32 Beach Style Garden Ideas

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Whether you live by the sea or are simply dreaming of an ocean-side escape, a beach-themed garden is a wonderful way to bring the vacation to you. From the clever use of upcycled materials to nifty ideas for lighting, this list of beach style garden ideas will help you transform your outdoor space from suburban to sea-worthy.

Beach Style Garden Ideas: Furniture

The fastest way to transform your space is to add some beach-themed furniture that evokes the laid-back and sun-soaked vibe of the coast. Look for sling-back chairs, wicker settees, canvas shade-makers, wooden picnic benches and classic patio sets.

1. Hammocks

Nothing says chilled-out-beach louder than a hammock. This kind of classic macramé looks like a stylish old fishing net, or you could add pops of colour to your garden with an endless variety of waterproof Gortex designs.

2. Swing Chairs

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 1

Install a swing chair or bench to enhance a gentle ocean breeze.  This version features a soft brown rattan with calming, sea-coloured fabrics.

3. Laid Back Arm Chairs

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 2

Texture combinations go a long way toward setting the beachy mood. This relaxed outdoor armchair combines a simple, wrapped-cord design with chunky fabric cushions to evoke the sturdy-yet-cosy aesthetic of ocean-front homes.

4. Timber Based Lounge Furniture

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 3

Another brilliant way to turn a garden into a seaside escape is to create a functional-but-dreamy social space, with loungers made from reclaimed timbers. A low, deep couch with a squashy base immediately gives you that luxurious indoor/outdoor vibe.

5. Deck Chairs & Beach Chairs

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 4

Perhaps the simplest way to make your garden feel like the beach is to add some classic, comfy sun loungers. These canvas sling-backs are easy to move around and fold up for storage in the winter.

Beach Style Garden Ideas: Fences

Your front fence is like a billboard to the street, broadcasting the style of your home and garden to the world beyond. To make sure everyone knows that you’re California dreaming, you could go all-out with a fence made of upcycled surfboards, or take a more minimalist approach with bamboo matting, or chunky ropes and posts.

6. Roped Fences To Divide Sections & Pathways

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 5

Rope-and-post fencing is easy to build yourself, and can also be used as a garden border or stair railing. Source recycled ropes and timber for the most eco-friendly approach, and don’t worry about every post being perfectly aligned.

7. Use Surfboards To Bulk Out A Fence

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 6

8. Use Miscellaneous Recycled Sporting Equipment To Enhance Your Beach Themed Fence

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 7

Beach style garden ideas don’t have to be all muted sand-tones! An ocean-side garden can be the perfect excuse to go a little more colourful and zany. For example, there’s nothing subtle about a fence made from an upcycled surfboards, skis and kayaks. Make a bold choice like this, and you’ll never feel too far from Hawaii.

9. A Classic, Coastal Blue Wooden Fence

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 8

Give your basic picket fence a beachy makeover with a coat of blue paint painted blue and teamed with beachy plants like daisies and sea kale.

10. Split-Logged Fence With Woven Cane

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 9

This rustic, beach-themed fence is made from raw split logs and woven cane. This type of fence can have so many variations depending on the type of wood you use (reclaimed planks or pallets are ideal) and whether you secure them with rope, wire or something else. A DIY wooden fence brings a cool, beach-side shack feeling without committing to all those surfboards.

Beach Style Garden Ideas: Decorations

An easy way to get started on your beach-themed garden is to add some clever decorations and artwork. Your local salvage yards, flea markets and car boot sales are are good places to look for used fishing equipment, worn ropes, vintage shop signs and other sea-themed gear. Better yet, go for a long wander down the beach and bring back your own flotsam and jetsam to use as decor.

11. Old Fishing Equipment And A Life Ring

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 10

There’s no harm in choosing classic water-themed decor when you’re looking for beach style garden ideas. Life-rings can be hard to come across, but keep an eye out online and at flea markets. Combining several sea-inspired items like nets, anchors and watersports paraphernalia among gravel and succulents is a great way to create a coastal feel.

12. Marine-Life Sculptures

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 11

A love for the beach is usually coupled with an appreciation for ocean life. Celebrate the fish, seagulls and mammals of the sea by adding some cute and quirky creature decorations.  Look for fish, shells, whales or whichever other water animals you like most and hang them from trees, on fences, and amongst your plants.

13. Use Beach Structures as Artwork

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 12

Sculptures are a great way to add structure and a focal point to any garden. When it comes to beach style garden ideas, try using a weathered rowing boat or surfboard. Another option is to playfully paint your shed to look like a classic beach hut.

14. Plant Flowers In An Old Rowing Boat As A Themed Area

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 13

An added bonus of finding an unwanted rowing boat or kayak is that they can be used as gorgeous, unique planters. Fill your boat with creeping vines or even pebbles, sand and succulents.

15. Hang Flags and Bunting Inspired by Your Favourite Beach Holiday Destinations

Bunting and strings of flags are popular beach decor, and not only add to the international feel of your garden but add pretty visual movement as they catch in the breeze.

16. Brightly Coloured Flags

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 14

17. Paper Streamers & Ribbons

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 15

18. Classic Bunting

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 16

Making bunting out of material scraps is a great, low-cost DIY project. Hang between trees, under shaded areas or even wrapped onto branches to add some color to your outside space. Gingham bunting like this also creates a vintage vibe, and a classic British feel.

Beach Style Garden Ideas: Lights

No garden is complete without some lighting to take the day into the night.  Simple candles in large glass jars emit a gentle glow, perfect for late-night alfresco meals or exposed bulbs strung between trees or buildings bring the pier to your back door.

19. Bulb Style Hangings Lights & Fairy Lights

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 17

20. Small Lanterns

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 18

Candle-lit lanterns are another beautiful way to create an earthy, rustic ambience in your garden at night, and are perfect for keeping candles protected from the breeze.

21. Tealight Candles In A Jar

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 19

22. Larger Candles In Mason Jars & Recycled Bottles

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 20

Even jars and candle holders made from coloured glass are enough to help candlelight work its magic in setting the mood. Increase the beachy vibes by adding sand, pebbles and shells into the bottom of large glass jars to keep the candles upright.

Beach Style Garden Ideas: Plants

Plants are an essential part of any garden. Depending on your climate and soil conditions, your choice for your beach themed garden can vary from the graceful palms to low-maintenance cacti. Other wonderful options include windswept grasses and wildflowers. For a really beachy vibe, you can add dried-out underwater vegetation, like seaweed, that has naturally washed up on the shore.

23. Palm Trees

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 21

Nothing says beach more than a palm tree. Speak to your local garden centre for advice on which variety will suit your climate. Renting? No problem: many palms thrive in large pots.

24. Potted Rosemary

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 22

Rosemary is a classic beach-side plant. The hardy herb can be grown in pits, garden beds and also works as a hedge. Not only will the grey-green foliage and purple flowers add a sense of the seaside to your garden, you can use it in lots of cooking recipes – making it the perfect plant next to an outdoor kitchen or garden BBQ area.

25. Bougainvillea

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 23

The bright, cheerful blooms of bougainvilleas can be found in many coastal locations around the world. Plant them to grow up and over a pergola or archway, and in large blocks to full your garden with tropical colour.

26. Sea kale or Crambe maritim

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 24

You’d be forgiven for thinking that sea kale – or Crambe maritim – looks like it should be planted beneath the waves. The pale green bush has large leaves with beautifully frilly edges that look exceptionally pretty in a rock garden, or busy flowerbed. Better yet, the new shoots can be blanched and eaten, and when June and July roll around, the plant explodes into flower.

27. Succulents

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 25

Succulents can make even the lousiest gardeners feel blessed with green thumbs! These hardy little plants can be grown in a variety of soil conditions and in gardens and pots of all sizes. The pale greens, greys and even blue leaves echo the colours of the beach with almost no maintenance, as long as you plant them in a sunny spot. In the right conditions, succulents are a great candidate for green roofing, too.

28. Potted Daisies

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 26

Daisies are the ultimate flower for seaside gardens. Their sunny little faces will lift any grey British day and transport you to a cheery seaside promenade.

Beach Style Garden Ideas: Bold Colour

Use blocks of bold colours to add vibrancy to your garden walls, sheds and furniture. While we often think of blues and greys as associated with the seaside, yellow, pinks and even black can make a shed, wall or side of the house a stunning focal point of your beach themed garden.

29. Moroccan Inspired Painted Walls

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 27

Moroccan gardens are all about using bold colours to create personality and complement other furniture, flooring or tiles found around the garden. If you’re feeling really creative, why not even try painting a garden mural?

30. Brightly Coloured Walls With Plants & Climbers

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 28

If you’ve got an unloved brick or cement wall, you can turn it into your favourite garden area with just a splash of paint. Pale pink, deep blue, burnt orange or crisp white can evoke gardens in different parts of the world, like South America and the Mediterranean.

31. Paint Outbuildings, Sheds & Summer Houses In Bright Colours

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 29

Derek Jarman’s iconic seaside cottage demonstrates how bold contrasting colours can conjure that seaside vibe. The trick is to use weathered materials like wood and corrugated metal, and landscape with pebbles and plants that can tolerate the salty sea air.

32. Paint Gates, Fences & Sheds In Ocean Colours

32 Beach Style Garden Ideas 30

Classic shades of blue, beige and grey are still the quintessential seaside palette, and can trick your eye into seeing the sea even when you’re miles inland! This garden gate looks especially cool with its stylised paintwork that mimics the layers of the ocean.

If you like garden styles that whisk you away to somewhere more exotic, take a look at our Tiki garden ideas, Greek-style garden tips and luxurious, French-inspired spaces. Which of these garden ideas is your favourite? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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