Can You Put Garden Furniture On Artificial Grass? Here’s How

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Are you thinking of getting an artificial lawn for your garden or balcony?

Artificial grass has become very popular over the last few years. Many people that can’t have normal grass like those living in apartments place this grass on their balconies. Artificial lawn also has many benefits that normal grass doesn’t like for instance, you’ll never have to cut it, the kids will stay clean, you won’t be allergic and you don’t need to water it.

The big question, however, is can you put garden furniture on artificial grass?  Let’s find out.

artifical grass on balcony

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Can you put garden furniture on artificial grass?

Yes, you can put garden furniture on artificial grass as long as it doesn’t have sharp edges.

Most garden furniture won’t damage your artificial turf. There are, however, exceptions to this rule so make sure to check before you take your furniture out for the first time.

Putting garden furniture on artificial grass – what you should know

For some, placing their patio furniture on their brand new artificial grass is a big worry.  Artificial grass is quite expensive which makes sense why you want to keep it in mint condition for as long as possible. Fortunately, having artificial turf is a lot like having a carpet that resembles grass.

You can place just about any kind of furniture on this grass as long as you avoid those with sharp edges. Even heavy furniture won’t damage your lawn as long as you move it around every few months.

garden furniture on artificial grass

Placing heavy furniture on artificial turf is fine as long as you move it occasionally. Credit: Shutterstock

Heavy furniture tends to cause an indent in your grass due to compression.  If you don’t move your furniture every now and then, this indent will become permanent. That isn’t a problem if you never plan on rearranging your seating area, but it’s always better to prevent any damage.

If you know from the start that your artificial turf will have to be quite strong to endure heavy furniture, it is a good idea to go for the thicker more durable variety. This is especially important if you’re planning on placing heavy rattan furniture on your turf.

Safe furniture for artificial grass

If you’re worried about imprints on your new artificial grass, there are quite a few furniture options that won’t leave any marks. One particularly good set of furniture for this purpose is artificial grass furniture.

This type of furniture is very light making it unlikely that there will be any type of imprint or damage once you’re done using it. It is also made from very durable material which means your furniture will last quite a while.

artifical grass garden furniture

Lightweight rattan furniture is excellent for artificial grass. Credit: Shutterstock

It is possible to get sets with chairs, tables and sofas so you can pick and choose. You also won’t need to worry about maintenance since you won’t need to do much.  Anything lightweight with flat, wide legs won’t leave imprints.

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Wooden furniture made from lightweight wood like cedar is a great choice if you have artificial grass. You can also consider aluminium furniture, just make sure that the legs are flat and wide or protected with rubber pads to avoid damage to your lawn.

Furniture to avoid on fake grass

If you have artificial grass, it is best to avoid any furniture with sharp edges on the legs.

Any sharp pointy legs will either pull out the artificial grass strands or worst-case scenario, rip the whole thing. To avoid this, use artificial grass furniture protectors, special pads to protect your grass if your furniture has sharp edges or just switch to safer furniture altogether.

furniture pad grass

Padding your furniture will help preserve artificial grass. Credit: Shutterstock

When it comes to heavy furniture like rattan, you don’t necessarily have to avoid it, but you’ll have to put in a bit of effort to protect your grass.  If you decide to go for or keep your existing rattan furniture, make sure to move it to a different area of your grass every other month. This way you’ll give the compressed parts of the grass time to recover before permanent damage sets in.

It is also best to avoid anything that can get very hot like tables with built-in fire pits or outdoor heaters. These implements will potentially damage your grass by melting it.  The synthetic material that the grass is made of fortunately won’t burn, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be damaged by excess heat.


What shouldn’t you put on artificial grass?

Never put anything with a sharp edge on artificial grass.

It is also best to avoid chewing gum, oil and anything hot like a fire pit. Driving on artificial turf should also be avoided unless you want to reduce its lifespan.

Can you put rattan furniture on artificial grass?

Definitely. Rattan furniture won’t cause any lasting damage to your artificial grass if you manage it properly.  Make sure to move the furniture to a new spot every other month to give your grass time to recover from being compressed.

Can you put a fire pit on artificial grass?

Putting a fire pit on artificial grass is not recommended. The grass, fortunately, won’t burn but the heat from the fire pit and any burning material that falls out of it will melt and scorch your artificial grass.


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