23 Garden Swing Ideas: Hanging Chairs, Seats, Beds & Benches

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Is there any better way to relax at the end of a long day than to curl up in a swinging chair, or lay back in a hammock? Let me answer that for you – no, there isn’t. Whether your garden aesthetic is simple and stylish, or eclectic and bohemian, there’s always room for an adults swinging chair. In case you need convincing, I’ve put together a whole list of garden swing chair ideas and inspiration.

Garden swing chair ideas

There are so many variations of hanging garden chairs, and some will work better with your garden style than others. Take a look at some of these beautiful designs and consider how they might complement your colour scheme and aesthetic.

1. Moroccan themed garden swing

How about this simple swing seat in a Morrocan garden? Hanging your swing from an archway is the perfect way to frame your relaxation area and turn it into a gorgeous focal point. I like how the pink ropes of this swing match the salmon-coloured walls, making it look like the seat is floating at first glance.

2. Hanging chairs for minimalist gardens

Even if you keep your garden design fairly pared back, you can still enjoy a hanging chair in your relaxation area. By choosing a swing seat that blends in with your existing colour palette (in this case, monochrome), it won’t stand out too much and you can maintain a chic aesthetic.

A grey swing chair sits in a minimalist garden with grey flagstones, white fence and grey garden sofas

Grey patio from @house_of_holcroft

3. Swinging picnic table

Here’s a fun alternative: instead of lounge seating, what about hanging dining seats? This structural metal frame makes a big statement, but you might not need room for eight (so you’ll find a DIY alternative a bit further down). It’s not quite going to feel like a tropical beach bar in Bali, but at least you’ll be one step closer.

4. There’s no such thing as too snuggly

One thing you have to accept about sitting outside in the UK; it’s gonna get chilly eventually. Be prepared, and stock up on blankets, cushions and rugs. The ideal amount is as many as you can possibly fit in your swinging chair with you in it.

5. Create structure

Having a focal point instantly makes your garden look more professional. Installing a swing seat with a bold, structural design is a great way to incorporate this.

6. Be bold with colour

Most swing seats come in neutral colours to keep them versatile – but that doesn’t mean you have to keep them that way! Give yours some oomph with a high-contrast colour combo, like dramatic black and sizzling orange.

an ornate black swing chair with squashy red cushions on a deck

7. Adjustable shade

Having a canopy on your swing seat makes it comfortable to use on even the sunniest days. This swinging bench takes it one step further, with a canopy that looks like it can be tilted forward and backwards as the sun crosses the sky. Brilliant!

8. Swinging seats in a secluded spot

You could put your swing seat right in the middle of your garden seating area… Or, you could tuck it away in a secluded corner so you can use it as a private, peaceful sanctuary. Grab a book and a blanket, and take an hour or so for yourself. This type of canopy swing would work great as a hidden focal point in an enchanted garden.

9. Chilled-out hammock

A hammock has got to be the OG swing seat, right? Well, if you take inspiration from this little combo, you don’t even have to choose. This cute hammock and swing seat pair are neatly coordinated in a perfectly shady spot with a gorgeous view.

10. Don’t get left out

If you already have a dedicated “relaxing area” in your garden, try to position your hanging chair nearby. This patio swing seat has a perfect view of the garden and is still within chatting distance of the sofas.

DIY garden swing chair ideas

Garden furniture can get expensive, but you can still get a suspended bench if you’re on a budget. Check out some of these great DIY projects you could try for your own bespoke swing seat.

11. Pallet swing

Is there anything you can’t whip up with some recycled wood pallets? You’ll need a sturdy frame to keep this beast of a swinging bench safe, but what a great way to create fun, spacious seating area in your garden. I reckon a padded cushion would be a perfect finishing touch.

12. Knotted macrame hanging chair

If you’re up for a challenging DIY project, you can refine your knot-tying skills to create a chic macrame hanging chair. This looks absolutely gorgeous, but if you’re worried about tying yourself in knots, why not stick to a cushion cover and just buy the chair? I’ll never tell.

This chair looks particularly elegant floating on a small balcony – don’t forget to check out our balcony garden ideas and bohemian garden ideas for more inspiration like this!

13. Stitch up some cushion covers

This is one of my favourite garden swing chair ideas: using coordinating fabrics to visually tie your suspended seat in with the rest of your garden furniture, even if they’re not a matching set. These covers are all shop-bought, but if you’re nifty with a sewing machine, a DIY cushion-making and upholstering session is all you need to create your own bright, beautiful and unique garden furniture set.

As for patterns, palm prints will transport you straight into a tropical paradise, especially if you add some real palm trees, banana plants and monstera in pots.

a swing bench and armchair in a tropical garden, both with cushions in a lurid leafy print

Image from mr price home, via gardenandhome.co.za

14. DIY swinging table

Remember the table with hanging seats on a frame? Here’s the DIY version we mentioned. It’s got a much more homey feel, and could be sized up with bespoke measurements for your garden. Cute, right?

15. Hanging day bed

If you’ve seen our post on garden furniture ideas, you’ll know how much I enjoy having day beds, loungers or anything that you can comfortably lie down on in the garden. This pallet hammock offers another great opportunity to snooze outside. You’ll need a bit of DIY savvy and a strong mature tree, but how comfy does it look?!

Pretty garden swing chairs

16. Grown-up swings

This pretty pair of tasselled swing chairs is an elegant, grown-up twist on a kids’ swing set. Of course, you could still let your children gently play on them, but I much prefer the idea of using them for chilling with a girl-friend and a glass of wine!

17. Macrame throne

I love this unusual square-framed macrame suspended seat. What I love even more is the dedicated support beam wrapped in flowers – it kind of makes it look like a fairy throne! It would be perfect outside a cottage, in a boho styled space or hidden in an enchanted garden.

18. Wrought metal swing seats

Finally, proof that swing seats can be cute even if they’re not made from macrame. Plus, you won’t need to take this one inside every time it rains!

19. White wooden swinging benches

Wooden swing chairs can look just as sweet – take this one for example. The hanging baskets are a pretty touch, or you could position it between flower beds for climbing plants to grow up the trellises on each side.

Swing seats and garden lighting

No garden is complete without some garden lighting to create ambience. If you’re going to add a piece of statement furniture – like a swing chair – into your garden, make sure your lighting shows it off!

20. Wraparound fairy lights

This suspended bench has plenty of room for a cuddle. The cute, colour-coordinated cushions and throw make it look both summery and snuggly, but it’s the fairy lights wrapped around the ropes that really steal the show. I bet it looks absolutely magical at night!

21. Fixed overhead lights

Need a few more watts? These bright overhead garden lights will let you hang out (literally) late into the night, and keep an eye on your lawn at the same time. Getting the right balance between task lighting and ambient lighting is the secret to a perfect outdoor glow – we’ve got a whole post on garden lighting ideas for more tips on getting the right balance.

22. Fun festoons

Festoon lighting is somewhere between dainty fairy lights and practical lanterns. Festoons come in all kinds of shapes and colours, so feel free to experiment and go for something playful! The way these ones are attached to the hammock frame makes it look like a glamorous makeup mirror – perfect for adding a bit of Hollywood glam to your backyard.

23. Stay sheltered

Here’s another cute garden swing seat idea with festoon lighting, this time with the added benefit of a pergola.

Garden swing chairs are the perfect way to add a bit of style and fun into any kind of garden. Which style is your favourite?


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