Unconventional gardens

an attractive colander is a great way to use upcycled garden ideas in your garden
Amazing Reclaimed & Upcycled Garden Ideas

A beautiful garden doesn’t have to be expensive – in fact, we’re here to show you how a bit vision can result in a unique garden for next-to-nothing.

a rectangular planter with spring onions growing inside
The 10 Best Vegetables for Container Gardening

Check out our list of the 10 easiest, most rewarding and all-round best vegetables for container gardening.

a collection of pots filled with the best plants for container gardening
The 10 Best Plants for Container Gardens

Starting a container garden? Here are my top 10 best plants for container gardens, pots and planters.

about forty stone pots brimming with pink and indigo flowers
18 Container Gardening Ideas: Potted Planting Arrangements

Container gardens are fantastic for anyone that’s getting to grips with gardening, growing plants in a limited space or adding a pop of colour to paved areas.

someone using tongs to place decorative stones inside a bottle garden jar with a wide neck
11 Bottle Garden Ideas (Growing Plants in Glass Bottles Made Easy)

Do you wish you had more outdoor space? Learn how to grow a bottle garden and bring nature inside with these helpful tips and stunning ideas.

a beautiful, symmetrical kitchen garden with box hedge borders
22 Foodscaping Ideas for a Stunning Edible Garden

Enjoy a garden that’s literally good enough to eat by growing a foodscape. These 22 foodscaping ideas will get you started.

a garden with lots of pots, some of which have little fairy houses and decorations in
16 Fairy Garden Ideas for a Whimsical Outdoors Wonderland

Amazing fairy garden ideas for creating your own fairy garden indoors or outdoors.

you can grow vegetables in hanging baskets, like this huge tomato plant with lots of trailing fruit
How to Grow Vegetables in Hanging Baskets

Choosing to grow vegetables in hanging baskets is an efficient use of space, giving you fantastic foliage and also leaving you with something delicious to enjoy at the end of the season.

three novelty ceramic tiki mugs shaped like wood carvings are filled with exotic fruit drinks
13 Tiki Garden Ideas for a Tropical Themed Backyard Design

Although Tiki style is based on a fantasy, there are lots of real ways you can bring it into your garden design.

round concrete stepping stones overlapping through circular shrubs and flower beds
18 Concrete Garden Ideas for Small & Big Yard Landscaping

Concrete is an incredibly versatile construction material that can bring all kinds of surprising style to your garden design.

a raised stone patio with furniture, in a gravel garden with several huge lavender shrubs
15 Grass Free Garden Ideas: Stunning Low Maintenance Yards

When you’ve got a busy life, a manicured lawn isn’t necessarily worth the effort. Take a look at these practical, imaginative and low-maintenance grass-free garden ideas.

A small, Japanese-inspired garden with decking, box shrubs, pebbles and lanterns
21 Japanese Garden Ideas: Plants and Features to Find Your Zen

Japanese garden ideas aim to emphasise the beauty of nature, even in small gardens, through careful landscaping choices and precise arrangements.

a close up of the edge of a living roof, showing a layer of retaining gravel
Modern Sustainability: Green Roof Ideas and Tips

Urban gardening is all about finding innovative ways to create green spaces when there’s barely room for a garden. My favourite examples of this? Green roofing and living walls.

the wall of a house with a wooden bench painted pink and a side gate painted in the same colour
14 Side Return Garden Ideas: Use the Narrow Side of House!

When outdoor space is minimal, you should be using every inch that you can! These side return garden ideas can transform even the narrowest walk-through area.

DIY garden pallet ideas using salvaged pallets on the wall as plant racks
Gravity-Defying Green Wall Ideas

How can you grow greenery when there’s barely any space for a plant pot? The answer is to look for a new angle – quite literally – and start employing vertical, green wall ideas.

indoor garden ideas with a retro sideboard covered in plants
Indoor Garden Ideas: Growing Tips and Top 10 Plants

It’s amazing how flowers or even just a little bit of green decor can improve the ambience of a room.

a rustic wooden bench tucked into an overflowing flowerbed
10 Sensory Garden Ideas to Stimulate All Senses

Any outdoor area can be transformed into a sensory garden, filled with fragrant plants, tactile surfaces and gentle ambient sounds.

a pallet bench with cushions is fitted neatly under a low roof on a balcony
15 Roof Garden Ideas to Design Your City Escape From Chaos

Capitalising on your rooftop garden’s excellent privacy, spectacular views, or unsheltered rain and sun are all pathways to transforming a tricky space into something exceptional.

a geometric terrarium with spiky succulents
Tiny Yet Terrific: Terrarium Garden Ideas

Looking for new ways to bring plants into your living space? A bit of greenery instantly makes a living room more welcoming, offices more vibrant and kitchens more cosy. If you’ve already taken a look at our indoor plants guide and decided you want something more unusual, building a terrarium might be right up your […]

halloween garden ideas with pumpkins painted black to look like cats
22 Halloween Garden Ideas: Fun & Low-cost Spooky Decorations

The trend for impressive Halloween decorations is making its way to the UK, so, if you want to try some playful Halloween garden ideas, here’s a list of my favourites.

a wooden deck that meets a lush lawn in a zig-zag shape with crisp metal edging
8 Artificial Grass Garden Ideas to Make Fake Grass Look Good

A huge benefit of synthetic grass is that it’s super versatile and you can use it in all kinds of ways that wouldn’t work with real grass.

a top-down view of a small balcony with furniture, rigs and overflowing flowers
20 Balcony Garden Ideas to Make a Terrace Look Like a Garden

Feeling creatively cramped by a small space? There are heaps of ways you can add unique style to even the cosiest balcony, and transform it into your favourite room in your home.

a stone wall with an open gate in a pretty enchanted garden
22 Enchanted Garden Ideas to Design a Fairy Tale Aesthetic

Enchanted gardens are bursting with personality, whimsy and folklore, often feeling like a gateway between the human world and a more magical plane.

a sun-drenched sand path flanked by a rope fence heading towards palm trees
32 Beach Style Garden Ideas for a Seaside Themed Garden

Whether you live by the sea or are simply dreaming of an ocean-side escape, a beach-themed garden is a wonderful way to bring the vacation to you.