When Are Garden Furniture Sales?

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You can find garden furniture sales online throughout the year. But the biggest sales usually take place at the end of summer and during autumn. That’s when you can find some great items at bargain prices.

Read on to learn more about off-season shopping for outdoor furniture and discover other times of the year when you can find great deals.

When Are Garden Furniture Sales? 1

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Between late August and October

This is the time of year when most stores start to make room for their autumn inventory. They’ll be busy clearing out remaining stock to free up space.  Savings during this time tend to increase progressively starting in late August and reach their peak in mid to late October. Around that time, you can save up to 70% on garden furniture.

On the other hand, expect a smaller selection of items than in early spring or summer. Most stores will have sold most of their garden furniture by this point.

That said, you can still find remarkable deals. This includes high-end garden furniture that proved too expensive for most buyers.

Tip: When shopping for discounted furniture during this period, try to strike a good balance between availability and discounts. If you have a particular item in mind that you really want in your garden, you may want to settle for a good discount earlier in the sales season than wait until late autumn for a great one. By then, the item may no longer be available anywhere.

Between December and February

Some online gardening stores may also offer mid-winter sales. These late sales often feature leftover products they weren’t able to sell in autumn. If you’re looking for a massive discount on a pricey item, you could look for it online around this time.

Don’t forget that you’ll have to properly store what you buy before spring. Make storage arrangements in time. Poor storage conditions may damage your buy, especially if we’re talking about wood, rattan, or rust-prone garden metal furniture.

Other major sales days for garden furniture

There are well over 30 notable retail sales days in the UK every year. Here are the ones that tend to be the best for garden furniture deals:

Earth Day sales

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Earth Day might score you good deals on eco-friendly garden furniture; Credit: Shutterstock

Looking for environmentally-friendly garden furniture made from hard-wearing woods, stainless steel, or recycled plastic?  Keep an eye out for Earth Day sales around April 22. Most deals tend to be available online.

Easter sales

easter composition bunnies and flowers

Look for deals at the physical stores during Easter; Credit: Shutterstock

Easter sales may not be as big as sales later in the year. But since they take place before summer, they include a wider selection of garden furniture.  Most physical stores will have some special offers ready for you around this time.

Amazon Prime Day sales

amazon prime day editorial

Prime Day may not have crazy furniture deals every year, but it’s worth checking out; Credit: Shutterstock

Held once a year, typically over two days, Prime Day sales are Amazon’s largest shopping event of the year. Garden furniture may not always be at the forefront of these sales, but you may come across some remarkable deals.

In 2021, Amazon Prime Day in the UK was celebrated between 21-22 June. The dates change from year to year but tend to be in the early to mid-summer. Keep an eye on the online retailer’s announcements to find out next year’s dates.


hallowin jack-o-lantern pumpkins outdoor

You might scream from these deals! Credit: Shutterstock

Halloween isn’t your typical sales day for garden furniture. But sometimes, you can find some scary deals online at this time.

Black Friday

patio and garden furniture on sale editorial

The selection will be limited, but you never know; Credit: Shutterstock

Black Friday may surprise you with garden furniture deals too.  Don’t expect too many options so late in the year. But if you’re after something that was too expensive during the season, Black Friday may be a late opportunity to snatch it—at a massive discount.

Christmas & New Year sales

christmas trees

You might get lucky with festive deals on leftover stock; Credit: Shutterstock

You probably won’t ask Santa to bring you garden furniture—after all, warm weather is months away. But online stores may have some great offers at this time.

Offers tend to be either high-end stuff or smaller items stores have been stuck with after off-season sales. Winter sales are worth scavenging for leftover garden furniture even if temperatures may be freezing outside.

What about spring and summer sales?

blossoming tree in the spring

Just like the flowers, the retailer’s stock blossoms in the spring; Credit: Shutterstock

Spring sales are common online as well as offline. But in terms of savings, they don’t compare to late-season sales. Spring sales have more to do with sellers marketing their new stocks before summer than with actual great deals.

That’s not to say you can’t save 10-20% on some items. When it comes to spring sales, you may find better deals online than in local stores. Ecommerce garden furniture stores will often try to differentiate themselves during this time, both from online and offline competitors.

Some online stores will ship your products straight from the supplier’s warehouse so they can start selling garden furniture earlier than physical stores that need to stock and display it first.

Summer sales, on the other hand, are often more of a marketing gimmick than actual sales since this is the peak season for garden furniture. That’s not to say you can’t find a good deal, but usually, it’s better to shop in the off-season or the pre-season.

A word of caution about garden furniture sales

You can get a bargain at a clearance sale or in the off-season. This is true whether you buy online or shop at a brick-and-mortar store. But keep in mind that during sales, retailers often try to offload discontinued items or products that didn’t sell so well. Garden furniture is no exception.

A cheap garden chair may look good in the store, but in your garden, it may not last more than a few seasons. This doesn’t mean you should avoid garden furniture sales. Only that you should always check the quality of the products and research the manufacturer if possible.

Also, you don’t want to end up buying something you don’t really need just because it’s cheaper than usual. Garden furniture sales are full not just of opportunities, but also of bad deals leading to a false economy. So watch out!

Ideally, you want to have a shopping list ready before you start looking for bargains. That way you’ll be less likely to lose the money you save in the short term on repairs and replacements later on.

In the end, you won’t save money during sales unless you buy quality items that will last, right?


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