Best Rattan Garden Furniture: Good Quality for Every Budget

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Rattan is a natural woven plant material, which is sometimes mistakenly called wicker. Rattan is actually the growing material used, a type of tropical climbing palm vine, whereas wicker is the style of weaving. The textured weaving of rattan furniture is a comfortable, natural addition to your outside space.

There is a choice to be made between natural or synthetic rattan and this article will explain the differences between them. I’ve spent hours staring at some fabulous examples of the best rattan furniture on sale in the UK so you don’t have to! 

Should I buy natural or plastic rattan garden furniture?

Natural rattan is derived from the Arecales or Palmea climbing palm plant that thrives in the hot, tropical forests of Africa, Asia (Indonesia and Malaysia), Bangladesh and the Philippines. Some varieties of these vines grow as far south as Australia.

There are about 600 varieties of palm plants and they grow in forests providing cover protection for fruit, rubber and other low growing plants. Rattan is a lightweight material, comparable to woven bamboo. It usually comes in shades of sandy beige or cream but the weave style varies depending on the country from which it originates. 

To harvest the rattan, the vines are cut and while they are still quite damp, the skin is peeled back to reveal the weaving material underneath. The vine is a great, sustainable alternative to wood, and because it grows so quickly, it is excellent for the local economies too. The vines provide a valuable secondary source of income in rubber plantations as the vines climb over the rubber trees and cutting them down does not affect the trees at all. 

The rattan is woven into panels in situ, and these remain in this shape once they dry. Rattan is a durable, lightweight material ideal for garden furniture and there are ethical suppliers in the UK who guarantee that it comes from a sustainably managed forest and that workers are paid a decent salary to make it.

A round weave is thicker than a flat weave so this type looks like the stem of the plant and it’s stronger due to the thickness. The flat weave is quite lightweight, making it practical for garden furniture.

Synthetic rattan is a manmade, engineered material made from resin which looks similar to natural rattan. For old diehards like me, it looks pretty close to the real thing but when you sit down, you can feel the plastic texture rather than the natural warmth of rattan.

However, it is an excellent material and if you sit on a cushion you won’t touch it anyway so enjoy how easy it is to clean and its durability. It is often less expensive than natural rattan too so if your budget is tight, this makes purchasing a good set of garden chairs and table and maybe even a fire pit an attractive option. 

Best synthetic rattan garden furniture

Here are my favourite picks from a selection of UK providers of garden furniture. 

1. Capri Firepit Rattan Corner Sofa Set, BillyOh 

My first choice is this stylish sofa set, with L-shaped corner sofa, a tempered glass table with an in-built fire pit and two double cushioned benches.  If you’re looking for a whole set of furniture with plenty of space for lots of people to eat and drink, then the Capri rattan set is ideal. The L-shaped sofa will look equally good outdoors or in a sunny section in your conservatory.

The manufacturers recommend storing the cushions during wet weather and over winter, as unlike Capri we are probably due a few more showers. All cushions are supplied with the set and the covers are removable for washing. It’s the most cost-effective way to make the most of your garden for the coming months. You can buy the set in instalments and it is a popular item with good reviews. 

CAPTION Capri Firepit Rattan Corner Sofa Set, BillyOh

2. Large Round Dining Table in Grey, Rattan Direct

My next choice is a rattan dining table – try this stylish large, round dining table in grey to suit all the dining occasions this summer!

If you have a large family, finding a table big enough table to accommodate everybody is quite a struggle but Rattan Direct has the answer to your problems. You can add any number of dining chairs, high chairs and stools to seat everybody and this stylish table with a Lazy Susan will impress everyone.

It has a glass top to protect the rattan from spills and it is super easy to clean. It also has some UV protection so it will survive the warm weather and keep its stylish appearance! A free cover is included in the price and if you want matching chairs, they are available in either black or brown. I just loved the table! 

large round dining table in grey

Large Round Dining Table in Grey, Rattan Direct

3. Hartman Heritage Tuscan 4 Seat Round Dining Set, Keen Gardener

If you want a comfortable dining table for 4, then this attractive artificial rattan round table in a beech finish with 4 seats from keen Gardener is a perfect solution.

This table has a Tuscan ceramic glass top in a natural stone finish for easy cleaning and also features a handy parasol for those hotter days. The big advantage of synthetic rattan is that the whole set can be left outside all year round. The cushions will need to be stored away over winter.

CAPTION Hartman Heritage Tuscan 4 Seat Dining Set, Keen Gardener

4. Latitude Run Hoffer Garden Day Bed, Wayfair

A luxury item to lounge in sun or shade! You can adjust the shape of the day bed to suit your space and it is an attractive addition to any outdoor patio. 

outsunny cushioned rattan round sofa bed coffee table set

Latitude Run Hoffer Garden Day Bed, Wayfair

What looks like a luxury outdoor bed for a holiday in a sunny paradise is actually a set of furniture that can be dismantled to suit the occasion. If you are lounging by yourself, then the bed is perfect but if the whole family or a few friends pop round for tea or drinks, then you can adjust the chairs and you have a table and chairs in minutes.

There is also a retractable canopy to shade you from the hot sun or to provide light rain cover in the event of a sudden storm. The structure is made from metal and wrapped in synthetic rattan for an elegant finish.

When assembled as a table and chairs, the set contains two quarter chairs, two chairs with backs and a round table. There are adjustable feet for stability and balance. The grey colour should blend well in most garden settings and you can choose from black or light grey too. All covers can be removed for cleaning. 

5. Venice Rattan Garden Sofa Chair, housing units

And now for some chairs! I love this really unique design from Housing Units.

 I looked at quite a few chairs but this design really caught my eye. The manufacturers say it is a fusion of a chair and a sofa but it is the unique design that I love. I love the elegance of the metal legs and the side panels that resemble palm leaves.

I can picture myself lounging around with a refreshing drink in one of these! The legs are aluminium and overall, it is a sleek, modern design that will add glamour to your patio.

It has a UV-resistant finish and the seat is a comfy seat with an amazing design; for me, this is a really unique addition to any rattan garden furniture set. 

venice rattan garden sofa chair

Venice Rattan Garden Sofa Chair,

Best natural rattan garden furniture

6. Adonis 4 Chair Dining Set, Garden Furniture Centre

The beautiful chairs in this set are handcrafted from natural Indonesian rattan. Like similar synthetic products, they’re woven around an aluminium frame for superior durability. Although made from a natural product, the chairs are able to withstand temperatures from -70 to 70 plus degrees celsius! The rattan is naturally water and chlorine-resistant and you can choose from 6 different weave options.

The chairs go perfectly with the natural teak table which feartures handy removable legs and a parasol hole for those hot, sunny days.

CAPTION Adonis 4 Chair Dining Set, Garden Furniture Centre

7. Meteor Sun Lounger, Garden Furniture Centre 

Last but definitely not least, how about an outdoor luxury lounger?

Crafted from premium, marine-grade rattan, this lounger is suitable for use by the pool and won’t suffer when left outside in the rain.

CAPTION Meteor Sun Lounger, Garden Furniture Centre

How to choose good quality rattan garden furniture

Here are a few notes that may prove useful when you’re on the hunt for new rattan furniture. 

1. Comfort, style or both?

Look for a pleasing design but remember who will be using it. If you have grandchildren they might love the round table where everybody can eat together whereas I fell in love with the stylish weave in number 5 but everything depends on your particular taste.

2. Cost

Some of these sets are expensive so figure out your budget before you start shopping. It may be more cost-effective to choose items individually. 

3. Colour

Rattan comes in many tones from a creamy tan colour to darker shades of grey and brown when new but some may fade in bright sunshine, so check the label before you buy.

4. Delivery

If you live in the UK, delivery is often free. However, if you live in Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands, check this before buying as some postcodes attract a higher delivery charge.

5. Protection

Protection from the sun and rain is usually offered by the rattan’s natural surface, whether synthetic or natural, however, many suppliers offer covers to keep the damage from harsher winter weather at bay.

6. Sustainability

The material from which natural rattan is made is extremely environmentally friendly and it also gives local economies a boost in countries where it is harvested. It is only travel miles which might add to your eco-conscience. If this is the case for you, then go for synthetic rattan that’s manufactured closer to home.

So have you made up your mind or been tempted by some of these items? I have enjoyed browsing through rattan furniture so enjoy your summer outdoors and if you discover any new rattan furniture to inspire us here at Garden Patch, do send us your pics! 

Best rattan garden furniture good quality for every budget-min

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