International inspiration

the Kawachi Fuji Garden in Kitakyushu, Japan, is considered one of the most spectacular wisteria displays in the world and an epicentre for wisteria hysteria
Wisteria Hysteria: Growing an Instagram-Worthy Garden

Are you suffering from #WisteriaHysteria? Learn more about this beautiful plant and find inspiration for growing it in your own garden.

three novelty ceramic tiki mugs shaped like wood carvings are filled with exotic fruit drinks
13 Tiki Garden Ideas for a Tropical Themed Backyard Design

Although Tiki style is based on a fantasy, there are lots of real ways you can bring it into your garden design.

Italian style garden ideas with mossy paving stones, stone bench, water fountain and orange trees
15 Italian Style Garden Ideas for a Romantic Courtyard

Dramatic. Opulent. Romantic. Three of many reasons why you might be inspired by the stunning gardens of Italy, and why you could want to emulate their beauty in your own home.

A small, Japanese-inspired garden with decking, box shrubs, pebbles and lanterns
21 Japanese Garden Ideas: Plants and Features to Find Your Zen

Japanese garden ideas aim to emphasise the beauty of nature, even in small gardens, through careful landscaping choices and precise arrangements.

a crowded, cottage style flower bed
25 English Cottage Garden Ideas: Capture the Fairytale Charm

Cottage gardens are about letting go of formal garden design and embracing the wild beauty of nature.

a gravel garden with drought-tolerant plants and a paved path leading through a stucco arch
Spanish Themed Garden Ideas: Turn Your Garden into a Sizzling Iberian Sanctuary

Spanish gardens are made for lounging, enjoying weekend lunches with friends and family, and catching up during “sobremesa” or after-meal socials.

garden treasure hunt ideas - tie strings of pretty bunting in multi-coloured fabric to keep players in certain areas
Keep Calm and Carry On: British Themed Garden Ideas

In this post, we’ve curated the quintessential features from UK garden culture to come up with a list of classic, British themed garden ideas.

a paved path with a fountain and spherical topiary bushes in the middle
12 French Garden Ideas To Design Your Own Beau Jardin

In this post, we’re going to look at some of the most important French themed garden ideas and features to consider if you’re going to attempt this beautiful style at home.

a whitewashed house with a completely white patio and pergola. Growing around the pergola is a bougainvillea with striking pink flowers
14 Greek Style Garden Ideas to Design a Mediterranean Garden

Boasting colourful accents and stonework, Greek gardens are bright, welcoming and striking.

a traditional Moroccan garden with a long, blue pool running down the middle and lots of plants either side
8 Morocco Garden Ideas to Design Your Own Moroccan Courtyard

Even in bustling cities like Marrakesh and Casablanca, homes boast beautiful symmetrical layouts, bright colours, large terracotta pots, and lush evergreen gardens.

bohemian garden ideas - garden seating laid out on grass with patterend rugs and floor cushions
20+ Bohemian Garden Ideas for an Eclectic Outdoor Space

Influenced by nomadic tribes and exotic cultures from eastern Europe and north Africa, a bohemian – or boho – aesthetic is eclectic, romantic and inspired by global travel.

a sun-drenched sand path flanked by a rope fence heading towards palm trees
32 Beach Style Garden Ideas for a Seaside Themed Garden

Whether you live by the sea or are simply dreaming of an ocean-side escape, a beach-themed garden is a wonderful way to bring the vacation to you.