How to Build a Flower Pot Fountain

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Few things in this world are more relaxing than the sight and sound of trickling water. If you don’t have a garden fountain, why not try building a flower pot fountain?

A flower pot fountain can fit anywhere; in your garden, on a porch or balcony corner, even on a tabletop. Plus, it’s easy to build and maintain without breaking the bank (or your back).

In this post, we’ll show you how to make your own flower pot fountain. We’ll also share flower pot designs and ideas to help you get started.

But first…

What are flower pot fountains?

A flower pot fountain is a fountain contained in a pot. The pot serves as a basin to store water and an electric pump recirculates the stored water. A DIY flower pot fountain is generally built small, depending on the size of the pot you choose. But you can add tiers and layers to it. You can also use different materials to build it, like metal, terracotta, and wood.

What’s more, you can add features like rocks, stones, wooden logs, aquatic plants, ferns, and mosses to your fountain. And finally, you can highlight your DIY craftsmanship with LED lights. So, how do you make a flower pot fountain?

How to build a flower pot fountain step by step

Things you’ll need

Follow the instructions below to build your flower pot fountain one easy step at a time.

Step 1 – Seal the flower pot drainage holes

Most flower pots come with drainage holes. If your pot has some, you’ll have to seal it. A sealed pot will act as a reservoir and help the water recirculate. Clean the rough edges around the drainage hole with a filer so the plugs fit in properly.

Now, insert the silicone or rubber plug in the hole. To secure the plug, apply a liquid sealant around it and let it dry completely. Check that there is no leakage by pouring some water into the pot.

Step 2 – Install the water pump

Now, take the small plastic pot. This will act as a pedestal for your pump. Put it face down inside the large flower pot. Place your water pump on top of it.

Make sure the pump tubing is thick enough for the water to run from the pump into the pot.

Adjust the tube’s spout to the right height and attach a spray nozzle to it. Also, pull out the electric cord of the pump through the side of the large pot.

Step 3 – Cover the flower pot

Once your pump is secured in the large pot, cover it with galvanised chicken wire or any non-rusting mesh. The power cord and tubing of the pump should rise above the wire.

You can now place river rocks and pebbles over the wire. Cover it completely so that the tubing and electric cord are hidden. You can also add seashells, tiny logs and glass stones as finishing touches or put a tiny flowering pot on top.

Step 4 – Add water

Finally, fill your flower pot with water. Plug in the pump and watch the water circulate. You can adjust the placement of rocks and pebbles so the circulating water can trickle gently.

Make sure that the water goes back into the large pot without splashing out onto the soil or the reservoir will run dry fast and burn up the pump’s motor.

And that’s about it. You can now relax and enjoy the sound and sight of trickling water in a flower pot.

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Flower pot fountain designs and ideas

Here are some inexpensive and easy flower pot fountain ideas for you to try out, from metal fountains to simple solar-powered sprays.

Let’s take a look.

Three-tiered terracotta fountain

A three-tiered flower pot fountain might sound too fancy to recreate in your garden. But you can easily build it with items from your local home centre or thrift shop.

You’ll need three terracotta pots for pouring and recirculating water, an electric pump, and heavy piping. You can also add an extra pot to this setup for growing flowering plants and shrubs.

three-tiered terracotta fountain

Credit: Pinterest

Wooden water fountain with pump

For an old-world, rustic feel, use wooden barrels to create your fountain. Place them one over the other and secure them tightly using nails. Make sure to protect the wood, otherwise, it may turn mouldy and even rot.

Next, install the electric pump and piping. You can also add flower pot water features like a cast iron hand pump, river rocks, and shrubs.

wooden water fountain with pump

Credit: Pinterest

Simple solar powered fountain

To build a simple solar fountain, you’ll first need a container. Anything from a galvanised bucket to a large flower pot will work. You will also need a solar-powered pump.

Fill the container with water and add aquatic plants to it. Now, place your solar fountain in it, recharge it under the sun, and watch the water fountain come to life.

simple solar fountain

Credit: Pinterest

Flower pot waterfall

You can also make a DIY waterfall in a flower pot. You will need the same materials you use for a fountain. Make sure the water spout is placed at a height for the perfect waterfall effect. Check out some flower pot waterfall ideas below:

Japanese bamboo waterfall

Make a Japanese-style water fountain with bamboo sticks. You will also need a simple ceramic flower pot to serve as a reservoir. Place the pump at its base and attach the tubing to the bamboo spout.

A small water fountain trickling in your garden or porch is a serene Japanese garden feature. You can add other elements to it like a Buddha statue, palm leaves and small rocks and pebbles.

japanese bamboo waterfall

Credit: Pinterest

Stacked rock waterfall

You can also stack rocks and stones to build a waterfall and give it a natural look. For this, collect stones and rocks of different shapes and sizes.

Use a large flower pot as a basin to collect water. Install the water pump inside and hide the piping using small pebbles and stones. You can also add ferns and mosses to the waterfall.

stacked rock waterfall

Credit: Pinterest

Metal container water fountain

You can also use mixed metal containers for your DIY fountain. Bring out your old metal pitchers, jugs, glasses, tumblers, teapots, and troughs.

Secure the metal containers to a metal or wooden frame. Start with the largest container at the bottom and lighter ones as you move upward. Place your pump in the water reservoir and pass transparent piping through the structure.

metal container water fountain

Credit: Pinterest

Flower pot fountain FAQs

Ready to build a flower pot fountain? Before you start, take a quick look at these FAQs:

How do I make a flower pot water fountain the easy way?

To make a DIY flower pot water fountain, select a flower pot and seal its drainage hole. Then place a plastic pot upside-down in it and put your water pump on top.

Cover this setup with some chicken wire and place river rocks, stones, pebbles, and other decorative elements for a Japanese garden vibe. It will also hide the pump chord and piping. Finally, add water, plug in the pump, and enjoy the beauty of your hard work.

What flower pot water features can I add?

There are many flower pot water features you can add to your creation. Try bamboo spouts, water-proof LED lights, spray nozzles, and stacked rocks.

You can also add flowering plants, ferns, and mosses as additional features. If the water collects in a larger pot, consider adding aquatic plants, too.

Will the water in my flower pot fountain run dry?

Yes, the water in your flower pot fountain will run dry over time. It will spill, splash, and evaporate, especially on hot days.

Make sure to check the water level in your reservoir pot regularly and refill it when needed, otherwise, your pump’s motor can burn up and you will need to replace it.


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