build a flower pot fountain
How to Build a Flower Pot Fountain

Few things in this world are more relaxing than the sight and sound of trickling water. If you don’t have a garden fountain, why not try building a flower pot fountain?

why do people use flower pot heaters
Are Terracotta Flower Pot Heaters Safe or Dangerous?

There are many online videos and tutorials detailing ways to heat your space in an emergency using tealight candles and a flower pot.
This article will explain the dangers of flower pot heaters and why you should think twice before using them.

ceramic pot for cactus
Can You Plant A Cactus In A Flower Pot?

There is an assumption that cacti aren’t very picky when it comes to their planting conditions. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. If you’re wondering how to properly plant and care for a cactus in a flower pot, keep reading.

flower pot size
What Size Flower Pot Do I Need? How to Choose Plant Pots

Choosing a pot for your plants is more than just a matter of looks.  A pot should be the right size for the plant’s root system, a suitable shape, made from quality material and have adequate drainage.

succulent seat
How to Use an Old Chair as a Flower Pot

It’s often difficult to throw out a much-loved chair but maybe it’s time to accept it’s destined for another purpose. Here are some fun and creative ideas for how to use an old chair as a flower pot.

how to fill a big flower pot
How to Fill a Big Flower Pot in 6 Steps

Big flower pots can eat bag after bag of soil. Soil expenses aside, your pot can also become a burden to move. What you put in the bottom of your flower pot makes all the difference.

how to prepare a flower pot for planting
How to Prepare a Flower Pot for Planting

Well-prepared flower pots with good drainage and lining will keep your plants happy. Preparing your pots well will also help to protect them from the elements so you can continue using them year after year.

how to drill drainage holes in a pot
Can I Use a Flower Pot Without Drainage Holes?

Have you set your eyes on a stylish ceramic or terracotta plant pot? Make sure to check that it has drainage holes as using a flower pot without them can put your plant at risk.

vegetables for a flower pot
Top 14 Vegetables For A Tasty Flower Pot Vegetable Garden

You don’t need a huge garden to grow vegetables, a sunny windowsill or balcony can be home to a great selection of pot-grown edible plants. You can enjoy tasty homegrown food from May to October.

how to make a flower pot at home
How To Make A Flower Pot At Home (4 Methods)

If you love creative DIY, this project is just for you! We’ve put together a few ideas for making your own flower pot using different materials. 

how to get rid of mushroom in pot
Why Are Mushrooms Growing in My Plant Pot? (It’s NOT Bad)

After a particularly wet winter, you often notice small mushrooms growing on the top of the soil in plant pots. Find out why they are growing in your planter and some suggestions to banish them for good!

how to get rid of ants nest in flower pot
How to Stop Ants Nesting in Plant Pots (& Get Rid of It Safely)

There are a few tricks to removing ants from your plants, let’s look at the most effective ways to get rid of ants’ nest in flower pots.

diy flower pot stand
How to Make a DIY Flower Pot Stand (15 Easy Ideas)

All plant pots need a solid surface to stand on whether they’re indoors or outdoors. You can make a stand from natural materials, leftover building supplies, unused toys, and even chicken wire.

how to plant a flower in a pot
How to Plant Flowers in a Pot so it Doesn’t Die on You

Planting a flower in a pot is fun and easy. You only need a planter, some potting mix, and the flower you want to grow. Give it some sunshine and water, and your potted flower will bloom.

plastic pot drainage hole
4 Materials to Use to Improve Drainage in Potted Plants

Good drainage is extremely important if you want to keep potted plants healthy. Without drainage, plants can develop a whole range of problems.