wreath in 5 Steps (& Budget Options)

From show-stopping festive door wreaths to more subtle half-decorated vine wreaths, these easy-to-make decorations have never been more popular.

accessorise it up autumn garden party ideas
8 Autumn Garden Party Ideas: Fun & Cozy Fall Themed Parties

As the nights draw in and temperatures dip, autumn may not be the most obvious season for a garden party. Look beyond the falling leaves and grey skies and see it as an opportunity to get creative and do something a bit different.

Hylotelephium 'Red Cauli'
Top 10 Autumn Flowering Perennials To Liven Up Your Garden

Are you thinking of adding some autumn flowering perennials to liven up your garden? In this article, we will look at 10 flowering perennials to bring you joy every autumn.

plants for autumn garden
12 Best Plants For an Autumn Garden

Are you looking for some plants that will keep your garden looking colourful far into autumn? If this is your goal, you might consider a few ornamental plants that prefer to flower late in the season.

Autumn Flowering Plants For Bees
10 Autumn Flowers For Bees (Best UK Bee-Friendly Plants)

In this article, we will look at the perfect bee-friendly flowering plants for an autumn garden. Let’s take a look.

autumn red climbing plants
14 Red Climbing Plants With Vivid Red Autumn Leaves

Autumn can be a wonderful time for colour in the garden. Here are 14 of my favourite red autumn climbing plants and a recipe that you can make from one of them.

autumn joy sedum companion plants
10 Best Companion Plants For Autumn Joy Sedum

Do you love Autumn Joy sedum? If you want one of these beauties in your garden, this article is for you. This sedum looks great on its own, but it’s always good to complement it with a few other plants.

cozy autumn garden tips ideas
11 Ideas & Tips for a Cosy Autumn Garden

Autumn is a wonderful season for being outdoors. Read our list of tips and ideas for making your outdoor patch cosier this season.

galvanized metal tub into an autumn container
15 Autumn Container Garden Ideas

Containers of all kinds are a great way to introduce more plant life to your autumn garden. You can plant many cold-hardy flowers and plants, from asters to winter lettuce and herbs.

mulch mulch
10 Autumn Garden Jobs to Do Right Now

Here’s a list of jobs you can tackle over the next few weeks to get your growing space in tip-top condition and get your garden ready for winter.

autumn garden clean up tips
15 Point Checklist for a Thorough Autumn Garden Clean Up

When it comes to cleaning up your garden in autumn, it’s easy to lose yourself in the details. But trusting nature with your garden is often the best way to make sure it stays healthy and beautiful.

15 Vegetables to Plant in Autumn and Winter 2
15 Vegetables to Plant in Autumn and Winter

From asparagus to spinach, there are many vegetables to plant in your autumn and winter garden. Some you can harvest in winter, while others will give you earlier spring or summer crops next year.

autumn garden flowers
14 Stunning Autumn Flowering Plants for a Vibrant Garden

When the leaves start to fall and your once bright summer perennials come to the end of their natural lives, it can be tricky to keep your garden looking bright and welcoming. Here’s our pick of the best flowers for an autumn garden.