What Size Gazebo Do I Need? 6 Questions to Find Out

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Gazebos have been a garden favourite from the time of the ancient Egyptians. They can add beauty and comfort to your garden, providing somewhere to lie back and enjoy the colours and smells of your summer blooms.

While you can rely on your taste to choose the shape and style of your gazebo, how do you choose the right size? Well, this is what this post is all about.

what gazebo size do i need

Choosing the right size gazebo for your garden is important. Credit: Shutterstock

Read our quick and easy guide to help you decide how big (or small) your gazebo should be.

What size gazebo do I need?

To choose the right size of your gazebo, consider the following:

  1. how you plan to use it
  2. the outdoor space you have
  3. your other garden features
  4. the shape and roof type you want
  5. the internal space you’ll need
  6. your budget

Let’s take a closer look at these factors to help you make the right decision.

1. Consider your outdoor space

The first and most important consideration is the space. Assess your garden, patio, or any other area you think fit for setting up your gazebo. Get a good idea about the space available.

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If you have a sweeping outdoor space, feel free to opt for a large gazebo. If, however, you are space-modest, try to make the most of every square foot.

The proportion should be right, too. You don’t want to crowd your open area with a gazebo. Similarly, you don’t want your gazebo to resemble a child’s playhouse in your vast garden.  Remember, balance is key.

What Size Gazebo Do I Need? 6 Questions to Find Out 1

Consider the size of your outdoor space before installing a gazebo. Image courtesy of @mydarkhome_

2. Think about how you’ll use your gazebo

Are you looking for a comfortable space to lounge and relax in or a perfect outdoor party place?  Maybe you want a gazebo to host special functions such as weddings?

Factor in the main use of the gazebo when choosing its size. If your gazebo will be used for gatherings, functions, and special occasions, you can opt for a large one with intricate designs.

But if only you and your family will use it, don’t go overboard. Opt for a small or medium-sized gazebo. It will make for a reasonable investment and be easier to maintain too.

3. Keep other garden features in mind

Take a good look at your garden. See all the features that you have like lawn, fire pit, flowerbeds, fences, swimming pool, a hot tub, pathways, or steps.

Now, pick your gazebo size based on these other garden features. Install it at least 6 feet away from any main feature so it won’t disrupt or come in the way of your gazebo.

If your garden has fewer features with just flowers and trees, it’s best to go for a larger gazebo. That way, you can enjoy the serene beauty of all the green around you.  If your space is already cluttered with multiple features, consider a smaller, beautifully designed gazebo.

What Size Gazebo Do I Need? 6 Questions to Find Out 2

Keep garden features in mind when choosing the size of your gazebo. Credit: Shutterstock

4. See how much internal room you need

Think about the furnishing and seating your gazebo will have. If you plan to add a dozen chairs and a table under the gazebo, opt for a bigger size. On the other hand, if your gazebo will have just a couple of chairs or ottomans, a small one will be a better choice.

Think also about the other features your gazebo will house. Do you plan to install a hot tub or an outdoor spa in it? Will you turn it into a barbecue and bar space?

In other words, select your gazebo size based on how much room you’ll need.

5. Check out the shape and roof type

Gazebos come in a range of different shapes. Some round and oval styles are more compact.  More elaborate octagonal and hexagonal designs can take up a lot of space. Similarly, some gazebo roof types cover more space than others.

Decide how you want your final structure to look, how many posts it should have, and what kind of roof you’d like. Let these aspects dictate how big (or small) your gazebo should be.

What Size Gazebo Do I Need? 6 Questions to Find Out 3

Consider different shapes of gazebo too. Credit: Shutterstock

6. Consider the budget factor

If you’re still not sure about the right gazebo size for your space, let your budget be your guide. After all, budget and size go hand in hand.

A large gazebo will need more building materials and it will cost you more. A small or medium-sized gazebo will be a more reasonable buy.

Ultimately, don’t forget that you can always adapt a DIY gazebo to your budget.

How big should a gazebo be?

To answer this question, begin by asking yourself, “Why do I want a gazebo?”

If your gazebo is meant for quiet contemplation, relaxation, and “me time”, a compact 8’ x 8’ gazebo is ideal for use. It’s also the perfect size for meditation and yoga in the outdoors. For a small family, a 10’ x 10’ gazebo should be just fine.

Opt for a size or two larger for a gazebo you’ll use for get-togethers. A 12’ x 12’ or 14’ x 14’ can comfortably accommodate a gathering of four to six guests. This size is also perfect to enclose a hot tub or a jacuzzi.

For larger gatherings and parties, go for a 16’ x 16’ or 18’ x 18’ gazebo. These will make for a perfect spot to host special events.

Once you know what you will use your gazebo for, you will be able to pinpoint the size that works best for you.

The versatile gazebo

A gazebo is much more than a breezy shade area in your garden. It’s a versatile haven for relaxation.

Place a gazebo in the middle of your garden and you have a tea room ready. You can also use the space to read a book, listen to music, or observe nature as it happens around you.

Your gazebo can also be made into an extended living space with a grill or bar, perfect for hosting mini functions and get-togethers.

Place your gazebo over a hot tub or fire pit and convert it into an oasis to break free from the busy world.

A gazebo in your garden can go as far as your imagination. Read our full list of various gazebo ideas.


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