10 Best Outdoor Sofa Sets For a Comfy Garden

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If you’re looking to create a comfortable outdoor seating area or maybe your outdoor chairs have become faded and damaged beyond repair, it might be time to try an outdoor sofa set. It’s a comfortable excuse to spend more time outside with your family and friends.

An outdoor sofa set can be a big investment. Get the best value for your money and explore all the options before taking the plunge.

Our top picks for the best garden sofa sets

To help you to make a great choice, we’ve put together a list of some of the best outdoor sofa sets around. Whether you’re looking for a small, affordable sofa set or a premium product, we’ve got you covered.

1. Avarna Garden Modular Corner Lounge Set, Made

avarna modular lounge set

Avarna Modular Lounge Set, Made

For the ultimate in modern, luxurious garden furniture, look no further than this striking set from Made.

The neutral, whitewashed base and light cushions mean it will seamlessly blend into any modern outdoor space, whether built on a deck, paved, or covered with gravel.

Made from hardwearing acacia, this elegant sofa set is modular so it can be configured as you like and it comes with a matching coffee table. The cushions are shower-proof, so you don’t have to worry about dashing undercover with them during a sudden summer shower.

2. Rowlinson Bunbury Sofa Set, You Garden

rowlinson bunbury sofa set

Rowlinson Bunbury Sofa Set, You Garden

If you’re looking for a more compact sofa set, this stylish 4 piece set from You Garden could be the one. The set includes a 2 seat sofa, 2 armchairs and a handy, glass-topped coffee table.

The set is made from synthetic wicker, one of the most low-maintenance materials for outdoor furniture.  The powder-coated aluminium frame means that you won’t need to worry about rusting. The cushions aren’t waterproof so will need to be brought in during wet weather.

3. Manhattan 3 Seat Sofa Set, Harbour Lifestyle

manhattan 3 seat sofa set

Manhattan 3 Seat Sofa Set, Harbour Lifestyle

With a range of seats, this beautiful, contemporary sofa set from Harbour Lifestyle gives you more flexibility than a corner sofa set. It includes a 3 seat sofa, 2 armchairs, a coffee table with a ceramic top and a FSC certified, teak-topped coffee table.

Crafted from sturdy Tiger Drylac powder-coated aluminium with Olefin covered seat cushions, it’s definitely one of the most comfortable furniture sets you can buy.

Tip: If you place your sofa set directly on the grass, it’s best to move it slightly every other week or so to reduce long-term damage to the grass.

4. Maze Rattan Deluxe Corner Dining Set with Firepit Table, First Furniture

maze rattan deluxe corner dining set with firepit table

Maze Rattan Corner Dining Set, First Furniture

Some sofa sets can really transform your outdoor space rather than merely complement it, and this is definitely one of them.

The Maze rattan sofa set from First Furniture features a fire pit table with a spray stone glass tempered tabletop for warmth and cosiness during cool evenings.  The corner sofa is an unusual curved design, providing more seating space as someone can comfortably sit in the rounded corner seat.

This set is all-weather and frost-proof, as well as being UV resistant, so you can leave it outside all year round.  Although you’ll need a large space for this set, it’s ideal for larger families, summer parties and regular al-fresco dining.

5. Kettler Palma Duo Relaxer Set, Leekes

kettler palma duo relaxer set

Kettler Palma Duo Relaxer Set, Leekes

Outdoor sofa sets aren’t just for large gardens, this Kettler relaxer set is pretty perfect for patios and courtyard gardens.  We love the fact that the chairs recline and the compact set is perfect for use outdoors or in.

The set is made from handwoven, synthetic wicker so is practical and suitable for leaving outdoors all year round. One big advantage of a smaller furniture set is that you have only a few cushions to store away over the winter, it’s an important consideration if storage is limited.

6. Idooka 4 Seater Black Mesh Lounge Sofa Set, Thompson & Morgan

idooka 4 seater black mesh lounge sofa set

Idooka 4 Seater Mesh Sofa Set, Thompson & Morgan

This set is the ultimate in low-maintenance garden seating. The Textilene bench and chairs are comfortable and extremely practical and the set can be left outside in rain, wind, snow and frost without worry. The set comes with a glass topped, metal table, perfect for snacks, drinks and books.

This sleek set is compact and great value for money. It’s also lightweight and easy to move around whenever you need to. We think it’s a great choice for busy families with younger children who may be short on space (play equipment takes up a lot of room!).

7. Havana Aluminium Corner Group, Harbour Lifestyle

Havana Aluminium Corner Group

Havana Aluminium Corner Group, Harbour Lifestyle

Offering elegance and superior comfort, the Havana aluminium corner set features a reclining function so that you can relax to the max on those sunny summer days.

This durable sofa set seats up to 5 and includes a matching coffee table and comfortable reflex foam cushions.

8. Paris Sofa Suite, Garden Furniture Centre

paris sofa suite

Paris Sofa Suite, Garden Furniture Centre

This modern, wooden sofa suite is made from FSC certified teak. It’s a beautiful, honey-coloured wood that requires minimal maintenance to stay looking fantastic. This set comes with a 3 seater sofa and 2 armchairs, you can purchase the matching coffee table separately. The sofa and chairs are topped with Olefin cushions which dry fast, are resistant to fading, and can be left on your furniture over the summer months.

This set is a great choice if you love the natural look of wood and will blend in with any garden style.

9. Dakota Fields Tuveson Outdoor Daybed, Wayfair

dakota fields tuveson outdoor daybed

Dakota Fields Daybed with Cushions, Wayfair

On the hunt for something a bit different? This attractive set from Wayfair isn’t your average sofa set.

Thanks to its clever modular design, you can use it as a daybed or turn it into a lounge set with a sofa, two curved seats, and a circular table. It will comfortably seat up to 8 people and add a touch of luxury to your garden. The retractable all-season canopy is a highlight feature, and perfect for creating some shade on hot summer days.

This set is made from UV and mould-resistant premium synthetic rattan. It doesn’t take up that much space either.

10. Habitat 4-seater Bamboo Effect Garden Sofa Set, Argos

habitat 4-seater bamboo effect garden sofa set

Habitat 4-Seater Garden Sofa Set, Argos

With its exotic air, this Habitat bamboo garden sofa set available from Argos is an inspired alternative to chunkier sofa sets.

The black legs, cushions, and backrest create a striking contrast with the handwoven bamboo. A small glass tabletop with splayed legs complements the set.

At around 35 kilos in total, this is one of the lightest sofa sets on our list. That may come in handy if you haven’t made up your mind yet about where exactly to create a seating space in your garden. Another thing we like about this set is that you can remove the legs to save storage space.

How to choose the best outdoor garden sofa sets

Whether you’re buying your first outdoor sofa set or upgrading an existing set, here are a few important things to pay attention to. Since you’ll be spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds on a sofa set, every detail matters.

Consider the material

The material of your sofa set doesn’t only dictate looks. It also influences durability and maintenance. When it comes to rattan, you don’t have to sacrifice durability as you can find high-quality synthetic weaves that provide superior resistance to natural rattan.

With wood, your choices are more limited. Synthetic materials that replicate the look and feel of wood exist, but they are not widely used for sofa sets. But some woods are naturally resistant to rot, including teak and acacia. These may cost more, but you’re paying for durability.

Non-wood sofa sets often use an aluminium structure. Make sure that this is rust-resistant.

Get UV protection

Quality sofa sets provide some degree of UV protection. This is important if you plan to leave your furniture exposed to the elements. More than preventing damage, it will keep the furniture looking at its best for years to come.

The UV protection you get boils down to the type of material and fabric used, with premium materials usually providing better protection.

Don’t forget about assembly

You can install most garden furniture without any headaches. The frames tend to be preassembled, so you only have to add the cushions.

That said, pay attention to the product specifications as some sets require a bit more work. Paying for professional assembly is not usually needed, even if you’ve never assembled garden furniture before.

Look for frame, weave, and fabrics warranty

Some manufacturers provide a warranty for sofa sets, such as 3 years for structural damage and weave and 2 years for sofa fabrics. Good quality outdoor furniture will last much longer, but any warranty is welcome.

Weigh it

Sofa sets built on an aluminium frame are often the most lightweight. With that in mind, make sure to buy a quality product so that you won’t be sacrificing durability. By contrast, wooden furniture is heavier, and trickier to rearrange or store.

Consider ease of storage

Some outdoor sofa sets are all-weather, meaning you can leave them outside even during winter (provided you remove the cushions, that is). Many are not and will require storage.

Even with all-weather sets, it’s often better to place them in storage during the harsher months of the year to make them last longer. Also consider where you will store all the cushions, the ones from larger sets can take up a lot of space and you may need to invest in a special storage box for them.

Weight, shape, and detachable parts such as legs make some sets easier to store than others. Stackable sets are the most convenient of all, helping you save quite a bit of space.

Understand the exact shipping options you get

Last but not least, consider shipping. Most retailers will deliver the furniture to your doorstep. But double-check the shipping details to see whether you’ll be expected to do any lifting yourself. Most sofa sets are packed in parts, so the individual weight of each item is manageable.

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