How to Use an Old Chair as a Flower Pot

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It’s often difficult to throw out a much-loved chair and usually, it only happens after attempts at upholstering or DIY fixes go badly wrong. When somebody sits on one of your old favourites and causes mirth by going through the seat, maybe it’s time to accept it’s destined for another purpose. Here are some fun and creative ideas for how to use an old chair as a flower pot.

old chair flower pot

Image credit: @ourgardenworld

1. Use the back of a chair as a trellis or a support system

Some plants need a trellis or support to clamber up and an old chair can do just that. Remove the central seat, find a flower pot that fits and get planting.

Annual ideas: try sweet peas, nasturtiums and lavender at the back, and plant herbs in front. All of these will bring pollinators, butterflies and sweet scents. Sweet peas will climb around any structure and you can guide nasturtiums to do the same.

Perennial ideas: clematis will grow well in a pot. After flowering, you can replace it with something else and put the clematis back when it returns after the winter. Prune back the growth and compost the cuttings.

nastartiums over an old chair

Nasturtiums will happily clamber over an old chair. Image credit: @my.junklife

2. Repurpose a chair as a young tree support

Young trees need a lot of support and protection which a chair frame can provide. Remove the chair seat, put a potted tree in the gap and place it in a sheltered area. Make sure you can remove the chair if the tree grows very large but it is such an unusual sight in a garden you may decide to keep it as part of the scenery.

Suitable trees are ones you prune annually like willow or purple hazel. The chair will help to keep the tree to a defined size and allow for easy pruning. Make sure you prune the tree hard in the autumn or the spring.

3. Upcycle a child’s high chair or a play chair

child high chair flower pot

Image credit: @palletcreationsuk

An old play chair makes a great planter and the plant it holds can easily be tended to by children. You can get little ones to help with painting the chair in a bright colour while you fill the seating area with plants.

Choose pretty annuals, tasty herbs or even tomatoes for tea-time picking. The colour will add some character in winter and you can move the chair to catch the sun in shadier gardens. In winter, add brightly coloured cyclamen or pansies.

4. Grow a moss or succulent seat

succulent seat

Image credit: @dont_fence_me_in___

Turn an old chair into an attractive succulent planter in a few simple steps:

5. Make a chair hydroponic support system.

Hydroponics allows the gardener to use water and nutrients to grow plants and you can position this in your chair. So what will bloom in your chair?

In winter, you may need to design a bubble wrap cover to keep frost at bay but there are hardy plants like cabbages or other brassicas, which are frost tolerant. Keep the taller ones at the back and enjoy your produce.

6. Grow a person for your chair!

A topiary shrub will happily grow through the seating area of an old chair and you can train it onto wire supports.

Look at this chair as a planter that can hold annuals or perennials and provide you with greenery through the seasons. Once the flowering stops with one plant, you can cut it back and then move in another pot to fill the gap.

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