Best Kids Patio Furniture to Get Them Outdoors

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Kids glued to the screen? Encourage them to spend more time in the great outdoors with some fun and functional patio furniture.

Set up a play area for your kids with some colourful chairs around a table, have them dine al fresco on their very own picnic bench, or let them swing to and fro in a comfy hanging chair.

In this post, we bring you 12 patio furniture ideas that you and your kids will love. We’re focusing on furniture that’s quick to assemble, safe to use, easy to care for and a perfect blend of cute and comfortable.

Best children’s patio furniture

We also have some tips for buying the perfect child-friendly patio furniture.

1. Pastel Table and Chairs Children’s Patio Set, Maisons du Monde

children's garden table in pastel green

Garden Table, Maisons du Monde

Creating a space for your kids on the patio doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. A table and a couple of chairs can be enough.

We love this cute Maisons du Monde acacia pastel table, which you can team with matching chairs or a bench.

This simple setup can serve as a fun space for your kids. They can use it to play board games, sketch and draw, and even host tea parties. The design is cute without being childish, so small children can enjoy it for a few years.

Tip: When buying wooden patio furniture for kids, keep longevity in mind. Teak, cedar, white oak, and acacia may cost a bit, but they are naturally rot-resistant and can withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

2. Maze Ascot Grey Rattan Hanging Chair, First Furniture

maze ascot grey rattan hanging chair

Maze Ascot Gret Rattan Hanging Chair, First Furniture

An egg-like chair swinging to and fro will make a cosy nook for your child.  This Maze hanging egg chair is easy to assemble–you only have to place the stand over stable ground and attach the seat to the chains.

It also has an adjustable chain, arm inserts, and removable season-proof cushions for comfort. The egg-like design will make your child feel cocooned and happy.

Made of handwoven rattan, the egg chair will look fantastic on your patio. It also has a weather-resistant coating, so can be left outdoors.

3. Salvador Sand & Water Table, Wayfair

salvador sand & water table

Salvador Sand & Water Table, Wayfair

A picnic bench is a great way to bring your kids outdoors and soak up the vitamin D, but even better is a picnic bench with an integrated sandpit. The tabletop easily lifts off to reveal a spacious sandpit and when it’s time for lunch, just pop the lid back on. There’s an internal lining to keep sand out of the sandwiches and crisps out of the sand, and the table has rounded edges to prevent any bumps.

Remember to check that the seating will be spacious enough and factor in the size of the picnic bench too. Some picnic benches are compact and suitable for small patios and garden spaces. Others are designed for larger spaces and have detachable benches.

4. Ark Daybed, Harbour Lifestyle

ark daybed

Ark Daybed, Harbour Lifestyle

A patio daybed for your kids might seem like a bit of an indulgence, but it’s a multipurpose option that serves both as a sofa and an outdoor play area.

This comfortable rattan day bed from Harbour Lifestyle comes with padded seat cushions as well as back cushions. This daybed is perfect for babies and toddlers to sleep on during the afternoon. It will also serve as a play space for older kids, keeping them from sitting in front of the TV or gaming console all summer.

Spread a colourful, soft bed sheet over the bed, add some matching cushions for comfort, a parasol for shade and your child’s daybed is ready!

5. Alderley Rattan Storage Bench, You Garden

alderley rattan storage bench

Alderley Rattan Storage Bench, You Garden

Yes, it’s possible to have kids and a tidy patio. All you need is a piece of outdoor furniture with storage, like this multi-purpose rattan storage bench from You Garden.

When playtime is over, ask your kids to pick up the toys and store them away in the bench storage box. The synthetic rattan is water-resistant, so it will keep the toys dry and well ventilated.

The bench can easily seat 2 to 3 children. It’s compact and can fit in any patio space. And lastly, it won’t fade, regardless of rain or sunshine, so your kids can keep using it year after year.

6. 2 Person Metal Porch Swing, Wayfair

2 person metal porch swing

Metal Porch Swing, Wayfair

How about a swing seat for your garden or patio? They’ll love this funky frog swing from Wayfair featuring a bright, bold design and sunshade canopy.

It’s made from strong and durable canvas on a strong, steel frame, is easy to assemble, and makes for comfortable and inexpensive seating. This hammock swing is a great alternative to a regular hanging chair and will add a perfect pop of colour to your space.

7. TIPI Teepee Tent, Original Organics

tipi teepee tent

TIPI Teepee Tent, Original Organics

Provide hours of fun and endless outdoor adventures with a garden teepee. Offering children somewhere to read, relax and play, it’s a really inexpensive addition to your patio. You’ll need to pack it away during wet or windy weather, but you can set it up indoors instead.

The teepee is super lightweight and comes with a carry bag for easy storage.

8. Large Outdoor Bean Bag, Habitat

large outdoor bean bag

Outdoor Bean Bean Bag, Habitat

Furniture without cushions can be too hard and uncomfortable to sit on for long hours. So, add a couple of bean bags to your patio. Your kids will want nothing more.

As well as being super comfortable, bean bags are a great way to unwind under the sun. These soft, squishy bags are space-savers too, as you can simply pop them in a shed or bring them inside after use.

Tip: Outdoor footstools are another great option for your little people. These are made from weatherproof, durable fabric and they come in many colours and designs to create some fun seating space.

9. KidKraft Outdoor Chaise Children’s Sun Lounger with Umbrella, Amazon

Kidcraft chaise lounge with umbrella - £135 - Amazon

KidKraft Chaise Lounge, Amazon

There’s definitely something cute about kid-sized furniture. Your little ones can relax in their little chaise lounge as you relax in your full-size version. We love that this one comes with an umbrella for sun protection.

This chaise will need assembling before use, just follow the step-by-step manual that comes with the furniture.

Before buying, make sure to check the age group the chaise lounge is suitable for. You can go up a size, too, so your child can enjoy it for a few years.

10. Saloon Playhouse, Original Organics

In terms of fun outdoor furniture that encourages imaginative play, it’s hard to beat a wooden playhouse.  This saloon playhouse features a glazed window, two windows with shutters, a stable door and a covered veranda. It has a fully boarded floor and tongue and groove cladding with a durable felt roof.

Construction is fairly straightforward and the finished house can be stained or painted. It will give your children hours and hours of fun and if looked after, will last for many years. It’ll also double up as handy storage for cushions and beanbags!

Tip: Hang plastic or metal balcony planters over the veranda, you can add colourful potted flowers or strawberries or use them as storage for smaller toys.

11. Riki Rattan Children’s Outdoor Chair, Wayfair

riki rattan children's outdoor chair

Riki Rattan Children’s Outdoor Chair, Wayfair

Children’s garden furniture is often brightly coloured and designed to catch their eye, but if you prefer a slightly more pared down look, this beautiful rattan chair is a great buy and will look gorgeous alongside other boho-themed pieces.

Crafted from natural rattan, this comfortable seat has been designed for use outdoors. It will withstand summer weather but it’s worth storing the chair over the colder months to stop it from rotting.

12. Wooden Cable Drum Reel with Artificial Grass Top, Etsy

wooden cable drum reel with artificial grass top

Wooden Cable Drum Reel with Grass Top, Etsy

Foster their natural curiosity with this cable drum table.  The grass top enables children to imagine, play and create wonderful worlds with their toys. Cable drums are really versatile, you could upcycle some smaller ones and use them as stools around the table.

How to choose the best kid’s patio furniture

Children’s patio furniture should be durable, colourful and of course, child-sized. It should be ready to brave the UK’s wind and rain, and finally, it should be comfortable, safe and easy to care for and clean.

So, when buying patio furniture for children, make sure to check all these boxes.

Keep safety in mind

As a parent, always consider your child’s safety when buying a piece of patio furniture. Stay away from aluminium and iron frames without proper cushioning.

Also, consider the height of the furniture. If your child is too young, don’t buy anything they can fall from.

Go for easy-care furniture

Whenever you buy a piece of outdoor furniture, especially for kids, make sure it’s easy to care for. Plastic and fibreglass are two good choices. These are weatherproof and can easily endure the elements.

Kids will make a big mess wherever they go so their furniture should be easy to clean, too. Don’t buy anything with too many nooks and grooves. Check that the surface of the furniture is smooth and a breeze to wipe with a piece of cloth.

Look for comfort

Kids’ furniture can be great to look at, but not always comfortable to use. Put comfort first. Make sure the furniture has padded seats or built-in cushions.

For example, metal or wooden benches may be uncomfortable. But with proper padding, they work well. That said, see that the padding is detachable so you can easily clean it now and then.

Check the size and space

Garden furniture for kids comes in different sizes. While some may be perfect for 10-year-olds, some is more suitable for infants. Check the size of the furniture and what age group it’s for before buying.

Also, see how much space the furniture will take up. You probably don’t want it to fill up your entire patio!

Read the product description!

For wooden furniture, you can look for keywords like weather-resistant or pressure-treated. For fabric and fibreglass, look for waterproof, water-resistant, or antimicrobial keywords. This tip is especially important if you’re buying anything online.

And with that, our list of recommended patio furniture for kids draws to an end. Now let the shopping fun begin!

With an incredible selection of patio furniture to suit kids of all ages, you can be sure to find the perfect pieces for your space and give them outdoor adventures they will never forget.


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