14 Autumn Wreath Ideas to Beautify Your Door

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Wreaths are a fantastic way to add colour, texture and personality to your door and create a lasting first impression on your guests.

You have a few choices with wreaths, you can buy them ready-made, commission a custom design from a florist or, my favourite, do it yourself!

Wreaths can be really simple to make and needn’t cost much if you forage for foliage and flowers or make your own decorations.

From super subtle to gloriously kitsch designs, here are 14 stunning autumn wreaths to inspire you:

1. Autumn wreath with moss and feathers

This beautiful country-life inspired wreath features dried hydrangea, skimmia, dried flowers, pine cones and berries against a moss background. The pheasant feathers add a quirky touch and the moss wreath ring allows the foliage to be changed.

Tip – Create mini hand-tied bunches of foliage and attach these to the wreath ring with wire.

2. Jewel coloured leaf wreath

Jewel coloured leaf wreath

Image credit: @sophiesflowerpot

Autumn is arguably the best season for leaf colour. Create a stunning wreath to display the rich reds, ambers and golds of autumn and combine with evergreen eucalyptus and laurel. Beech and maple leaves will work well. Insert sprigs of red berries and colourful skimmia to add texture and interest.

3. Dried flower wreath

Dried flower wreath

Image credit: @darkstarplants

This beautiful everlasting wreath will beautify your home for many months. Filled with dried grasses, lavender, cornflowers, nigella pods, strawflowers, gypsophila (baby’s breath) and larkspur, it makes a rustic addition to your home. You can grow all the flowers above from seed in your garden and hang them to dry in summer, ready for arranging in autumn.

Tip – If hanging a dried flower wreath outdoors, hang in a sheltered position away from the wind, strong sunlight and rain.

4. Harvest wreath

Harvest wreath

Image credit: @hawberryhill

How gorgeous are the colours and textures in this harvest-inspired wreath? Seasonal fruits, berries, dahlias and sunflowers have been woven into a wicker wreath for maximum impact.

5. Halloween wreath

Halloween wreath

Image credit: @houseofghoulishwonder

There really is a wreath for every season and theme and this Halloween wreath is no exception. Cute felt pumpkins and hand-stitched flowers and leaves adorn a simple wire ring. Wreaths don’t have to contain fresh or dried foliage, you can create anything you like from the materials you have.

6. Wheat and lavender wreath

Wheat and lavender wreath

Image credit: @my.home.her.home.twins

I love the simplicity of this beautiful wheat wreath and the best thing is, the foliage is super cheap. The blue lavender looks incredible against the golden wheat and its simple design is one that you can easily create yourself. It’ll also smell glorious when you’re making it!

7. Half autumn wreath

Half autumn wreath

Image credit: @bloem_atelier

Simple and oh so beautiful, this subtle wreath will look elegant wherever it is placed.

8. Faux foliage autumn wreath

Faux foliage autumn wreath

Image credit: @doorstep.designsco

If you’d like an everlasting wreath, then choosing faux foliage is a great option. You can choose larger, more exotic flowers and foliage and rest assured that the wild autumn weather won’t batter the wreath within days. The addition of the ‘welcome’ sign makes this a perfect addition to a front door.

9. Heart-shaped wheat wreath

Heart-shaped wheat wreath

Image credit: @rusticandwild_

This heart-shaped wheat wreath is a little different and would make a beautiful gift for a loved one. If you’re making this design yourself, remember to tie the bunches of wheat and lavender in the direction of the heart shape so that they join together at the bottom.

10. Pompom autumn wreath

pompom autumn wreath

Image credit: @thepomwreathcompany

This has to be one of the most fabulous and creative autumn wreaths out there. The brightly coloured bunny tails and pompoms contrast beautifully with the dried poppy seed heads, creating a winning combination that will grab everyone’s attention.

11. Ombre autumn wreath

Ombre autumn wreath

Image credit: @ateliersec

This incredibly beautiful natural wreath has been carefully constructed to highlight the myriad colours in autumn leaves. The Andy Goldsworthy inspired layout showcases nature at its best, it’s a piece of art for your door. Recreate your own ombre wreath by foraging for autumnal leaves in your nearest forest. The pheasant feathers add a striking finishing touch.

12. Traditional wreath

Traditional wreath

Image credit: @readingroomcottage

This traditional-style wreath will look glorious on your door in the lead up to Christmas. Filled with long-lasting fir, pine cones, bright berries and sprigs of pussy willow, this timeless style of wreath never fails to impress.

13. Pampas grass wreath

Pampas grass wreath

Image credit: @floret.designstudio

Subtle and understated (although you may want to make yours on a smaller scale!), fluffy pampas grass is perfect for a wreath. Insert feathers or contrasting foliage to add interest.

14. Rainbow wreath

Rainbow wreath

Image credit: @florenceandflowers79

Last but definitely not least, there’s always a place for understated, elegant wreaths but if you want to add a touch of fun to your home, try creating a multi-coloured wreath. The brighter, the better! The array of candy-coloured hues in this wreath creates an eyecatching design that will match any decor.


What do you put in an autumn wreath?

As shown in the examples above, the sky is the limit when it comes to creating an autumn wreath. From fallen leaves and feathers to handmade decorations, you can add whatever you like to great effect.

Are autumn wreaths tacky?

The kind of autumn wreath you choose for your home is entirely up to you. If you fancy paired back natural leaves or all-out neon brights, it’s your choice. Any style can look incredible in the right setting. If you love it, then go for it!

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