How to Decorate a Gazebo: Easy Ideas for Any Garden

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Wooden or metal, pavilion or pagoda, learn how to decorate a gazebo and turn it into a stunning focal point, perfect for parties, outdoor dining or just relaxing in style.

Gazebos have exploded in popularity in recent years.  Adding structure, shade and a place to relax, they are a real asset to your outdoor space.  Gazebos have been popular since the early Egyptians added them to their ancient gardens, 5,000 years ago.  The Romans and Chinese were partial to a pagoda and more recently (in the 1700s) the English began building Chinese-style summerhouses in their gardens.

Today you can choose from a bewildering selection of garden shelters, from opulent octagonal designs to more modern, sleek, steel creations.  Whatever style of gazebo you have, there are many ways to transform it into a relaxing and beautiful sanctuary.

how to decorate a gazebo

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Gazebo Decoration Ideas

Gazebos provide shelter and a striking focal point in the garden, the perfect place to relax and unwind whilst enjoying a coffee or glass of wine, they’re also the perfect party setting.


Here are our top tips for setting up the ultimate party gazebo.

1. Light it up

Adding an array of delicate lights is one of the most effective ways to decorate your gazebo.  Injecting instant glamour and sparkle, you can enjoy magical lights all year round.  Try stringing festoon lights around the edges of the gazebo and twisting long lengths of rope or fairy lights around the supports.

decorate gazebo lighting

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For a more eclectic vibe, try hanging a collection of coloured solar-powered lanterns from the gazebo roof struts.

Hanging LED curtain or icicle lights will create a stunning display while fixing a long chain of fairy lights in rows along the ceiling will create an attractive night sky.  Use cable ties or twine to attach the lights securely.  Unless your gazebo is completely watertight, make sure to select lights that can be used outdoors and withstand wet conditions.

2. It’s a wrap

Some of the most luxurious gazebo designs incorporate fabric.  Softening what is often a harsh structure, fabric adds comfort and opulence.

Fabric can be used to create shade and privacy during the summer months.  Shade sails are an easy and attractive way to add shelter from the beating sun and summer downpours.  Alternatively, try weaving lengths of fabric through roof struts for an elegant and effective solution.

Material can also be draped across struts to create fabric walls or curtains.  You can buy ready-made gazebo curtains or make your own from lengths of linen or voile.

3. Decorative screens

One of the most effective ways to decorate your gazebo is by adding a decorative screen.  Often made from composite wood, the screens are made to last and won’t warp, rot or fade.  They can be fixed to adjoining walls or fixed to the gazebo itself.

We love everything about this gazebo in @ourhomeonthefold’s garden.  Janice has transformed her gazebo by adding climbing plants like wisteria and clematis, festoon lights, globe shades and strategically placed screens.   She’s created a beautiful, sheltered haven to be enjoyed all year round.

decorate an outdoor gazebo

Image courtesy of @ourhomeonthefold

4. Add colour

From lights and balloons to colourful bunting and flowering plants.  There are so many ways to introduce bursts of colour to your gazebo and get it party-ready.

decorate gazebo for party

Not on the High Street

5. Accessorise with soft furnishings

When it comes to accessorising your gazebo, anything goes!  If you have furniture, add plenty of comfortable throws, cushions and outdoor rugs.  You can pick these up surprisingly inexpensively from garden centres and homeware stores. They’ll instantly soften the space and create a welcoming party zone.

decorate gazebo with furnishings

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6. Use foliage

One of the best and most eco-friendly ways to ensure your gazebo is always party-ready is to grow climbing foliage over and around it.  Grapevines and wisteria are elegant, fast-growing options.  The woody vines that are left behind after the leaves fall can be decorated with string lights and hanging decorations.

If you have tables, top them with potted plants and flowers in jars.  You can place pots of show-stopping flowering plants like hydrangea and lavender on the floor.  If your party is following a boho-vibe, try adding tall stems of pampas grass to large vases.

decorate gazebo with foliage

Image courtesy of Yvonne Purcell @sixat21 

Think of your gazebo as an empty canvas, ready to inject with colour, texture and personality.  With a little creativity, some well-placed lights and an array of cleverly curated accessories, you can create a beautifully decorated garden gazebo that you’ll never want to leave.

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    Decorative screens are the best ways to decorate your gazebo or garden.


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