10 Winter Hanging Basket Ideas for an Evergreen Look

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Colourful blossoms, floral fragrances, cold-hardy greenery, winter hanging baskets provide all this and more.

Hanging baskets are easy to install and care for during the cooler months and add welcome pops of colour to a frosty garden where nothing much grows. Pansies, violas, snapdragons, and cyclamen will flower during winter and you can combine them with evergreen trailers like ivy and Lysimachia Goldilocks.

You can also grow winter berries, vegetables and herbs in hanging baskets. You can use these in your kitchen or let visiting squirrels and birds feast on them.

So, are you ready to plant your own winter hanging basket? Take inspiration from our winter hanging basket ideas and plant up a bright and blooming display to last all through the colder months.

1. Colourful viola and pansy baskets

Both violas and pansies are winter bloomers. They can add a splash of colour to any garden and they’re easy to grow and care for.

Plant a mixture of different coloured varieties in your hanging basket. Make sure that the soil is moist and well-drained. Hang the pot in sun or semi-shade, but make sure it’s sheltered from direct rainfall or frost at night.

colourful viola and pansy pots

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2. Pretty pink planters

Grow all shades of pink in your basket, from magenta to coral, peach, and lavender. Cool-season pink blossoms include snapdragons, heathers, cyclamen, and camellias. These plants flower heavily from January to March, blooming even when it’s cold and snowy.

pretty pink planters

Image credit: @gailarmytageflorist

3. Rainbow flower basket

Although you’re limited when it comes to winter flowering plants for a hanging basket, there are a few that will continue to bloom brightly through the long, cold winter.  Try hardy primroses, pansies, cyclamen and flowering bulbs like narcissus and snowdrops.  You could plant a ball of primroses by filling a round basket with these pretty flowers.

rainbow flower basket

Image credit: @bonnybuds

4. Bright foliage basket

Flowers aren’t the only option when it comes to adding a splash of colour to your winter garden. You can also plant some easy-to-grow plants with colourful foliage.

Skimmia, coleus, heuchera, and miniature conifers will add different shades and textures to your hanging basket. What’s more, these plants provide beautiful foliage all year round.

bright foliage basket

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5. Evergreen trailing basket

Adding trailing plants to your winter hanging baskets will bring fresh greenery and interest to your garden when all else is bare. You can grow striking evergreen trailers like English ivy, Lysimachia Goldilocks, and Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’ in your hanging pots.

Hang these baskets anywhere in your garden, in sunny or shadowy corners. Most trailers aren’t picky when it comes to sunlight but some may need to be placed in a frost-free position.

evergreen trailing basket

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6. Berry-interesting basket

Winter berries can add joyful colour to a frosty landscape and also provide food for hungry squirrels and birds in the dead of winter.

Some easy-to-grow winter berries include boxberry, holly, snowberry, skimmia, viburnum, and mistletoe. Hang these baskets by your front door or in your garden where you can appreciate them in all their glory.

berry interesting basket

Image credit: @hicksnurseries

7. Tropical hanging baskets

How about adding some tropical beauties to your winter baskets? There are several cold-hardy tropical plants, like colocasia, hibiscus, palm, umbrella plant, and caladium.

With their large, brightly coloured leaves, tropical plants can make a bold statement in your garden or home. But remember, while some tropical plants can tolerate winters, they grow best in sunny, sheltered sites and will need to be protected from frost.

tropical hanging pots

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8. Winter vegetable and herb hanging basket

A basket full of winter vegetables will look incredible and once mature, you can use them in your salads and soups.

Winter kale and cabbage has attractive, frilly, purple and green leaves. You can also plant kirigami, an ornamental oregano variety, in your hanging basket. Although not meant for the kitchen, the herb has colourful, fragrant flowers that will make your garden smell as if spring is near.

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winter veggies and herbs

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9. Ornamental grass pots

Ornamental grass isn’t just for lawn borders. You can add it to your hanging baskets, too. It will create a natural display and add much-needed texture and colour to your winter garden.

Blue lyme grass, Japanese forest grass, feather reed and leatherleaf sedge are a few options. These vertical growers are container friendly. Hang them in a sheltered spot in winter and keep them well-watered.

ornamental grass pots

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10. Mix-it-up basket

Last but not least, you can mix different types of flowering plants, ferns, and grasses in your hanging basket for a spectacular effect.

Make sure the hanging basket is large enough to hold all the plants. You don’t want an overcrowded basket that will only become more so in the warmer months.

mix-it-up basket

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Winter hanging basket FAQs

If you’re wondering when to start your winter hanging basket or how to find the best basket for your plants, find the answers below:

When should I plant my winter hanging basket?

Plant your winter hanging basket in September or October. That way, your plants will have enough time to get ready for the colder months.

Don’t worry about snowfall or frosty nights. Winter basket plants are cold-hardy and don’t mind being left outdoors.

How many plants can I grow in one hanging basket?

The number of plants you can grow in your hanging basket depends on the size of the basket. The bigger the basket, the more plants you can tuck in it.

Make sure you don’t cram the plants in and overcrowd the basket. At the same time, don’t leave lots of empty pockets with soil showing in the basket.

How do I care for my winter hanging basket?

Winter hanging baskets are easy to care for. Give your plants the sunlight and water they need to thrive. Plant them in the right soil, too. Occasional feeding will encourage new growth.

You will also have to prune them and remove deadheads and dried foliage to keep them looking their best.

What is the best hanging basket for winter plants?

The best hanging basket for winter plants should have a drainage hole. This will ensure that your plants don’t sit in a puddle of water. The basket should also have sturdy hanging hooks and chains.

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Also, opt for lightweight plastic, wire-style, or fibreglass baskets. Your basket can get quite heavy once it’s filled with soil and plants. For winter, avoid using glazed hanging pots as they can make it difficult for the soil to warm up.

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