Where Can I Buy A Pop-Up Gazebo?

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Are you looking to buy a pop-up gazebo? Gazebos can be very handy to have around.  They create shade and shelter and you can choose from a variety of designs depending on your needs.

If you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for just yet, don’t fret. This guide will help you to figure out which gazebo suits you best and tell you where you can find it. Let’s take a look…

buy pop-up gazebo

Pop-up gazebos are ideal for use at home and away. Photo credit: vastateparksstaff, CC BY 2.0

Things to consider before buying a pop-up gazebo

Buying a gazebo is quite an investment, especially if you’re going for the permanent variety. To make sure your gazebo is everything you dreamed of, make sure to consider the following points:


The size of your gazebo will depend on a few factors. First, you’ll need to determine how much space you have available. If you have a large outdoor area, then a permanent gazebo may be a great addition to your space. If you only have a small patio, you might have to consider one of the temporary designs out there.

If you’ll be travelling with your gazebo, it’s also better to choose a smaller variety as it’s easier to manoeuvre. If it’s for large functions like weddings, you’ll need a large commercial gazebo to get the job done.


The shape of your gazebo will also depend on a few external factors. If you’ll be using your gazebo in a large garden, you have several options when it comes to the shape of it. In this case, it will depend on what you like and how it will fit in with the rest of your garden’s aesthetics.

If you have limited space, the shape of your gazebo will be determined by the space you’ll be working with. If you have a round patio your gazebo will most likely be round, if your garden space is more square, then a square gazebo will work much better.


The colour of your gazebo will depend on your personal preference and the colour scheme of your garden. You don’t have to go with plain colours, you can also choose between a variety of patterns and other designs.

Gazebos tend to come in limited colours, so if you want something outside that range, you may need to go for a custom design.


The materials your gazebo is made of will depend on the type of gazebo you’re going for. If you prefer a permanent gazebo, you will need to choose between a wooden or metal gazebo. You will also need to decide if you want a gazebo with a cover or a permanent roof.

For temporary gazebos, you have quite a range to choose from. The material you choose will depend a little on what you want to do with your gazebo. For instance, if you’ll be travelling with your gazebo, then something lightweight is better. If it will mostly be staying in your backyard, then something heavier like a metal gazebo might be more appropriate especially if you want to leave it up.

Where Can I Buy A Pop-Up Gazebo? 1

Aluminium gazebos are sleek and modern and can come with shuttered rooves for instant shade. Credit: Suns Life

If the gazebo will only be used occasionally, then a temporary pop-up gazebo might do the trick.

All these gazebos also come with different covers. Some are more durable than others and can withstand high winds, rain and sun damage. Others are designed purely for providing shade on a sunny day. Make sure you know what your gazebo will be used for before you decide on a material.

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What will you be using your gazebo for? This is a very important question when deciding what kind of gazebo you want. If your gazebo will be used for small garden parties and get-togethers, you’ll need a gazebo big enough to accommodate a table and a few chairs.

If you need a gazebo for large functions like weddings, you’ll need an industrial-sized gazebo made from strong, durable material to accommodate everyone.


The durability of your gazebo is directly linked to the quality. If you go for a cheap flimsy gazebo it won’t be very durable and as a result, you’ll need a new one quite soon.

Good quality, durable gazebos can be quite expensive. You might have to save up some money to get it, but in the long run, it will cost much less than buying a cheap, flimsy gazebo. If your gazebo will be used a lot, rather go for the more expensive variety.

Ease of installation

This point will depend on the use of your gazebo and if you’ll have help setting it up. If you’re considering a permanent gazebo, you will definitely need some help to set it up. Fortunately, once the installation is done, you won’t need to take it down again except for doing maintenance.

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If you need your gazebo to be more mobile, you can choose one of the lighter varieties that are simple to set up. The easiest one to set up on your own is a pop-up gazebo. You can also choose one that requires assembly as long as it is made from light material such as aluminium.

If you need a semi-permanent gazebo, then a metal gazebo will be best. Keep in mind that the metal is quite heavy so you’ll need some help with the installation.

Ease of transport

If you’ll be moving your gazebo around a lot, a permanent gazebo made from heavy wood or metal is not the way to go. It is much easier to just move a pop-up gazebo around.

If you need durability along with movability, you’ll need to make some compromises. Your gazebo will be a bit heavier but that will add to the durability. If you’re ok with carrying a bit of extra weight around, go for a sturdier, heavier gazebo.

Where can I buy a pop-up gazebo?

If you’ve decided to buy a pop-up gazebo, you can start looking for places that sell them. There are quite a few stores in the UK that distribute pop-up gazebos. If you’d rather buy online, you also have quite a few options. We’ve rounded up some of the best pop-up gazebo retailers:


What is the cheapest gazebo to buy?

Pop-up gazebos tend to be the cheapest gazebos on the market. They are quite lightweight which makes them easy to transport.

What is the best colour for gazebos?

A neutral colour is always a safe bet if you’re worried about colour. Something like cream or paperbark will easily fit in with almost any decor you have and leaves room for change.

How do I know what size gazebo to buy?

The size of the gazebo you need will depend on what you want to use it for. For small intimate gatherings, a small 2x2m gazebo should do the trick. If you have a large outdoor space, choose a larger gazebo or use more than one.


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