Garden Furniture With Rising Table

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If you have a small patio or garden, you most likely want to get the most out of your available space. Fortunately, there are patio furniture sets designed for just this goal.

Have you ever heard of a rising or adjustable table? If not, you’re in for a great surprise. Let’s take a look at garden furniture with rising table.

garden furniture with rising table

Garden furniture with rising tables can be great space-savers. Credit: Oakfurniturehouse

What is a rising table?

A rushing table is an adjustable table that can go from being a simple coffee table to a full-fledged dining table. This might sound quite bizarre, but the adjustment is really quite simple.

How does it work?

A rising table has two sections that slide into each other. This function allows the table to be lowered. The upper section that extends the table is placed just a bit towards the inside making the circumference less.

When the table will be functioning as a simple coffee table, the inner section won’t be visible. If you need it to be a dining table, you can simply lift up the face of the table and secure the clips in place that forces the inner section to stay extended. Once you’re done, you can release the clips and allow the table to go back to being a coffee table.

How will a rising table benefit you?

An adjustable dining table saves a lot of space. You can easily turn your normal coffee table into a dining table without moving a lot of furniture around and needing the space to store the coffee table.

These tables also make it easier to eat. You won’t need to hold your plate on your lap or hang over the coffee table uncomfortably. Simply extend the coffee table into a dining table to create a comfortable height for eating on.

Adjustable coffee tables also come in a variety of styles. This means you can choose one that suits your needs and fits with your furniture sets. Most of the time, rising tables come with rattan furniture sets.

garden furniture set with rising table

Transforming from a coffee to a dining table, rising tables are perfect for summer. Credit: Oakfurniturehouse

An adjustable table can also be used to suit different circumstances in your day-to-day life. You’ll be able to use it as a desk in your garden office when necessary, host dinner parties, or just use it as a normal coffee table. Whatever you need, these rising tables should be able to do it all.


How do you raise the height of a coffee table?

In adjustable tables, all you have to do is unlatch the clip that prevents you from extending the table. Lift up the tabletop and secure the clip back in place. In most cases, it will be a snap button that automatically secures the table for you.

What is the normal coffee table height?

14 to 20 inches tall. Adjustable coffee tables tend to be a little taller at 34 inches. The difference in height is due to the mechanism needed to turn it into a full dining table.

Can the coffee table be used a dining table?

Coffee tables can function as dining tables if you have an adjustable coffee table. These tables are designed to make it easy to raise the height of the table to save space. Your table will be functional as both a dining and coffee table.

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