How To Take Down A Pop-Up Gazebo Quickly

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Pop-up gazebos are just as simple to take down as they are to put up. All you really have to do is reverse the steps you’ve taken to put it up. If you weren’t responsible for erecting it, don’t panic.

Here’s how to take down a pop-up gazebo in a few simple steps:

how to take down a pop-up gazebo

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How to take down a pop-up gazebo

Gazebos are great to have around. They create shade and provide some shelter from the elements. Unfortunately, a pop-up gazebo shouldn’t be left up because of wind risk. Take the following steps to collapse your pop up gazebo without any fuss.

Step 1: Release the gazebo

The first thing you’ll need to do is free the gazebo from all the sandbags, straps and other things holding it down. This is necessary to get to the legs. If the wind is quite strong, you might need to ask some friends to help you to hold the gazebo down while you collapse it.

Simply unstrap the sandbags from the legs or remove the weight of your choice attached to them. Once done, remove all the tent pegs and release the ropes.  If your gazebo has any sides, you’ll need to remove these too.

Step 2: Collapse the legs

The next step after freeing your gazebo is shortening the legs. Simply push the snap release button in the middle of the leg and allow the canopy to lower. Do this with all four feet until the canopy is half the height it was before.

Step 3: Loosen the diamond grid

Before you can take off the canopy cover, you will need to release some of the tension on it. To do this, simply pull the upper and lower corners of the diamond grid apart to shorten the whole structure.

Once some tension has been released, loosen all the velcro attachments of the canopy cover and simply pull it off of the frame. Once that is done, release the snap buttons in the top corner of the frame and lover the whole structure down the legs.

Step 4: Collapse the gazebo

For the last step, simply take the corner of the gazebo and walk the corners together while holding it slightly off the ground. All the diamond frames should shorten easily and allow you to collapse the frame.

Once done, you can roll the collapsed frame in the canopy cover and place the whole thing inside its bag. Well done in collapsing your gazebo for the first time!


How do you fold a canopy?

Step 1: Lower the legs

Step 2: Take off the canopy cover

Step 3: Collapse the diamond frame and release the snap buttons in the corners to lower the canopy further

Step 4: Walk the corners together

Step 5: Pack away in its bag

Can you leave a canopy up overnight?

No, pop up canopies should never be left unattended. They are quite fragile and can be damaged or damage the property around them if a storm blows through. If you are unable to fold a gazebo here’s how you can weigh it down to prevent it from blowing away.


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